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Leonid Yakubovich

( Anchorman)

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Biography Leonid Yakubovich
photo Leonid Yakubovich
Leonid Yakubovich was born July 31, 1945 in Moscow. Father - Yakubovich Arkadii Semenovich, engineer. Mother - Yakubovich Rima Semenovna (1919 g.rozhd.) Gynecologist. Son - Artem (rod.05.04.1973), the graduate of Moscow Engineering Building Institute Kyibyshev, now - a student at the Academy of International Trade. Daughter - Barbara (rod.28.03.1998 g.).

Leonid Yakubovich since childhood, was escorted amazing stories and events. Even his very appearance on the light was a consequence of funny stories. Although it would seem that much fun in the Great Patriotic War. Mom, Leonid Yakubovich, which then no mother has not been, to send parcels to the front. Collected warm clothes, his hands something to knit, if succeeded, got canned or sweets. Parcels were no recipients and distributed at the fronts in random order. Making Rimma Semyonovna went to the captain Arcadia Yakubovich. He opened the parcel and found a knitted mittens. Both on one hand. Moved by the officer found the time to write the answer "needlewomen". Then they happened to meet, and they were married. This story was told once he Leonid Arkadievich. And another time he told me that his mother was a military doctor and father met and met at the front, and perhaps stories about mittens - just a family legend.

. When it came time to choose a profession, he entered at once in three theatrical institution, but his father told him: "I beg you, at first he received his degree, and then whether anyone"
. And then he threw all three theatrical institution and enrolled in the Institute of Electronic Engineering. From it, he was transferred to the Civil Engineering Institute, because there was a good team of KVN. Next were the years in the most cheerful and resourceful play, insanely happy years of student fun, travel around the country, meeting with the soloist ensemble Townswoman "- a wedding, the birth of her son Artyom.

. In 1971, Leonid graduated from the Moscow Civil Engineering Institute
. Kuibyshev, specializing in air conditioning ". After graduation he worked: Automobile Plant. Likhachev - Senior Engineer (1971-1975), Building Management - Senior Engineer (1975-1980).

In parallel, since the student days engaged in dramatic activities with emphasis on light humorous genre. In 1980. was elected a member of the Professional Committee of the Moscow playwrights. Since then, Leonid Yakubovich is the author of over three hundred short stories and monologues for the stage ( "Sidorov", . "The monologue of the elders", . "Supermarket", . "Diet", . "The apartment", etc.), . stage and theatrical performances (scenario "pull of the earth", . Parade parodists ", . "Shire Krug, . "We needed a victory as the air", . "From Mount Olympus to the Luzhniki, . "Fulcrum", . "The forecast for tomorrow", . "Golden Autumn", . "The most important thing", . "Quilting-track", etc.) works, LA,
. Jakubowicz performed in. Winokur, E, Petrosyan,. Vaynarovsky and other famous performers. Just Yakubovich - author of the plays "The Haunted Hotel," "Tutti", "Ku-ku, man!" etc.

Yakubovich widely known as a professional auctioneer and showman. Since 1984, Mr.. He spent more than 400 auctions, dozens of competitions, festivals, performances, etc.. Later founded and headed the country's first auction house.

. But the true spectator Yakubovich gained popularity as a leading program "Field of Miracles."

. - Leonid Arkadevich how you reacted to the offer to become TV stars?

. - I refused, . because it is not a fool! Take the man in the street and paste it into a TV - what a dirty trick, . swear! Until now convinced, . that my presence in the "box" - a complete misunderstanding! Talent? I, . people love me for talent, . but for, . I - a good man,
. It turns out to be a good person - is a profession. It is doubtful, is not it?

- It is rather a vocation. However, you did agree to surrender to the television captured ...

- I was persuaded. Arriving at the shooting, I was going to once again reject. But before. Sasha DARLING introduced me to the audience as awarded the title of Hero: a pier, on television flashed the new shining star in my face, to which all must be terribly pleased. As a result, I was greeted by such a thunderous ovation, what I never heard of! Had to agree.

- But now two-thirds of the population does not think "Fields of Wonders" without Yakubovich. And you imagine himself without this show?

- This is a drug, a state of mind, happiness. It is not recognizable. Such an argument, and people do not appear in the frame - directors, cameramen, lighting.

