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Laughter and Yakubovich has poskandalil in liner

Veniamin Smekhov and Leonid Yakubovich gave resounding scandal in flight 352 from Khanty-Mansiysk in Moscow. Aboard the 74-year-old artist and 69-year-old TV presenter has entered into an incident with a flight attendant.

The basis of dissatisfaction with Leonid and Benjamin, who were returning from the festival "Spirit of fire", was the behavior of the flight attendants, banned Smekhova during landing to use the bathroom business class. The actor flew in economy class and, when the liner down, decided to go to the bathroom, though it was not authorized by the security rules.

As said to the newspaper Super adepts crew, laughter pushed embarked on his way to the flight attendant and her choice. This conflict was the basis of calling the police, who came right up to the plane at Vnukovo. Passengers had to wait until the artist gives expression to the keepers of order, has deprived his passport. Upon completion of the Protocol Smekhova conducted in the arrivals hall, and flying with him on the same plane was allowed to leave the plane.

"Everything is back to normal, they apologized, a little conflict happened only because young people don't respect the older inhabitants of our planet. It is such a trifle, what to say about this makes no sense. Someone was rude, and later a policeman came up and said "Excuse me" and all," he told his own version of what happened Benjamin.

Leonid Yakubovich was supported by his own friend, stressing that his colleague became ill during landing, and Recalling that they are both national artists. "The choice of Benecke - respected man and pretended that everything was normal," protested leading "Field of miracles". He is an old man. The conflict has not happened to me, and Veniamin Smekhov. I can speak only in the face of eyewitness, as if mildly, confusion".

By the way, Leonid once already violated the order in the plane, in consequence of which charted in the top 15 viajamos - ranked public project "PIP" actively engaged in the fight against immoral behavior of public figures. Yakubovich this peep was 5. As said the press service of "PIP", not just victims of the star rudeness airline "Aeroflot" condemned the behavior of the TV presenter, who himself is a pilot. April 1, 2013 at Network video went with a fiery speech perturbed Leonid where showman required the preparation of an act on the delay of the plane and about the unavailability of food for the passengers on his flight. The artist is strictly expressed an employee of the company and all eyes were threatened with physical torture other workers.

Interestingly, the incident aircraft was noted and the employee Smekhova the film "D'artagnan and the 3 Musketeers" Valentin Smirnitsky. The artist, famous Russians as Porthos, was fined a thousand rubles for disorderly conduct on Board. He is in a drunken state was offended flight attendants and even attempted to beat one of them. It turns out the artist's wife was walking his own dog right in the interior of the liner without special bags that were able to "pee". Spouse Smirnitsky Lydia Ryabtseva told reporters that blessed only stood up for her when the steward made a comment in a harsh manner. But airline employees say that in response to the comments of the crew Smirnitsky were rude, despite the fact that did not comply with the rules of transportation of animals.

Source: Laughter and Yakubovich has poskandalil in liner

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