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Anton Tabakov

( Business)

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Anton Tabakov not hold the father of evil
Not in money happiness
- How did you get into biznesN
- In parallel with the work in the theater "Contemporary" and the father in "Snuff-Box, I was engaged in advertising, all sorts of festivals. And they are somehow connected with a large number of people who gather in one place. Opening, closing, some banquets and receptions must be somewhere to. I decided to make such a place - this was a disco, or art-club "Pilot", then it was added to the club "Soho". And off they'd go further.
- How much money you need for full schastyaN
- I did not set myself such problems - a lot of money. Business I was engaged not by vocation, just so happened. So climb the stairs to the end I do not need.
- Determine whether you are still on ulitsahN
- Yes, I just do not know which is why: because of the similarities with my dad or because of memories of my theatrical activities cine. Is difficult to say.
"Bad boy"
- Your wife - the granddaughter of director Chukhrai. You can easily have its semeN
- There were problems in the first stage, when I was just beginning to care for Nastya. And when we agreed on everything, the problem ceased. And I have a wonderful relationship with her family, her mother - a great friend of mine.
I just have the time "zhenihovstva" there is a certain image. I have been married several times, such. And in general had the reputation of that kind of "wrong boy".
- Peel-smoking-drug balovalsyaN
- All listed I did, except for drugs - our generation had no inclination to them. A drink - yes, my friends and I started early enough. It is now four years I do not smoke. But I continue to drink. Nevertheless, rumors about me at that time were somewhat exaggerated. Although, if I had a daughter, which would have to be married to such a noisy subject, I would have doubted. Her parents needed time to investigate all.
- How do you do with it poznakomilisN
- By Nastya's version, we met on the television program where they filmed the children of famous parents. And I know exactly what all happened in a discotheque. In my opinion, it was a "Jump", and there celebrated someone's birthday. Next I tried for a year to remind her of its existence, but Nastia then were quite different plans, I seemed to her dull, uninteresting, and an elderly man (age difference of Anton with Nastya - 17 years. - MG).
- What was this in this girl that was absent from your previous zhenN
- She was a lively, natural. It was originally incorporated so many things, and it seemed to me that all this should develop in the right direction. With proper grooming. That is, if this flower is watered three times a day ... it should turn into something fantastic. And so it was.
Gift from Finland
- If your workload is a time deteyN
- Unfortunately, little. And so I would very much like a year or two-three finish to engage in all this fuss and pay more attention to their children. Their two: Nikita (from a previous marriage) - 10 years, Anya - 2,5 years. Usually, my communion with, say, my daughter looks like this: very early in the morning (we get up very early), after breakfast, she comes to me and says she did the previous evening. I simulate some game with her, and then run away at work.
- And if she had done something, how you nakazyvaeteN
- Talks to try to explain that it is bad. Actually, my father in his time, too, tried to affect me mentally, not physically. And to punish him for something, my father forbade me to go somewhere. However, this does not always gets something.
- By the way, you as a child often dralisN
- When I undertaken more some fisticuffs, told me: "And you, boy, go away from here". And all because of my child's facial. Sometimes I went. In the same age, I consciously tried hard to avoid any clashes. Because I do not think this is a way of clarifying relations. There are some moments when hard to control myself. I once chased a car. Even I no longer remember in connection with what ... I only remember that it was big, like polivalki. I dragged this poor guy because of the steering wheel ... The sparks fell from the eyes. And when he pulled out and laid on the floor, I realized that it was all in vain.
- ... What a gift you remember my father still porN
- It is best to remember the car "Moskvich", which my father brought me from Finland. That was long ago. I remember the same story because I myself went to meet him at the border. The times were different, and even if it was a Zaporozhets, still would have been happy.
I'm on my mother's side
- Your relationship with her father today naladilisN
- At the moment we are simply wonderful. Yes, we have with him was a conflict situation, it lasted quite a long time. Always under certain circumstances (and in this situation - when his divorce) the person chooses a position and took the side of one of the divorcing. And I took the position of mother. It is for me - being more helpless. And her opinion on this matter, I do not refuse. Another thing is that I am not a revolutionary and not going to change the character and consciousness of middle-aged my father. He made man and has the right to do so, as he sees fit. Although I in his position would have acted differently. However, now look right and guilty is stupid and wrong.
- Now you come to him domoyN are visiting junior brataN
- Sometimes I come ... A younger brother spend even less time than their children. And I'm not flirting: the father of a busy man, but I probably already ahead of him in his employment. And if it's any coincidence in time, we, of course, meet.
- And your father and mother now obschayutsyaN
- There is virtually no relationship. They are seen on the birthdays of children, but not more. It seems to me that they do not need that.

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Anton Tabakov, photo, biography
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