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photo Ksenia Sobchak A.

Ksenia Sobchak A.

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Biography Ksenia Sobchak A.
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 Ksenia Sobchak A.

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  • Oops for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Typical female, which is used to hang around his neck.
  • ivar for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • you're a clever fellow, and
  • bizonchik for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Xenia-interesting girl, I am to it with respect. I think it is for that respect. But I, unfortunately, probably, still not yet met with her =)
  • akzo for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • scarecrow
  • Alla for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • unprincipled creature with blevotnoy appearance
  • beauty for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • horseflesh won? vsjo! horse in your opinion)
  • Lisa for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • But who she is, because as a thorn in the eye. Ghastly as tired.
  • Andrew for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • - What is the Horns and Hooves? - Ksyusha married.
  • Olya for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Most офигенная woman with strong views on life.
  • 4el for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • zazhravshayasya creature
  • Yan for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • It is a normal girl, decent, kompaniyskaya not greedy, not a beggar ... Treat with understanding at a party with her participation to the toast, "Let my envious enemies Kiss my ass" (!) Be of good cheer, may you prosper!
  • ! for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • How horrible way to drive on the person you have never seen or will see))) on the very fact that it is better than you and I'm sure more has
  • olga for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • If 1 / 10 of everything that is written about her is true, then Ksyusha whore with a capital letter.
  • Christine @ for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • You know what ..... her face is a horse, but nothing like this, the normal appearance, you look better than how it was formed and how it can speak, you are the farmers and the words do not bind! so pro Sobchak better close your garbage and go to hell !
  • Mery for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • He says, indeed, well. But it's easy, when you consider that all the others spoke very badly. But even members of this forum. But my friends, is why we even discuss it? What are her services to the fatherland, and all of us? Why is it interesting for us? I would like to participate in the discussion, but I have found to catch hold. For that, eh?
  • Ksyusha for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • D for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Normal Bilad!
  • Elena for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • ti horoshaya devyshka pravilno delaesh chto ne imeesh podryg a na zavistnikov smotri s visokoi gori molodes ti mne kak devyshka nraveshsya ... i ya lublu smotret tvou peredachy dom 2
  • anna for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Clever and beautiful. Super woman!
  • Leonid for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Died, . Dear Xenia. I admire you, . I respect you and you for me the road, . I methanesulphonate and monyak, . I am a simple man I am 33 years, . married have children, . press defy you very much, . If the media honestly can not stand walk into the personal life and postel.Ya know you have a guy with whom you are dating if the press does not lie, . I want to be your pen pal and has long been searching for how to contact you,
    . Dear Xenia beg you to write to me and do not wish to file a reason your friend to jealousy, . I vseravno live in Germany and not on what does not calculate, . I can write something stupid извенить ask me, . often look at your photo you look very beautiful, . I wish you in this life all the best, . find true and lyubyashego you man and be happy all the problems, . I ask you to answer me, . Sincerely, Leonid.,
  • Leonid for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Xenia please leave in peace, who gave you the right to humiliate her? Stay soboy.Ona sweet and beautiful, and you who zavedno defy her that she was always in sight of all.
  • LIGHT for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Xenia clever and all that is written above is the envy РОСИЧ YOU ABOUT SUCH AS YOU CAN Sobchak only dream because she is writing pozubam
  • Herr for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Unusually degenerative person. However, as her mum and dad. Typical izhdivenka and the Philistine with a mediocre appearance. Oh yes, and probably hydrophobic uterus. Ballast for society. The level of general and internal culture at zero. Breaks into power, because it knows that as soon as her mother (also a wretched) withdraws from SovFeda, forget about it very quickly. And even on the contrary, perhaps ostracized. About these correctly say: "From the pig snout so in Kalashny number". Well, not snout snout, and a typical snulaya fish. Ugh ..
  • Olga for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • We should not blame such, but to be competitive. And it's not the dengah.Prosto learn, become professionals, take off her example in etom.A time it sooner or later zakonchitsya.A yet enjoy a business.
