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Kirkorov again pounced on the woman

Domestic king Philip Kirkorov accused that he once again attacked the fairer sex, having remembered him a journalist in a pink blouse and assistant Director Marina Yablokov.

This time the victim of emotional pop king was 80-year-old neighbor, Irina Kiseleva, senior entrance to his house on the street the Earthen Shaft.

The scandal between artist and retired there were witnesses that 1 say that Philip had allowed himself the choicest curses and threats of physical execution to the address of the ladies. All the words of an angry musician Irina Kiseleva exactly gave the reporters and told, in consequence of which came under the hot hand Kirkorov.

The incident happened with the inhabitants of the houses on the street the Earthen Shaft, in which the star is not anymore lives. Last month, the neighbors asked Philip to release a cellar on the ground floor, he took his own things. Kirkorov denied them, and Metropolitan residents went to the Tribunal. Learning of this, the artist went into a rage and unleashed the full power of their own anger at the fragile pensioner, which is the oldest on the porch.

"He shouted to me, "Went on the... out of here, scum!" Screaming so that he was shaking, and his eyes burned. Said, that will bring people and me twist" - complained edition Super.ru the frightened lady. She now fears for his life. Besides Philip heartily wished her that she died such a painful death as his mother." "We know Philip with youth, was friends with his parents, went to each other for anniversaries. At the moment I'm just shocked by his behavior" - going through
Irina Danilovna.

The older narrative porch fully confirmed her son Vladimir. According to his confession, Kirkorov indulged in threats at him. Eyewitnesses foolish "concert" pop-king steel and passers-by, one of them said about the incident in the social network. In its own news guy literally brought threats artist in the address of the pensioner and reported that their own behavior Philip takes an awful instance of the inhabitants of his house.

After the brawl became public, reporters tried to contact Kirkorov. But for the artist chose to speak his official adepts. "This lady and her son - it's just a grudge against Philip and the settling of accounts, - believe in the public relations division of the singer. The thing is that, living in a house on a ledge in 1994, Philip almost 20 years paid out of pocket for security access and surveillance. Since then, as he moved, the need for this has disappeared, and he just stopped to pay for these services. It is extremely not liked Kiseleva. She and her son had agitated the other residents to make a complaint to the housing office that Kirkorov, say, a crime is a basement in the house, which, incidentally, never used".

The adepts of the musician said that Bedros Kirkorov kept indoors posters and CDs son. Kiselev and residents of the building appealed to the Tribunal and won it: Bedros had to take stuff out of the basement by a court order. "But, sadly, the Tribunal failed to return to the entrance of the guard, to which addicted people. Kiseleva held on Philip discontent. on 7 October he actually came to the house to pick up some things. Saw his car coming, it seems, deliberately closed the door. Philip ran into her on the exit door and announced that he thinks about it. Suggested starting with this second, do not touch his elderly father and not to spoil his nerves, also to stay away from him. No vulgarity, dangers, and especially blasphemous wishes the death of his mouth to address Kiseleva not sounded. When people pursue their own interests and lie is clear, but to do so cynical... It's hard to explain," he shared his own version of the events, the press service of the artist.

Source: Kirkorov again pounced on the woman

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Philip Kirkorov Bedrosovich
Philip Kirkorov Bedrosovich

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