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KANDELAKI Gela Iraklievich
KANDELAKI Gela Iraklievich
TURNER, Tina (Tina Turner)
Tina Modotti

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  • baby for KANDELAKI Tina
  • How old is Tina Kandelaki?
  • so want to come into the program itself DETAILS Tina Kandelaki! interesting, Tina, as you read through that write here, you can be sure that you read left here??
  • Tine 28!
  • Tine 28!
  • WWW for KANDELAKI Tina
  • Tina! I want you, want you to touch! Insert and paste! To hear your cries! And finish you in the mouth, feeling your teeth! And then I will caress your feet!
  • wr for KANDELAKI Tina
  • Joprst for KANDELAKI Tina
  • of.sayt Tina and Stas not open! But kandelaki.h15.ru - open! :))
  • N @ Zi for KANDELAKI Tina
  • time, the Georgian diaspora ends. I advise to go to Georgia!
  • termin01 for KANDELAKI Tina
  • official site of Tina Kandelaki www.tinakandelaki.ru
  • hui for KANDELAKI Tina
  • a ya vas vseh v rot ebal
  • Scarface for KANDELAKI Tina
  • I so want to finish on your feet !
  • Kazakhstan for KANDELAKI Tina
  • You know, I was so mad about the slime that he is ready to drink it menstruatsiyu.Ya be a tea in her panties put it nosila.Ya month to finish what she ate to $ 600! I swear!
  • korifanski666 for KANDELAKI Tina
  • I thought about it much more let.Nu in any case, the person is already tired of all the well can only freak who loves Chifir 'from someone else's socks.
  • Bagdan for KANDELAKI Tina
  • Tina Kandelaki super girl and just a good man I was with her in the same school but in different classes. It is a good kind and sympathetic man, always come to your aid.
  • www.xaoc.com.ua for KANDELAKI Tina
  • A photo of where stripped?? Z.Y. She п╨п╩я▄п╬п╡п╟ Polly, and tits - not a
  • Artem for KANDELAKI Tina
  • YyyyyyYyyyyyy! Zadrotyyyyy!
  • Julia for KANDELAKI Tina
  • Hello, Tina. Rather, good night! I can not write that I admire you. Although, perhaps, you hear it every day. I like the dedication and self-confident people who know what they want from life and trying to get from it as much as possible useful. I would like to offer you the idea of a TV show for entrepreneurs. I think they have plenty of questions - especially of government structures, which only promise to help them. Itself is an entrepreneur (already 4 years), although more work for hire. Budget salaries, as you know, almost anything is missing. But so many things you want! But let us return to our 'sheep'. Based on my experience I can say that entrepreneurs obtain loans is problematic. It is necessary to work out at least six months and preferably at a profit. And with what means, if the work has only just begun? And banks do not lend to all activities. And as talk of tax inspections! And complain they simply have nowhere. You can write a book of complaints, a letter addressed to the head tax, but the brain - no (tried). Deputy director calmly, . that 'not obliged to monitor the actions of their supervisors', . or may simply kicked out of cabinet, . if, . suddenly, . prevent them from phone to solve family problems. I can even give a specific example of its practice,
    . This year I opened another kind of activity. I had a common system of taxation on the first activity, and I hand it to the inspection, I located the place of my registration. The second type of activity falls under UTII, so I got up to the secondary tax records for the inspection of the location of the enterprise. It is a mistake, the company that fills me reporting declaration filed UTII the wrong tax office. I noticed this time, and we gave 'utochnenku'. Naturally, the tax on UTII I gave in that inspection, where I was on a secondary consideration, as it should. However, inspection of the place of my registration, apparently delighted at having found the taxpayer did not pay taxes, has blocked my account. They have not even checked that there is refined declaration that this tax from them, I am not registered. How long it took nerve to unlock my account! But the same thing happened in the second quarter! The most interesting thing on the phone, they deal with these issues do not want. It is necessary to come personally to them, all to find out, spend their time and your nerves! And who will compensate all the costs of downtime? 'It's in your best interest' - they are responsible. Until now, with 'butt' on various issues. There are many examples. And, I think, not my one. But in general, life is beautiful! Soon going to my mother! So I try because it does not upset. Although very sad that the state at each corner shouting about the support small businesses, but in fact, everything is very far from ideal. We love to collect taxes, but here's help::. All you good, Tina! Sincerely, your fan Julia
  • Nozim for KANDELAKI Tina
  • Good evening krasavytsa I want to be friends with you? I am from Dushanbe on ways to talk with you hochetsa esly you dadyte good, I'll write TINA I Nozim Hello OG you and vashym blyzkim waiting Vasya
  • madina05 for KANDELAKI Tina
  • I liked it before, but now no! fuuuuuuuuu mezkaya what became, as many as disgusting to watch! and a woman "sucks" on the screen! no longer knows what to do idiot pazornitsa Georgian ! ! tfu NADZHAS !
