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Ranaldo Elena (Elena Ranaldi)

( Actress)

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Biography Ranaldo Elena (Elena Ranaldi)
Full name: Helen Ranaldo Nageyra Waddington

. Artistic name: Helen Ranaldo

. Birthday: 24/05/1966

. Place of birth: Sao Paulo

. Height - 1,71 m

. Weight - 56 kg

. Bust - 90 cm

. Waist - 72 cm

. Hips - 92 cm

. Shoe size - 37

. "Family Ties" telenovela with a speaking name, and it concerns not only story, but also of relationships between members of the crew
. For example, Deborah Secco (Iris) at the time of shooting was the wife of producer Rogerio Gomes, and Elena Ranaldo and to this day the wife of director Ricardo Waddington.
The actress and the director met on the set series "Olho no Olho" in 1993. Later, Helen confessed, "I fell in love with Ricardo at first glance, but he did not pay any attention to me. I had to conquer his heart. "But it is successfully and quickly resolved, happy lovers are married, buy a big house in a quiet area of Rio, and continue to work together. their joint work is: the 1996 telenovela "Quatro por Quatro", the 1997 series "Anjo de Mim", then Helen took a sabbatical and gives birth to her first child. Elena pretty hard to stand the pregnancy, her tormented heavy toxicosis and weakness, nevertheless

she bears insanely happy husband and son Pedro with pleasure dipped in household chores. The forced period of inactivity Elena holds for the benefit of body and soul, she is engaged in restoration gymnastics program for young mothers and reads the play and the scenario that brings her husband.

. In fact, the invitation of Carlos Manuel in the telenovela "Family Ties" was a recurrence Helena on TV screens after a long break and the fourth joint work with her husband Ricardo Waddington
. Evil tongues immediately began to spread rumors that the role of Cynthia, she was only thanks to the patronage of her husband. The distraught Helena once again had to defend in the press every time history repeats itself, I ascribe to non-existent laurels "first lady" of the series. But this is not true, and no privileges on the set for me does not exist, it is important that the director is my husband. Of course, I understand and even know these envious, apparently, they no longer than occupy himself, there is only gossip! .

. Elena, . Like many other, . went to seek his fortune in Rio de Zhaneyro.Ostaviv parents' home in Sao Paulo, . She entered the University at the Faculty fizkultury.Odnovremenno moonlight model, . involved in advertising campaigns and commercials, . to pay for theater courses Antunesa Filho.Ne despite two years of successful studies, . she could not find a job, . Fortune has smiled Helen only in 1991 and invited to the now no longer existing television station Rede Manchete, . the role of Miss Stephanie on the show "A Historia de Ana Raio e Ze Trovao",
. Success, first job, brought a small, but the proposals and scenarios have come to Elena with enviable regularity.


"Family Ties"

The role of Cynthia says the actress "was the greatest gift" for her. Elena childhood loves animals, . the parent hacienda near San Paulo, they were horses, . and cows, . ducks and a few dogs. "My whole life has been surrounded by animals, . I now live in a house with two dogs, . this kid and Labrador Cocker Spaniel Duke. "So, Elena quickly became a role and feel like a vet,
. "I learned to listen to animals, to determine the external signs of disease, make shots." The only difficulty was riding, Elena did not take lessons before the shooting and put it on their own children's skills and instincts. As a result, several scenes had to retake several times. And once Elena at full gallop with a horse fell, hurt his elbow and hit my chest, but basically got off lightly, though, this episode was not included in the telenovela. Only one time understudy came to the aid of Helen, when filming a scene wild gallop, a horse in this scene Cynthia dramatically slows down and nearly knocked the child.

. "Actually, I liked the feel in the saddle, but with rogue horses I do not dare to communicate, and obedient to feel confident, have learned to manage them
. But a lot of attention and concentration requires each joint scene with animals. This is as exciting, as well as work with children, but most of improvisation, only the reaction of the animal can not be predicted ... Therefore we must be prepared for the unexpected! "

. But in addition to horses, the beautiful Cynthia in "Family ties" are constantly surrounded by love with her man, a friend of Alex, an instructor for waterskiing Romeo and farm manager, Pedro (Jose Maia).

. Viewers have to see some hot love scenes between Peter and Cynthia. "One scene with Pedro, . the shed, . we took a very long time, . But every kiss was strictly regulated and all happened under the strict eye of my husband Ricardo! "-laughs Helen.,

. In general, the marriage of two celebrities could be called successful, apart from gossip who constantly hover around the name of the director Ricardo Vadingtona
. Several months had to endure heavy Elene in the past year, with Ricardo happened next affair with a fairly well-known actress and Helena seriously thinking about divorce. But the man repented, Elena went to a psychologist and passion uleglis.Seychas spouses seem to be all well and happy family appears everywhere together. All well and in my career, a new role at Globo TV series "The Heart of the student, and rehearsals of theatrical play, which will premiere in July

. Filmography:

. "Coracao de estudante" (2002) - Clara Gouveia

. "Quatro por quatro" - Suzana Salles

. "Presenca de Anita" - Lucia Helena

. "Lacos de familia" - Cintia

. "Andando nas nuvens" - Dra
. Lidia Libion

"Anjo de mim" - Joana

"Explode coracao" - Larissa

"Olho no olho" - Malena

"Despedida de solteiro" - Nina Amazonia

"A historia de Ana Raio e Ze Trovao" (1991) - Stefania

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Ranaldo Elena (Elena Ranaldi), photo, biography
Ranaldo Elena (Elena Ranaldi), photo, biography Ranaldo Elena (Elena Ranaldi)  Actress, photo, biography
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