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Evseev: NATO is gradually drawn into the conflict in Ukraine

Members of the North Atlantic Commonwealth of getting involved in the conflict in South-Eastern Ukraine, despite contrary statements NATO, according to the Director of the Center for public policy research, head of Department of the Institute of CIS countries Vladimir Evseev.

on Thursday in the final communiqu? of the Ministers of defence of the Commonwealth, it was stated that NATO took the decision without delay to establish six departments of command And control in Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland And Romania. Clarified that the unit will ensure rapid placement of allied forces in the field, to support the planning of collective security And to participate in coordination exercises.

now in the U.S. capital is being actively discussed the issue of extending military assistance to Ukraine And possible export of military weapons. For This proposal are the candidate for defense Secretary Ashton Carter, a group of senators led by John McCain And several high position authorized by the administration. The white house while distancing itself from these statements, recognizing that the weapons have the ability to lead to new bloodshed in the East of Ukraine, But not excluding weapons in the future.

Moscow warned Washington against ideas of weapons And arms to Ukraine, as well as among them exported from Afghanistan, said on Thursday the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg had previously stated that NATO should not address the issue of possible deliveries of weapons of Ukraine.

"The poles are supplied to Ukraine weapons not charity, It has certain obligations. The poles are knocked off Soviet weapons, America delivers modern. This involved the Czech Republic, which also supplies armored vehicles, "said Evseev, Speaking on the last working day of the week on the round table in MIA" Russia today ".

According to the specialist, in addition to such equipment, ships And even artillery weapon that was fired in the city." And they claim to use calibre it is NATO ", - He said.

Also, the specialist noted the importance of the presence in Ukraine of authorized individual countries, not only as mercenaries. He said that the Verkhovna Rada adopted the opinion on the creation of the Ukrainian-Lithuanian-Polish brigade." Hence, despite the message of the Secretary-General of NATO, slowly drawing NATO into the conflict in Ukraine ", - He added.

According to military expert Viktor Myasnikov, this brigade are trying to do already not the 1st year. "" it was expected that it will be considered as peacekeeping And undergo training within the three States parties. And is another method to bring Ukraine with NATO, " he stated butchers. The specialist noted that while it is difficult to predict how long it can go on its development, But It will enable the two countries to NATO to deploy its troops in Ukraine ".

"Increased risks because Lithuania And Poland have the opportunity to be involved in the actual fighting, not excluded, And any provocation - in Ukraine It is done with ease. The attack on brigade stationed killed foreign Soldiers And eventually the involvement of NATO in response, as if the actions. This is quite expected, " predicts a military expert.

reviews Evseeva, currently not even discussed the fact of delivery of weapons from the U.S. to Ukraine." the story is only about the volume of deliveries. The story is about a trillion dollars ", - said the head of the Centre, noting that Americans are unlikely to put expensive equipment, planes, tanks.

"in General we're Talking about a significant help. But I Wish to note that the balance of power will not change, He will be upheld, He will undoubtedly be supported, But it is a part of American weapons will be in Lviv. And what it will do next, will also be possible to assume, " he added Evseev.

He believes that in the present time in Ukraine And thus weapons too much." If Europe is to pump in conjunction with U.S. weapons Ukraine, not the fact that all of This will be aimed against Russia, a part of the armament go Europe. And It will be very help to strengthen not only the different kinds of crimes, But It increases the probability of the cast to terrorist acts, " says the specialist.

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Evseev: NATO is gradually drawn into the conflict in Ukraine
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