  • Herr for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • It seems that the administration of this site is very sympathetic Ksenia Sobchak. Maybe is (presumably, not free), a kind opportunity for PR this scandalous person? Otherwise, how do you explain that removed my view, in my view, sufficient evidence. It also publishes a servile praise feedback, or frankly abusive and insulting, which, because of style in a normal society, not taken into account. Meanwhile, it is clear that public relations, and any, Ksenia Sobchak is simply necessary. When it put it mildly, shabby appearance, the lack of a common culture, her approach to life (it does not hide it), which aims to grab bigger and by any means (in bed, money, etc.) to break up. K. Sobchak was well aware that all of what she has achieved with her mother at the moment - the result of support for this family is very high-ranking government official. Themselves, these two ladies did a miserable themselves do not constitute. But everything changes, we must insure. That younger Sobchak and "tearing the soles, trying to be seen or at least hearing. Does not matter in some perspective. Unfortunately, in our country than you are dirty, the more memorable. Yahoo family. Cultured and indiscreet, but knew how to make money by taking advantage of favorable while for them the situation ... The only benefit of the younger Sobchak - this is an excellent emetic.
  • diva for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • I think that just envy gripping lyumi. Yes, and if they are able to assess if you simply pour the dirt. Ksenia. let me call you that. not pay attention to such people. I appreciate you for what has its own point of view. respect myself and others. noimenno people. Anya K. ..... excuse me for not literacy. speak bad keyboard. Yours sincerely. diva
  • Evanescence for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Personally, my opinion is that Ksyusha not know how to dress and I think quite a few times to see House-2.I I don `t know whether to call it a stylish all things! How she calls herself! Эсть in it and the brakes a bit silly! Such a person as she had never not lit up Eslea would not it bagatenky Dad!,
  • Alexei for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Welcome participants dribbling race: who can - he does, and who can not - joins the toast about a kiss in the ass! hahaha
  • FJ for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • I wish that I had a same-mazhoristaya heifer as Ksenia Sobchak!
  • SS for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • One must be a bitch and mother and daughter to hang!
  • SS for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • When normal power, the creature would be in the best case in the felling area in convicts "merchandised"
  • Sasha for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Ksenia Sobchak A.? And who is it? No. Absolute zero. Excellent otpiarennaya mediocre mediocrity, and in everything: in appearance, and personality. And the stones it is not cognac diamonds, and a brick! It remains to sympathize with what the society in which such idols as a golden vagina.
  • psy for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • I still remember Ksyushenku, when she lived in the civilian world, in the usual panel house. Ndas. On time, on manners! Swept muddy history of recent decades, insolent and demagogues. But we have done so.. And now admire! This "secular" rat will be affected in public, and all - clap! Hurray! Are you for a speech those bastards mean?? THIS POHLESCHE Marginalia FROM SLEEPING AREAS awakening ..
  • 4rry for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • I think Ksyusha clever. She knows her worth! :)))
  • 4rry for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • You prsto super! You are my idol !:)))
  • spectator for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Price she is not big, . but the money spent on it Narusova (mother) is very mnogo.Ne sings, . not dancing, . not compose poems, . and since TV screens and newspapers are no longer to go!? What conclusion is money! And where did the mayor of my little daughter so much money? "After the salary was the mayor Sobchak AA,
    . not kosmicheskaya.VOROVSTVO! people robbed, . and now daughter shoved violently from the screen! Switch channels, . It again - SSCC! Soon I will turn off the TV, . but he will not shut down and having a horse will fall out into the room! HELP! I DO NOT WANT TO LISTEN TO HER!,
  • spectator for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Yes she is strashnaa as a mortal sin!
  • Guillemot for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Yes just hos, which serves clients a certain level. Why on such equal? "Professional, probably a good ... :)
  • Nick for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Gentlemen Envy and take other people's money - the inheritance of the mediocre and losers. Can not talk about Xenia - a man well and thoroughly educated, who knows several languages, writing his doctoral dissertation, masterly owning a word - as a thick-headed blonde, spending daddy's money. She herself perfectly zarabatyvyet and accepts gifts from wealthy admirers. And you would not take? Discord with morality? And we have a lot of virgins in 25 years? And on their appearance she herself first laughs, unlike many of the inability, and not a strip club she nanimatsya. Here there is full of beauty standards, . yes only one they are not interested, . except by appointment. That is why we do good and do not create, . because instead of elbows bite of envy and malice, . better to take their place self-improvement and self -, . staring, . and their children anything but would have left behind! A yelp and splutter - small science!,
  • spectator for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • To forget, to forgive, to suffer is the thing of course horoshie.Ya take your money, which I stole and stole such creatures as Sobchak in all generations! "Criminals should be in prison, not in an area of sculpture! Glamor, lioness-Whore! !
  • Nelly for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • How kids get their education, and honest, and people explain bubushke in sneakers! Silly it is, it does not need people.
