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Oleg Tabakov was in the pit with water

Well-known artist, artistic managing Chekhov Moscow art theatre Oleg Tabakov was in the pit with water. To his utter joy, there was his wife, actress Marina Zudina, which took a wife literally suspenders.

The accident occurred at the location of the cottage, which 5 years ago was rebuilt Oleg Tabakov and Marina Zudina. Dacha real estate is located on a hill and is in great, clean place on the Istra river.

"This house was able to afford only to old age. I am a law-abiding citizen, constantly earned honestly, been paying taxes. My position in the Mat commits to worry about the huge number of people, and I feel this responsibility," said Tabakov.

The territory of the estate is about 2 hectares, and this area requires constant care. "On-site hits a few keys - a river nearby. In consequence of them formed of a problem when we were paved with stones tracks. In some places the ground was sinking, had to do specialized sand cushion. People say that so many springs in one parcel a good omen: fortunately. We dug the well that supplies the whole house with water, similar to the composition of the mineral," - said in an interview with landscape artist Denis Potanin.

Directly during the construction works of the famous artist and happened the unpleasant conflict. Tabakov was a long time away, and when I came back and decided to walk along the stone path, came to the place where the key was flooding the earth, and failed. To his utter joy, was close to Marina Zudina. She hurried spouse to help with someone from the workers. During get him Oleg Pavlovich from the pit almost hit known suspenders master: Zudina unconsciously became for them to pull, and nearly broke, informs "Express newspaper".

"Maintenance of buildings almost always expensive, but we're still in no way limited. Maybe the requests are not that big? For metropolis continuously we do not live, and come to the country. We chose the place together with Oleg Pavlovich. Constantly do everything together. But for me it is important that he liked, because the last word leaves behind her husband," said Zudina.

Interestingly, many relatives Tabakovic in the current quarter birthdays: Maitre celebrates 80 years of age, his wife will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Both artists waiting porcelain wedding - creative couple together for 20 years, and son Paul will enter the 3rd dozen. Zudina said: "actually, we all in the current quarter, birthdays, not counting Masha - she will be 9 years old. I their birthdays are not celebrated. The fairer sex to triumph your own date after 35 years is not necessary, great joy in it. I think that all compatible holidays 1. But the main thing for us is to celebrate the anniversary of Oleg Pavlovich. Spouse traditionally congratulate theatre, arrive those summer is in Moscow, and we solemnly celebrate his fall, in the midst of the theatrical season. I think in the current quarter also so shall it be".

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