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Julia Savicheva

( singer)

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Biography Julia Savicheva
photo Julia Savicheva
Julia was born on February 14, Valentine's Day, a family of musicians in a small provincial town of Kurgan in Zauralye. Attraction to music came from Julia very early, in three years, and under very interesting circumstances! In the family there was a small puppy, which by all means got out a little Julia, and biting her heels. In her family's frequent guests were musicians, and one day, during the "creative gatherings, the father sat at the piano and began to perform his song. At this time, Julia was sitting on the table hiding from malicious puppy, and suddenly: looking at the reflection tool, my father saw his daughter, under its music, began to carry out unimaginable movement. All this is reminiscent of quite meaningful dance.

. From that moment it became clear that this child grows up with great creative potential.

. Her first appearance on the big stage was held with a group of "Agatha Christie" in 4 years.

. It was a little experiment of her parents
. After her dance improvisations in the room was 30 seconds silence, which passed in a flurry of applause.

Then 5 years she began to engage in choreographic collective "Firefly". Despite the fact that it was the smallest in the team, she became a soloist. A year later, the collective, in which Julia's father worked, was invited to Moscow.

Moscow musicians rehearsal base was in DK 'MAI'. Mama Julia got a job in the same DC (Head. Children's Department). All spare time Julia 'hanging out' with musicians. In DK MAI to this day, there's student theater "Faust", which is headed R.A Poleyko. While Julia's father, wrote the music, made arrangements for musical theater parody. Directed Faust noticed a talented child ...

As a result, Julia has played a major role in the New Year's performances of DC and got along with older actors, his first paycheck. As a 7-year-old child, she had time deal: combined rehearsal in the theater hangouts with musicians, in school, classes in horeogaficheskom team "Crane". Her creativity demanded a greater realization and at the suggestion of L. Azadanovoy (teacher of ballroom dancing), she goes into her team. In tandem with a worthy partner, they become champions twice in the ratings of Moscow in its class. Talking to the musicians, listening to music, she began to sing. Her best performance became hits Toni Braxton and Whitney Houston. All musical parties, to hear her perform, was in shock. In the process of happening director Poleyko R.A made another proposal Julia - play a major role in the New Year performances of Christ the Savior. Ultimately, this performance was rated the most interesting in Moscow (2001)

. In 2002 she was again invited to participate in the New Year performance at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, she played a major role - the role of "drifting", and took part in 40 performances.

. Well, March 7, 2003 opened a "new era" in her work - "Star Factory 2"
. Producer of the project was Maxim Fadeev, also a native of Mound. In 1996, their paths have crossed - Julia as a session backing vocalist participated in recording the album Linda's "The Raven". Within the "factory" Savicheva reached the semi-finals, but ahead of many of his colleagues in the factory charts. Her songs are regularly became hits: "Ships", "High", "You're my heart."

The year 2004 was marked by the participation of Julia in several international competitions, where she represented Russia. In March 2004 she performed at a local World Best, which competed with the representatives of TV projects a la "Star Academy" from around the world, occupying the 9 th place. And in May 2004 Savicheva went with the song "Believe Me" on "Eurovision", taking up to vote 11 th place.

In late 2004 - early 2005, much time was devoted to preparing the debut solo album, singer. The disc is called "high" and will go on sale March 29. In total it features 11 songs, including a fresh hit "Stop". About half of the material was recorded with ex-musicians of the group "Total".

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Photos of Julia Savicheva
Julia SavichevaJulia SavichevaJulia SavichevaJulia Savicheva

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  • Very persistent in achieving her goals.
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    Julia Savicheva, photo, biography
    Julia Savicheva, photo, biography Julia Savicheva  singer, photo, biography
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