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Yulia Savicheva married

Popular actress Julia Savicheva married on 23 October in one of the main shops of Moscow for the composer Alexander Arshinova, with whom he lives together almost 11 years.

The singer confessed that did not used to his brutal way: the tattoo on foot tunnel in the ear, strange styling and protective pants.

The lush celebration in Vegas Crocus city invited more than 200 followers of show business, from which Joseph Prigozhin, Valeria, Alexander Buinov, Emin Agalarov, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Arkady Ukupnik, Nikolai Baskov, Eva Polna, Anita Tsoi, Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova, Mike, Lera Kudryavtseva, Irina Slutskaya, and others. For the crowd of reporters and photographers provided the red carpet.

Before the most important day in the life of love Savicheva visited Yulia Menshova in the transmission "Alone with everybody" and shared with the audience of cherished memories. History Dating actress and her upcoming spouse can be called interesting. At that time, the singer was only 16, but she had the courage to take the initiative itself. The lady won the voice of Alexander, warm sympathy aroused and his work, because Julia through a joint who you and found the room Arshinova, called him and offered to meet.

"I just heard the voice of the planet, which took me somewhere. I realized that I needed to meet with him. I dialed the number and... "Hello! This Is Yulia Savicheva". I was surprised you know what? What people like recently I had a conversation with without rhyme or reason agreed to call a little later, and he picks up the phone: "well, Yes, well, that's what we've talked." To me this is extremely surprised, - with tenderness recalls the singer. I said, "Or we now meet, or later will not succeed at all, because I'm going on tour".

The composer immediately agreed. During the meeting the young people talked about everything and about nothing. Feelings, memories artist, came a little later. "Although I immediately fell in love with the voice no doubt, " said the star. - 1st meeting was extremely funny. He seemed too old, representative of the stronger sex, although he is older than me by 2 years. But it looked brutal, he did then alternative music. Tattoo on foot tunnel in the ear, hair done. Protective pants... He always told me that was shocked by how much I'm small and fragile, just a kid, flying in the clouds".

Future mother-in-law his son's choice approved and immediately adopted her into the family. Looking around the living space of their own lover, the artist has offered to make repairs. "When I came into the family, I was extremely surprised by the freedom that there is in these people and that I may be missing. There were constantly some sort of framework. Dad we have a strict mother is a gentle man, but I'm not often able to talk with her about something unseen. And here I felt completely full member of the family, and it was so wonderful. And I was very surprised that I was allowed to make repairs," gratitude reminds Savicheva.

For 11 years between the lovers was all. At first it is not easy, the 1st few they were adapted, tested, how can trust each other. After 4 years all incidents came to naught. "We immediately agreed: in the case if there is some misunderstanding or something someone is not satisfied, someone got offended, immediately sit down and start talking. The more delay, the worse, " says Julia. It was very adequate. This success in relationships, when you listen and, most importantly, listen to each other and jointly develop. Hence we have for so long together."

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