  • La La Land for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • How many of us in Russia for talented and educated young women who do not have the financial ability to give of himself to know? But Ksenechke, very lucky in this respect, the Pope steal money doing advertising for daughter. Without money Ksenechka, quite NOBODY, not even taught her out of money to make money. Knows only how to spend. If you say that people are jealous of her, then you are grossly mistaken. Envious is not her and her money, more opportunities arising in the estate money. Everyone has their own priorities. If one of us, if you have money, would help sick children, then Ksenechka prefers to buy myself another BMW. I have never heard that Xenia helps people or organizations that need. I think that this would be an excellent starting point for what-to speak about it with dignity. And today, not even worth wasting time on her scandalous and niche-spiritual life. Our attention - its advertising income!
  • La La Land for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Our attention to it - its advertising income!
  • Neighbor Ksyusha for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Dimas rights. But leave her alone and she did not remain
  • maxxes for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Zazhralas girl. Other things being equal is not a rival or a provincial girl. It is easy to achieve anything by name (I am her father have in mind - that his respect). A little taste from scratch!
  • nathmos for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Lifestyles Xenia we may not like it, but to insult her and especially her parents can not. And if you do not like, then do not watch the program with her participation, do not read magazines that write about it. Of course, she is lucky in life and with parents, and friends. But not all gold that glitters. Each of us has and experiences, and the sadness and misery that we sometimes hide under the guise of a clown-Merry. I think that Xenia heavily experienced the death of his father and still suffers. Let us not insult the man whom none of us did not know personally. Envy prevents live and create ...
  • Loves for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Nahr say such dreadful things about ney.Vy just very envious lyudi.Byli would you have that kind of money as her, then yuy molchali.Ona magnets fun, cheerful and intelligent person.
  • rex015 for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • I do not like. Scum.
  • not important for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • otporot it is not no one can on TV live ..... when this happens to look happy ... but honestly it just .. cheap fool and bbblll yayayat
  • Take her away from the screen !!!!!!! for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Tired SHE, terribly ! !
  • fools no for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • I agree completely with Gg
  • Marat for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Normal, intelligent girl. Huchshe look at their girlfriends. Many really a horse.
  • Vasily for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • And I like my wife, Julia Andrianova.Ona not a public person and a modest, . liquor and diamonds uvlekaetsya.Yulya not able to simulate and sew any women's clothes and does not need a maid, . she loves our daughter Barbara and menya.Blagodarya this site, many will now appreciate not Ksenia Sobchak, . and their girlfriends,
  • ! for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Education is ssomnitelno, and say she can not competently. Just chip, I graduated from university, and you do not know the cattle Nitsche and Nitsche not reach. Normal position universanta. Although many hiding =)
  • MEN for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Lyubasha for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • kguglaya idiot without a father to anyone on the horseradish was ninuzhna can anyone else for the money and buy
  • fuss for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • bitch it last! and what you see in her? She also stashnaya!
  • Kleo for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Who is she? The blonde with the dough and rich parents. Do not envy at all, but an unacceptably stupid and depraved worldview among the impoverished country. What she likes, like eating, as cocoa interesting only nesmyshlennym men who trained on the house-2 and any other ohinee
  • Basil Alibabaevich for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Goner suchara!
  • Alex for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Ksyusha chto bi ne givorili ya s toboy, ya zatebya! Te kto obsirayut tebya prosto zaviduyut .... ne obrashay vnimaniya ... ti molodets! Respect
  • Kent for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • in the toilet of her youth, fought in a nightclub, kid, her bodyguard told me, was shocked.
  • Burzhuj for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Sobchak certainly no angel, but it is for that respect, what she likes to wealthy men and very expensive gifts, harakterrizuet her as a very touchy. in her life she got up, and then she had parents are influential people, so many influential people and Th
  • chobis for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • sobcak bila, est i budet kurva posledniaja, nado ejo polzovat vo vse dirki i vikinut
  • kal for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Just an expensive prostitute who likes to live for others, how to teach parents !
  • VIP for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • doing right and zhivet.dorogo means quality and all the shit itself to fall off
  • nechto for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • yes you can talk about how much you like what Ksyusha (or whoever else) is not zero, or zero or whatever else.. but you, those who pours it, then who you are yourself!? certainly would like to stay in her place, but the guts.. and the fact that suschestovanie Sobchak you're worried about is the confirmation of your nothingness ... disgusting ....
