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photo Verbitsky Larissa

Verbitsky Larissa

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 Verbitsky Larissa

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  • Anonymous for Verbitsky Larissa
  • Specify date of birth!
  • Black Moon for Verbitsky Larissa
  • Verbitskaya Larisa, date of birth 30/11/1959. Congratulations to the recent past, Happy Birthday! 8/12/2007
  • Black Moon for Verbitsky Larissa
  • Verbitskaya Larisa. Date of Birth 30/11/1959. Congratulations to the recent past, Happy Birthday! 8/12/2007
  • Lyudmila1 for Verbitsky Larissa
  • Since bribe ability to listen and hear talking, sincere interest. The lack of ubiquitous nauseam glamorous. The idea of the existence of any deficiencies in Larissa seems sacrilegious. I am slightly older, but the gap between us. For the sake of you and Dm.Millera I came to the ice show. Ensure "live" in your irresistibility. Yes, Larissa, you are gentle with the fragile flower outstanding will. For mnya you-the brightest and innovative representative of the modern woman. Brilliant. And I'm glad that you are happy. After all, you-the harmony itself!
  • Ina for Verbitsky Larissa
  • Larissa! adore you from the time of Union! your face, manners, honesty, perceived with the naked eye, beauty - resilient - all-everything in you is beautiful. when I see you - for some reason tears flowed - so your image of me touching.
  • Irina for Verbitsky Larissa
  • Larissa! You just fellow! This combination of intelligence, beauty and dignity impressive!
  • Elena for Verbitsky Larissa
  • Larissa You're just super How did you manage to keep such forms of thee can only admire
  • Stanislav for Verbitsky Larissa
  • I like Larissa, it's ideal woman! As she speaks, behaves and how looks like I just crazy reduces)))
  • about for Verbitsky Larissa
  • Hope for Verbitsky Larissa
  • Larissa is a fantastic luxury woman, however, a profound personality, in my opinion the most talented TV presenter on the central TV. I think that in this environment, it has a lot of envy and "helpers", and for women it is not just. I respect you! I appreciate your strength, independence. Well do not you compare the same with Ekaterina Andreeva, which every evening bulge in our own eyes, and that's all!
  • Oleinik Aleksandr Petrovich for Verbitsky Larissa
  • Larissa, you are charming and attractive. You "clone" of my beloved wife. She's a work in protecting. Exceptional singer, keyboardist. If there is on earth are decent people, we would posmoret to them personally. We will pass through Moscow in near future. Can we have you been doing for a cup of tea for 15 minutes? Hi Lyudmila Alexeevna Liadov! (R. Rostov-on-Don, a concert at the hostel conductors 1982, Alexander Oleynik)
  • Anonymous for Verbitsky Larissa
  • I would not climbed with her
  • Nick for Verbitsky Larissa
  • And how many works of the surgeon invested !
  • Oleg for Verbitsky Larissa
  • I love her as a woman!
  • nina golenko for Verbitsky Larissa
  • HI! Larissa zravstbuy!S udovolistviem cmotryu lubue peredachi c toboy,hotya zdeci ix ne tak uz mnogo.Ctarayuci ne propyckati DOBROE UTRO c TOBOY! Videla peredahu SMAK i prigovila tvoe bludo.Praktihecki ya takze em vcego po-nemnogu i ctarayuci derzati cebya v forme.Xoteloci bu uznati o tebe popodrobnee.Odnazdu ya poznonila na pedahu no tebya ne zaztala.Ya zivu v USA menya zovut Nina.I'm hair stylist,Ya takze rodilaci v 1959g,u menya ecti cun,emu 22 goda,on uhitcya v USF.Mu zivem vo Floride.Vcego camogo dobrogo vo vcem!
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