  • Anonymous for KANDELAKI Tina
  • Hello, Tinochka! Will docket! You - Well done! Keep it up! Just do not blend in with the "gray mass" of our "glamorous" stars! Always be an individual!
  • Elder for KANDELAKI Tina
  • Since the beginning of liked (the woman) and sometimes the gleam of knowledge, but after her vyezhivaniya front of the cameras his ring with diamonds over 1 million. bucks - it was not for me, . would have lived better in his Tbilisi, . We unwise women (such Sob ...) and so has nowhere to go, . Yes you still get out there with actions you are not dye-syaschemi! It seems you like our "glamorous (?)" Women do not know how propiarit themselves, . Why would not do - if only to be lighted, . can and will reach up scandals. What a pity! But look!,
  • Ilya Reznikov for KANDELAKI Tina
  • Perhaps it is a good woman, maybe a good friend, wife, friend, but as a TV presenter - is worthless. interrupts interlocutors put it on the same question in a conversation so the answer can be heard on the high-pitched voice "strangling", an unpleasant-sounding. Feels that she loves only himself teleart. Excuse my frankness. She does not suffer from the above: People hawala and not so. It is symbolic that put her in the leading pair with K. Sobchak, their "witty" remarks comments - it is even lower plinth "Anshlag". The country is, of course, survive. But the level of TV - it's just it TK
  • Asya for KANDELAKI Tina
  • Now I looked Kandelaki photos with naked ass. I do not think that she is married and mother of two children. However, it is not linked. Although, they say, money does not smell. But this is monstrous! Beauty is not special, legs like a goat horns, squeaky voice, nose, and confidence - over the edge. Someone above wrote: "... I admire you. Although, perhaps, you hear it every day. I like the dedication and self-confident people who know what they want from life and trying to get from it as much as possible useful '. Well, well, admire their bare backsides for motivated as much useful.
  • Vahyr Arthur Shaulov for KANDELAKI Tina
  • Cooney persheshevets. CHENAY truck fuel tanks. Chemo Bozi! Sheni hags mouthan. PS Bozi you the best in the world. Arthur Shaulov Nalchik 2009 If write Th
  • Anonymous for KANDELAKI Tina
  • Tina, not Th cannot tell you. but I'm from you sexy
  • Tin ti krasaviza, xoroshii chelovek, kto tebya ne lyubit tot zaviduet.vo vsem mire tebe ravnix net
  • Tinatin, I'm the macho man of whom you dreamed !
  • Boris Chitchyan for KANDELAKI Tina
  • Gorzhus' vami i uzazhayu - ya toze rodilsya i viros v ranee prekrasom gorode - Tbilisi. v nstoyashchee vremya v LA - CA, USA. Voprps. Kak familia vashiy materi? Spasibo. B.Ch.
  • Fox for KANDELAKI Tina
  • I fade away without you, Tina Kandelaki, well, one must be the prettiest
  • raghava for KANDELAKI Tina
  • you are one of the very beautiful women in the world...i like your voice and the way you anchor programs
  • mariem for KANDELAKI Tina
  • Hello Miss Tina imdenat petivc guemt rom citkvebi ar mkofnic rom mogmartot. kalbatono Tina zalian minda tkventan dakavshireba gtxovt. uinacuar gixdit madlobac.
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