  • Ella for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • but she was so fed up with me in my presutstviem inete (Imagine coming home from work and sozhus over the Internet to read news, . and before the eyes of this girl with her panties vyhodkami.to she forgot, . then without clothes at the party came, . then who is her hair plyunul.Kak for me it is of no interest and would like it less in inete see,
  • May for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • and that you smear her? envy? so learn to speak correctly, and not that and write it would not hurt to learn, earn, how is she? and with what you have decided that her face is a horse? themselves a long time looked in the mirror? no? so look losers!
  • May for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • I think that you are consumed with envy of her success, education, position in society, manners, vneshnosti.a all who believe that it looks like a horse, I advise you to look carefully at his reflection in zerkale.chao losers
  • VILF for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • If it were not for her parents, then she would have lived in some MUHOSRANSKE, especially since Habtalom not come out! So it Shmarov and Africa Shmarov!
  • aaa for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Hos!
  • andrenalin for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • I personally do not know, and do not wish this imeyu.V interview like correct, intelligent defaha, but the program with her full shit ... My she wishes, be simpler, and people pull, and with such vyokomeriem, it hurts to fall
  • Olga for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • People! Enough to be angry! Me she, too, on either side do not like, . but the insult is lishnee.I so clear that soon the "person" sink in letu.Tak after another appears! And the person would be appropriate! example, . Do we all expected that it will be such a shoddy transfer as a house-2 ?! A? It's just business, we really change anything? Is this a good storona.Ya and his daughter (12 years) show on all this family and teach Sobchak: Look baby, this is the very bydlo.Odezhda, . money, . lot of them or little, . loud the names of close-all this superficial, beauty and happiness in another zaklyuchayutsya.Poverte, . I feel the right way for a reason, . t.k.sama with money, . and "good friends", . and appearance and figure God just rewarded! But it was never arrogant upstart as Xenia! I just always remember that, . that my grandparents are in St. Petersburg at the Volkov cemetery and "threatened" me otuda finger, . that man was!,
  • INFINITI for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • chuchundra
  • INFINITI for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • goosey
  • Irina (Israel) for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • envy comrades .. terrible flaw chelovechestva.zadumaytes about it!
  • EGOIST for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Beautiful, clever girl) Good luck to you!
  • Alex for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Listen, . Why shumim then? Well, there is a man, . money trying zarobotat.Razgovory all those around, . article, it must, . must, . that you curse, . otherwise not know about you, . a kind of udobrenie.A then bang and a flower on pomoyke.A we rustled around like paper paketiki.Tak that calm down with vomiting and deferambami,
  • Vaasche! for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • gyy! Horse-and it is, who would argue, the current knowledge and discuss it, not you. Understand?
  • Yes for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Nothing good, a pity that these appear in politics and in business, it must be remembered that the motherland begins with the family and not with a lover.
  • AEK for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Thoughts are material. This shit we live! A Ksyusha fellow.
  • 45 for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • connected speech, appearance, nothing special (for now), used to be worse (much), the nature of bitchiness, but punchy, lack of education, personal life do not interest her, Ponte terrible, self-esteem "above the roof."
  • Guest for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Each nation has its freaks. And without them we have enough. But thanks to its promotion and all that it creates, they become more and more among us. This can be seen in this discussion. Enough saliva. A immunetet in such need to vaccinate a child, and her appearance has nothing to do with. Sorry to Peter, if it ever gets to him ... I hope that never gets - freaks yet still less than in Moscow and, hopefully, in St. Petersburg
  • Lin for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Dull blonde, with a typical leap, not perdstavlyayuschaya of themselves absolutely nothing, lazy not wanting to work, and even to the same strashnaya.govorit that does not like hypocrisy, but she herself said so-called truth, but she is afraid to listen to her.
  • papap for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • She's so, what is and leave her alone ..... If she draws attention to what is said in her back-up for a long time to be mad ......
  • Daddy for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Whore!
  • Erik for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • In fact, she's no one to call her "nothing." This is evident in her "hobby", climbs out of the skin, bitch cheap to show "how far is it from the people." In itself, this shlendra even ever looked at mirror?
  • Alina for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • I admire her intelligence Ksyuschey sense yumoraTalantlivaya girl I do not live in Russia, but happy to watch a TV program with her participation Good luck and success
  • Umbro for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Please note, ladies and gentlemen, the site is advertising "Copper" .. it is not sluchpyno, for in due time, Madame S. is very labored over their teeth ... You know, dear disputants, by weight, and they differ only a single quantity of liquid values, and simply speaking of money ...
