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photo Arbenina Diana

Arbenina Diana

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Biography Arbenina Diana
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 Arbenina Diana

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  • Anuta for Arbenina Diana
  • I do not ask, . freedom, I am not asking, . Storms, I just want to confess ... can not live without her, she is concerned about my soul ... I want to love her ... but she can not hear! "head and shoulders above ... and if I could making a! guessed the song. .. what would Diana learned, . as I am tired of silence ..,
    . I LOVE YOU! I will not tire of repeating it ..
  • Jan for Arbenina Diana
  • love. love. love.
  • White for Arbenina Diana
  • Hi Diana, I am not сумашедшая hysterical fan, . I just moral help your songs underpinning morale, . when it seems all you uzhasno.U his voice, . and I could hear only unusual when you play it their pesni.Diana! success in creativity and new songs! Do not know, . but poduhu closer to me all the song "Frontier" is a centuries-old masterpiece! Thank you.,
  • Draw for Arbenina Diana
  • Sara for Arbenina Diana
  • I love the brotherly love and respect as myself ... I grew up as you are with the boys before she moved, I am now 13 years old, but here in gimeine no devchenok here and sit scratching their fists and listen to you (not just 8))
  • Sara for Arbenina Diana
  • sorry! can question? Is it true that you are pregnant by Eugenia Dyatlova? rumors are about you
  • Julia for Arbenina Diana
  • Diana, you are such a classroom: live, natural, without hypocrisy, 100% naturalnaya.Ya thought of no. It's great that you retain the individuality and not try to copy anyone. Diana, do not worry. The main thing to be the best, not the first. And your duet on "Two Stars" is the best. You simply amazing energy. Thank you.
  • Julia for Arbenina Diana
  • I want to write a letter to Diana Arbenina. Help. Boskam@rambler.ru
  • sky for Arbenina Diana
  • Diana, respectful attitude to your creative work, in an amicable way, I envy that you write poems and music, I only poetry (good). If you want, send.
  • Night Sniper for Arbenina Diana
  • LYUBLYUNIMAGU! Diana, you офигенные songs and antipesni.Kniga "Deserter sleep" super! Volgograd is waiting for you ... when you arrive ..?
  • Alia ... for Arbenina Diana
  • infinite love, respect and appreciate. Thank you for the sincerity and emotion. was at your concert. without comment. separate line for a song of gratitude.
  • Anonymous for Arbenina Diana
  • your songs are my family. that is more like. what is less. but most importantly, when he plays the violin ... feeling that the veins is. and SO beautiful .... and as if from inside himself becomes evident. and that's not the ability to play. The point is that these sounds incredible amount invested in the works, bitterness, schatya. thank you for what you were born. for what you present. thank you.
  • Marina for Arbenina Diana
  • Until now, I can not move away from the concert on 4 November in Minsk, and even a broken leg has not prevented: everything was cool, as always, but everything - yet, love burns, so that the scars everywhere. Today I am the most unhappy people - live shramirovanny corpse with no signs of adoration !
  • Julia for Arbenina Diana
  • Songs Diana helped me in life! and though my friends only listen to pop me they do not understand!
  • Artem Dubyonkov for Arbenina Diana
  • Fisherman, I like it. For a long time =)
  • Fan for Arbenina Diana
  • Feels charisma and obayanie.Ya much older than you, but hear your songs, opened them for a year nazad.Byl amazing concert in Sochi, no matter what ! COME ! Album "Bonnie and Clyde" - super
  • Ksenia B. for Arbenina Diana
  • Paul Potts. Two people, . Aiming for the heart. Various texts, . but the feeling one. The lines are impregnated with salt and gunpowder sunlight broken through the window. You know, . understand, . hopefully, . both want their feelings are accurately describe. Draw on a piece of solitude and her gift in a letter to send.,
  • FAN of Delek for Arbenina Diana
  • Diana! And come to us in Zheleznogorsk-Ilimskij! We also want to see you!
  • Mihael for Arbenina Diana
  • Diana you'd better thank you for your texts have helped to know yourself and the music gave strength! Frankly, after acquaintance with the snipers, my life changed for the better! SUPER
  • Pauline for Arbenina Diana
  • I smile when I hear your voice. and at this moment I truly be happy.
  • Vyacheslav for Arbenina Diana
  • Diana you are perfectly fine singing group ivoobsche you very good luck running the health of new beautiful songs
  • Temnaya_Dzhul for Arbenina Diana
  • Diana, Riga loves you ! )---- \ --------------
  • Lana for Arbenina Diana
  • live side by side and feel that he was alive ... and while there are people like you are all still alive!
  • astra for Arbenina Diana
  • Dianochka, listening and переслушиваю your albums and every time I open them for yourself something new, I love your extraordinary sensual voice, lyrics burn and penetrate deep into the soul. Come in Taganrog concert!
  • Galina for Arbenina Diana
  • I am already up to 50, but I want to shake the old days the whole hog when I listen to your songs, and I was then 25 and did not ... I love you, I appreciate, bow, and just BAALDYU ... DIANA I am your forever and
  • irbis for Arbenina Diana
  • songs - super! stumbled, watching the film "Not Gonna Get Us", so there is a song of the sun, strangely immediately recognized the voice, I bought disk.SUPER ! !
  • Valka) for Arbenina Diana
  • )))) begin with a smile, because "only his smile! thanks for the song. they are always in the topic)
  • Nastasia for Arbenina Diana
  • Diana, thank you for what you are!
  • Bride for Arbenina Diana
  • wanted to confess to you in love, but I see that I'm in your desire not original:))
  • Natasha for Arbenina Diana
  • Very much I love your songs - they help to live! Thank you for what you have, for your creativity and for all, all good! You are very beautiful and original people that says, "with a twist, your way of catching. All the best! I will always listen to your songs.
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