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The Batrutdinov told about the affair with Jennifer Lopez

Popular showman, resident of Comedy Club and the hero of the new season of "Bachelor" outlined what young women he likes.

He confessed that age it does not matter that the children own sweetheart he is ready to love, and yet can spin an affair with Jennifer Lopez - she is extremely similar to the Tatar.

Timur Batrutdinov gave sincere interviews to reporters who asked him as possible wives of famous ladies such as model Irina Shayk and actress Jennifer Lopez. If on Shake Timur and even won't talk, then a romantic relationship with Lopez, he zeroing was not. "I have no obsession about age - love, as they say, all ages. Inter alia in J. Lo, apparently, excellent genetics: so look in 45 years! Lopez - beauty is a rare representative of the stronger sex does not dream to see such a lady. Dances, sings, produces its own line of clothing and fragrances, to the same charity deals - like such an energetic and motivated! Among other things I think Jennifer is similar to the Tatar - that will be enough for me to like it," he said Batrutdinov.

New hero "Bachelor" reported that the candidates with children also have the chance to please him. "If you have feelings, I will love and baby's own beloved. But you certainly want their own children as God will give. I have in the genus were twins, and ideally 2 twins," said Timur.

Office romance is not his option. The Batrutdinov cited as the sample own colleague at the comic shop Catherine Barnabas: "if we have Kate and Barnabas, for example, after 5 years of communication does not have any official of the novel, he does not. But you'll see it on the project with me, of course, reached the end. Here would work scheme cartoon "Three from Prostokvashino": "With you I long familiar, and this cat for the first time see." And would we parted with her without tears, like a man: "Well, I'll see you at work". And yet, Batrutdinov reported that highly value in a young woman's sense of humor, but warns that competition in a given area does not love.

Timur has admitted that he dreams about a young woman with a purpose in life, and it is not contained in the fact that it is advantageous to marry. "I am by nature a leader in the family, but I wouldn't want the wife was dissolved in me, I love independent personalities. My life needs a feeling of mild confrontation, I would like from time to time even to argue with his own wife. But together with this, it should be wise to push me into her right side so that I never knew me a little bit manipulated. And I want my future wife was a life purpose. Ladies, the only dream which is beneficial to get married, I don't like. The family is not a business project. Alas, in my environment, this is common. I'm talking about something else. Let the young woman is doing something - even beading or burning out on a tree... I need the one for whom in the first place is our family, and not the scene. Basic requirements - let a woman know how to cook, doesn't smoke and loves me with all faults and virtues" - quoted Batrutdinova Starhit.

Source: The Batrutdinov told about the affair with Jennifer Lopez

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