- Until now, did not immediately understand why people throw me in Vladivostok and Irkutsk, where shooting took place in Moscow. And in fact all my glory was reduced to banality: half the population wants to drink with me one-hundred-gram. Such so unhealthy in my work.

- Speaking of vodka. Tell me honestly, you drink, when the players pour you something strong, or just pretend?

- I drink to all and always! Once a dear old woman offered me a drink of "living water from", which supposedly removes the evil eye. She poured a glass. I drank it in one gulp and. Slightly lost his eye! They're out of their sockets crept. "Vodytsya" was not even moonshine, and pure alcohol! 96 degrees! What to do? Not polumernichat! Play - until the end!

- Every time you give gifts that you will courageously transmit the museum "Fields of Wonders. And what we launched take home?

- Nothing does not leave. One time I actually kept the house, some gifts. Had. The fact that our previous director threw in the trash part of the museum! Yes. He kicked, he was offended. Then all I had to pick and collect. A pity that some gifts are deteriorating because they were not made by professionals and amateurs. I recently opened a shop window - and then a stuffed bird feathers crumbled, well, we will restore it. And the products are immediately eaten crew. Vodka too long ago finished.

- Do not think of an occasion for a fight, but you are not tired of almost a decade playing the role of a clown?

- Well, it was not me. Rather, I am, but not me! Rather phantom. I guessed that the scene - quite a strange thing. I heard about it, read it, but I never thought that this is true! Words can not explain. A step-by-ramp - and everything!

- The quality of any transfer is determined by the person leading. If, for example, the actor plays a role, director intended, the TV presenter - a soloist, he invent party. Based on the given conditions, I am entitled to do in the studio anything, the main thing - not plump excess. I brought myself to one premise: the relationship between the actor and the room is akin to the relationship of lovers - the same whims, grievances, claims. Impossible with a bad mood to go out to the audience and play complacency - they do not believe, intuitively feel the falsehood and switch program. Scene - a unique place. Believe in parapsychology and all kinds of aura or not. Indeed, the teeth are, and with broken legs party dotantsovyvayut. I had a case where six in the morning torn out two teeth, and twelve - writing program. By then departed "freeze" until the studio barely rode, losing consciousness from the pain, but had only to step into the audience - there and then everything went. Later, however, three days lying.

Yakubovich - one of those, whose name is associated national TV. During these five years, the program holds the highest rating, and Leonid Yakubovich retains the phenomenal popularity of reason for this is not only a brilliant talent, but also the constant performance and the highest professionalism Yakubovich.

. Energy and professional desire Leonid Yakubovich inexhaustible: they were filled with roles in such films as "Once, twenty years later", "Moscow holidays, but first in 1996 Yakubovich - host of the program" Wheel of History "
. But if in the Field of Dreams, he serves as a "family friend" - the good, spiritual man who lives next door - that here we have another Yakubovich, a bit like a history teacher made wise by experience.

In 1998. LA Yakubovich was awarded the title "Honored Artist of Russia". He was awarded the prize "Golden Ostap" (1994) in the nomination "The best showman of the year", . Award of the Academy of Television "TEFI" in the category "Best Leading entertainment program" (1995, . 1999) and the award of the Union of Journalists of Russia in the category "Best Senior Year" (1997),
. He is an academician of the Academy of Television, a member of the Union of Journalists of Russia, a member of the presidium of the Moscow branch of the Peace Fund of Russia.

He is fond of billiards, is a member of the presidium of Russia Federation of Billiard Sports. Among the hobbies as downhill skiing, preference, numismatics, cooking, collecting books (reference books, encyclopedias, historical fiction). Repeatedly went sailing, jumping with a parachute, was chosen from the submarine through the torpedo tubes, water ski, and participated in motor racing.

Recently, a lot of time devoted to sport flying airplanes. In aeroclub Yakubovich first brought Yuri Nikolayev, a great expert in this case

. Another hobby Yakubovich are his friends
. With some of them he is friends for over 30 years.

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  • Michael for Leonid Yakubovich
  • Это продажный ублюдок, ҡоторый за одобрение своего хорька путина,будет делать что угодно и говорить всё,что надо хорьку,чтоб по какой -то причине скрыть своё еврейство.На редкость продажное дерьмо.
  • michel for Leonid Yakubovich
  • It was very convenience for Leonid Yakubovich,to get his mentor Listiev to get killed. I would not be surprised.Exceptional piece of sheet.
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