  • Alena for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • I can not understand one thing: that Russia is no longer about whom to write, except Sobchak, the representative of the "golden youth" of the famous thanks to their parents and their money. Why was it necessary to study (nomenclature kiddies so feel alone!), Then to conduct this giftless program "House". The rest of the time to kill it, such as it is, in various get-togethers.
  • Olga for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • ya lublu smotret i slushat cho govorit Ksenia. Po krainei mere ona govorit interesno i chasto umnie veshi. No nastoragivaet ee lubov k dengam. Ne kurtizanstvo li eto?? O ee vneshosti. Ona konecho ne pervaya krasavitza, no vneshnost ne zavisit ot nas. Ona simpatichaya vsetaki. Kto kakim roditsya. Konecho ey legche-ona rodilas v izvestnoi semye. No v zelon ona mne nravitsya. Udachi tebe Ksenia!
  • juliyastarr for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Ya, tak je kak i Kseniya, po znaku zodiaka Skorpion, poetomu, polagayu, shto vse, shto pro neyo napisano v dannoy stat'ye dostatochno tochno otobrojaet eyo kak lichnost '. Gospoda, ne nado rugat 'drugix za to, shto u nix est' den'gi i vozmojnost 'jit' krasivo i xorosho. Zavist 'i zlost' ne samiye luchshiye kachestva, poetomu, luchshe jit 'svoyey jizn'yu. A ne nravitsa Kseniya - ne smotrtite.
  • Naty for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • PEOPLE YOU WHY Disgusting WRITES read contrary SURE TO EACH OF YOU WILL FIND ON A PAIR KOMPRAMATOV! Keep it simple, DO NOT LIKE DO NOT WATCH! SAMI SUPPORTS PR "stars". Actually I sympathize KSENIA КЛАССНАЯ GIRL IN ITS SIMPATNAYA, by its talented! GLORY MAN desperate to win it so bad? IF I WOULD was such a chance I like to take. Show me a man who would refuse? Envy ONE OF the seven deadly sins! Ksenia-МОЛОДЕЦ Landscaped STERVOCHKA I respect her
  • Naty for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Indignant imposition for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Landscaped STERVOCHKA-Creature ugly and stupid! Take her away from the screen! Think detyah.Vyrastut at the house 2, only Thugs!
  • not need for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Pay attention to the fact that people who write here to defend Ksyushechki-age girls under the age of 15 - MALOLETKO silly at this age only need SEX! She did, and advocates 24 hours a day
  • Nick for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • And what you all razvonyalis?? Where are you up to nee.Ponimayu, the women burst with envy, but men that much noise then, every one of you is dreaming of a woman, and any chick with pleasure pobyla used at its meste.Tak that sharp turn on your ass.
  • Uncle for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • encouraged by the phrase in the message Nicka: it is clever - a doctoral disstertatsiyu wrote! Ржунимагу! pussies% M! You know what DOCTORAL? This is not just a contribution to science - is the creation of a new branch of science, the new theory in a science. You look at her face and we listen. What a place it will defend his thesis? Guess what? Just spokeswoman clandestine prostitution. Costly hos and all.
  • fair for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Xenia peretrahalas with all of the Liberal Democratic Party, so beautiful and lives
  • Sonik for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • but I like Ksenia Sobchak, and I admire this woman!
  • Yurick for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Which Doctor? She linked the two words can not.
  • pp for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • I do not understand, . What dokapalis to devchenki, . it lad, . fell into the stream of time, . shocking to you? Well, so keep nesmotrite.Kseniya A., . Live, . rejoice, . Pull on full, . while young, . healthy, . Demand, . beautiful, . sexual, . Many have criticized you would like to be in your place, . but all have its own course of life,
    . you whiz
  • pp for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • how mud, . much bile in people for which you are at it, . live it interferes, . the way you moved, . you all ganged up on her, . razdnitsa what you wrote it or not thesis, . withdrawn or not, . in shocking poses for you, . to blame her, . must themselves be pravidnikom, . and in our lives and in our time no such, . without exception, with some evil, . spiritual shortcomings, . and you are not better than the one who disapprove, . just your evil deeds are merged in the total mass, . and she's all Navid, . can you vseheto and warps. dear Xenia, . God forbid you stand all the dirt and forgive all those void of understanding, . Happy New Year Thea.,
  • Greek for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • fool! without the father's nobody and nothing!
  • Vasya for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Upset the other, as there are idiots who voishischayutsya this nonentity. Morality in our society now is not honored.
