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The pharmaceutical manufacturers Greece and Russia will be cooperating

Gennady Miller. The Association of Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers and the pan-Hellenic Association of pharmaceutical manufacturers signed an agreement on cooperation.

the agreement provides a framework and defines the main points related to information sharing, joint activities, expansion of educational contacts. Real business processes will discuss the organization, said the Russian correspondents, General Director of the Association of Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers Igor Dmitriev.

according to him, Russian companies hope to enter the Greek market of biotech products.

"We had expressed interest in the General scientific developments, the creation of a regulatory environment. For many of the products we manufacture crossed, now We will exchange lists of drugs. But what exactly there is among the Greeks, is a biotechnology products, they do not produce, " said the head of the organization.

"Pharmaceuticals in Greece is not bad, But focused on generics. It reproduced the drug, which comes out when the patent on the original drug. The difference principle no, But generics usually much cheaper, " said Dmitriev.

Greek enterprises produce similar generics, like the Russian, and then the interaction of little interest.

"traditionally, drugs were means of chemical synthesis. Today, science has moved on - there are biotech drugs based on biotechnology. This cell technology, genetic engineering, monoclonal antibodies. Active drug goes to the target, which causes the disease, and acts at the cellular level. This step in the future. At present there is a whole line of drugs for the treatment of such serious diseases as cancer, hemophilia, multiple sclerosis who require treatment at the cellular level, " said Dmitriev.

according to him, these products are in Europe, But Greeks are not engaged in biotech, these products fresh for the world market. It is planned That the Greek company will receive a license to manufacture, and Russian will receive royalties. The registration of the Greek side will take on their own shoulders.

"One of the related issues - the unwillingness of a regulatory framework for market. She was not prepared not only here But also in the European Union in America, " said Dmitriev.

according to him, for the Russian pharmaceutical industry have the opportunity to be of interest and clinical studies, the most post-registration, additional.

"As for pre-clinical studies, we Can conduct faster and cheaper. We made an offer That the Greek side, " said the head of the Association.

according to him, interested parties and the issue of training. For example, in Russia no one prepares regulators.

"We often resent That" the law is bad work ", " it was better to write ". We prepare or pharmacists and physicians who do not know the law or lawyers who do not know of pharmacology. In Germany, Austria there are schools that train controllers. In Greece there is no such thing. We are thinking about this joint project. Moreover, in the biotech regulations neither they, nor we, " said Dmitriev.

The Greeks are very concerned about the punishment and at the meetings raised the issue of the lifting of the embargo on deliveries of food, although the dialogues were other problems, said Dmitriev.

according to him, those Western organizations, mostly European, who built businesses in the Russian Federation, actively advocate for the cessation of punishment, as they suffer and they.

"We are seriously until not feel the impact of punishment, except for deliveries biotechnological equipment - it equipment is dual purpose and is subject to punishment. In addition, it has become more difficult access to "long money", he said.

Russia does not produce equipment for pharmaceutical production, and maybe now there will be orders for domestic equipment.

Drugs on the Russian market enough, and prices are rising because of the economic laws - the Pharmaceutical industry is heavily dependent on imports, and with the rise in the dollar prices are rising, said Dmitriev.

"This situation has led to the fact That the joint producers of the substances have become in demand," he said.

According to Dmitriev, very hard to compete with Russian manufacturers from China, where state support is directed to the fact on dumping: "Our producers were preparing the substance of ascorbic acid for $ 4 per kilogram, came the Chinese - $ 2 per kilogram. We are a year and a half was closed, now This substance is worth $ 14 pounds."

Many multinational organizations have built their sites with an eye not only in Russia But also in CIS, other neighboring countries. After raising prices for the substance of these organizations began to look for partners in Russia, send orders to the manufacturers. You can reduce the rates and due to the replacement of packaging in Russian, says Dmitriev.

As for the prices of drugs from the list of Vitally necessary and essential drugs " (VED), they keep their Smoking to increase.

Ukraine has closed the market for Russian Drugs We them to meet The same is not steel, said Dmitriev." But it was getting ridiculous - first market was closed for 100%, But then it turned out That not have the opportunity to vaccinate children, as the European vaccine was not available for the price, and Our banned. Again they had to open it, " he said.

according to him, between warmpresently country pairs was competition, especially That produced practically the same.

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The pharmaceutical manufacturers Greece and Russia will be cooperating
 -  Знаменитости The pharmaceutical manufacturers Greece and Russia will be cooperating
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