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Brad Pitt

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  • Splinter for Brad Pitt
  • bRED piTT is suck
  • Margot for Brad Pitt
  • super-duper photos! Keep it up! Let's!:))
  • Red for Brad Pitt
  • He is an angel ... definitely an angel .....
  • AlenushkA for Brad Pitt
  • Very, very simpatishnoy! But in women's magazines advised not to say guys, Film lovers what you like movies with Pitt. Oh, have to lie.
  • SSMILE for Brad Pitt
  • Today saw the film "Troy", He is there simply velikolepen.Telo perfect (in terms of women), face-... simply no words ! Just a man of my dreams ! Why is Russia no such ?????????
  • Green_eyes for Brad Pitt
  • SSMILE, thinking the same thing: they just you-up-there! Lose the innocence of this man - a dream ...
  • Diver for Brad Pitt
  • In Russia there are such! :) If koenchno Russia does not believe Moscow alone:). And the body is really perfect. By the way, he made that stupid hair cut, longish hair, he better be.
  • Marta for Brad Pitt
  • Che Guevara for Brad Pitt
  • Hi. How are you? I do not know to whom I write, but if at the B. P. I think it deserves attention. I do not know him as a man, but judging by my favorite film, an unusual man and he is not even only in his appearance and his behavior. In movies it seems that he plays himself. I am very sympathetic to his pofigicheskoe attitude to everything in the compartment so that poidee he must seriously everything that he has. It has something of the Zen, although this is only my opinion and I can only think so ........
  • lenchik for Brad Pitt
  • Yes, he is the most gorgeous man in the world - there is no dispute ...
  • doggie for Brad Pitt
  • Brad Pitt for Brad Pitt
  • elf for Brad Pitt
  • he is my sex symbol ! he is super! HE IS THE BEST ! !
  • bradpitt.com.ru for Brad Pitt
  • RUSSIA fansite Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt) - bradpitt.com.ru
  • havaisko_mace for Brad Pitt
  • iskam Brad Pitt da oide v Bulgaria za da uprajnim malko krevatni umeniq ..... hahahah OBI4AM GO !
  • havaisko_mace for Brad Pitt
  • iskam Brad Pitt da oide v Bulgaria za da uprajnim malko krevatni umeniq ..... hahahah OBI4AM GO !
  • havaisko_mace for Brad Pitt
  • iskam Brad Pitt da oide v Bulgaria za da uprajnim malko krevatni umeniq ..... hahahah OBI4AM GO !
  • Tara for Brad Pitt
  • Brad amazing!
  • Tara for Brad Pitt
  • TO SSMILE, BECAUSE Bradley single, like he did not and could not be, it is super!
  • nat - 13 for Brad Pitt
  • Hello! Show you how to find e-mail Brad Pitt? "I would be very appreciated. Sincerely yours, Natasha.
  • Alex for Brad Pitt
  • Well, what can I say about the classroom of a man on earth? Just to add that it is not enough that a talented actor (obviously). Very handsome man. Well, just ideal!
  • Sue for Brad Pitt
  • Brad Pitt, you are the best in the whole world.
  • CLEOPATRA for Brad Pitt
  • Brad Pitt just a dream "He just GOD AHILES
  • CLEOPATRA for Brad Pitt
  • Brad Pitt just a dream "He just GOD AHILES
  • Julek for Brad Pitt
  • I love Brad like actor.But if I will meet with him, I would be very glad to know him like person, too))
  • OLYAAA for Brad Pitt
  • Brad - master of his craft! Sexuality does not relieve a symbol of male beauty! Etalon masculine. Just the perfect man!
  • п=пёп¦п п?п? Brad Pitt for Brad Pitt
  • п¦п¦п¦п¦п¦п¦ Brad PITTT !))))
  • Anonymous for Brad Pitt
  • KARAMELLA for Brad Pitt
  • Oh! Bradley SIMPLY SUPER MAN! I KNOW THAT IT HOW-TO SAGITTARIUS general in shock, Actually I have always despised пгп-п?п-п-п·п- and stuff like that, but now understand that one of these WTO) about the "TROY", yes there it is beautiful, SIMPLY irresistible.
  • Anonymous for Brad Pitt
  • I love you
  • Lordik for Brad Pitt
  • Cass !
  • sapphire for Brad Pitt
  • you are the world's best actor and the man I love you so much! Despite the fact that you're older! You'll always be FOR ME ideal man nor God has not forgotten about that when he created you. you do not have any izyana vchem.
  • Wiki for Brad Pitt
  • To lose the innocence of this man - a dream ... Tochnyak
  • RokErsha for Brad Pitt
  • Breeeeeeeeed! My God ... the sun! Watched the movie Interview with the Vampire ... phew it there young .. takkooooyyyyy maskkkkkkkaaaaaa ........ just otpaaaaad Whew ... .. there he is playing good vampire .. which is different from other vampires course I .. Well .. this is such a cutie Edinka! aaa ...,
  • PewsExennysew for Brad Pitt
  • Greetings, good resource for you, keep it up!. I found everything I needed, now and acquaintances you would recommend.
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