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Elena Drapeko has confusius on stage (video)

Star of Russian cinema Elena Drapeko, replaced the acting profession for the parliamentary seat, visited Yulia Menshova in the "Alone with everybody", which lifted the mood of the audience's own joyful story about the confusion on stage during the awards ceremony. Artist summed nailed to the floor the wings.

Talking about funny case came when Julia asked a guest, not if she misses acting on professionalism and how important to her success in this field, where each step is under the gun photographers. Elena confessed that, of course, misses and even charged annually. And recognition of public actress very much, but she thinks better on these ideas do not get hung up.

"In an artistic profession, you are responsible only for themselves. As you start to think: "Here I am at the moment the come as you are", so will breakness. I have this situation was. I was awarded the title of distinguished singer. I found out about this in Novosibirsk on tour. And I think: "At the moment about me leading for the first time in my life will say, "Worthy is the artist of Russia Elena Drapeko...", and here I am in this state are in favor of visitors. And then velvet backstage. The wings were nailed to the floor with a stick. And I'm hitting legs for this stick, get on stage and stand on all fours," said the actress, prompting laughter and applause in the auditorium.

"I velvet dress, embroidered with silver. I'm really handsome. I declare... And now I look at the hall, and the hall looking at me. Silence.... I quietly crawl out on all fours in the wings. Bezmolvstviya. And leading again declares: "Honored artist of Russia, winner of the Lenin Komsomol prize Elena Drapeko..." And again I go out to the public. Such applause I had never been with a smile confessed the singer.

Besides Elena, in the past loved the gorgeous dress with open cuts, confessed that the work in the state Duma forced her to reconsider your own closet. "I had neckline below the waist, above knee skirt, fake diamonds. All these artistic things had to forget," said the star. On the work of the Deputy Drapeko now runs only in business suits.

"This is sort of a dress code. You know, when I came to the state Duma, everybody said, "Oh, singer, what to be expected from it?" And I confirmed that I am not the singer that I am not blonde, I'm not a lady, and that I am a member. From time to time, however, when they have already confirmed that I am not a fool and not the blonde, now I use it. Great guys to fool around on the negotiations. You come to the negotiations with curls, eyelashes, the edges of the house, this all helpless, immediate, and he thinks: "Now I have it!" And I, as a cat, get settled, find out the true intentions, and then gently and quietly exhaust in the corner, " he boasted clever Elena. He understands that he has made the right decision. And this solution was suggested to him by me."

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