  • cell-1972 for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Why frantically studying - to live at the expense of men? Pavel Kondratyev, Novosibirsk
  • Yan for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Who is she? Is she famous academic, movie star, actor, showwomen, businesswomen? She is nobody, just women.
  • Jury for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • I watched your game with my mother, "How to Be a Millionaire" The brain you have, together, enough for a hundred tysyach.Po 50tys.na brata.Esche wondering why your mouth in the photo is not closed?
  • Dicty for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Those, . who maintain it does not understand the current situation in our country! "In the wake of 90s clambered lot of scum, . meanwhile the most intelligent and talented people were lost in the SRI, . in Chechnya, young boys died, it is good honest people put through the floor, . such values are not in fashion! but fashionable to boast of his position and despise the other people, . which would not give, . like it! where roll our society, . together with her, . contempt true values - good, . love, and so on, even the house - 2 is not about love, . and animal peretrahe! You, . those who maintain it, . just grew up in a consumer society, . cynicism and apathy, . when recognized credentials great grandmother and not the soul, this is not envy, . a disturbance, . Ksenya whose word is slipping through what we are all fuckers and cattle.,
  • Lena for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Because of what such a fuss? Life - this is a random process. It is unpredictable and often seems unfair. Now someone "on horseback", . something no, . then what will, . Who knows? Why envy or call names? must know how to behave with dignity in any situation. Ksyusha Here too unpleasant impression, . when he says, . "that all give, . to see, . suffer as its enemies. "Why she is and how happy people, . in which all have (or are at least, . how she wants to look), . to be lenient toward the weaknesses and other abominations. Generally, . for long-term prospects for better try to be good, . polite and agreeable man,
    . It's never anyone in my life did not stop. And much internal intelligence in general, produces a striking impression. These people admire and want to be like them.
  • Anya for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Purely for fun went to the site Sobchak and Borodino. About Sobchak here writing this shit, I almost threw. But once in 30 more than Borodulya (all 6 коментов). But Borodin more or less laudatory commentary. What conclusion do so obscene than honorable. And at the expense of doma2 - I watched this program to 13 (right now I 15). Tobish is intended for audiences under 13 years, not more. Those who are older and look and admire THIS Sobchak backward in their mental development. Let turn to the doctor
  • SSSR for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • so sorry for everyone who does not regret the time and effort to choking mud out of himself
  • Robin Hood for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Interesting! Why? We all (people) ... to impose this "super" Madame! In shorts without it .. Why are we discussing? "It is not no blue-blooded royalty!
  • rrrrrrrrrrr for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • U nee dejstwitelno morda kak u konia
  • YES for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • I do not know what to say .... Some comments are very "interesting ".... But with the bulk I agree. Remove, PLEASE, ITS from TV (House - 2). This is not a transfer, so you can watch it at all ...
  • amega for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • mlyn ... always thought that it's quite KX-Ahem.. lady .... but we have in the institutions (MGIMO) teach opinion was divided in half: some say, damn, the other-girl plowed like no other .... Well I do not know ... look at her photo with 11, so there it just потрясная ... прикольная just a girl ... and Ponte.. Yes they slezut with her age
  • Kate for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Ksenia normal girl, she is educated and has mnogovo sama.otnoshus her with uvazheniem.a those who write such dreadful things about it just basically jealous of her, tk insignificant personal rights such dreadful things to say simply is not appropriate.
  • Lilu for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Ksenia generally well done What I especially like it because it is the ability to laugh at himself and others, she is nothing and no one is not shy and not afraid to express their opinion of it is if you can not love, then at least respect!
  • Anna for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Sobchak dull chicken with a horse mug! Who says that she is clever, beautiful, and t. d. FULL Lochy and the same stupid sheep! And what there can be jealous ???! Well that there are people who see what she chmyryuha shameful, . and her voice funky! So duram current in a dull house-2 tusit, . found there behold friends, . also Chmyrev, . quickly to a house is over! Stupid fool-Sobchak YOU DIBILA, . you know??,
  • simple man for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • respect such people nelzya.Ksyusha-idol otmorozkov.Ona idol of many generations of imbeciles.
  • polb @ tona for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Correctly written there that it was chicken. And vasche fool and schmuck, bitch shlyushnaya. Дом2 Burn, burn Xenia sobachag. Let it all die - shag uzho. Because of this house except Comedy Club on TNT to watch nothing else. Burn them!
  • tomSi for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Sobchachka just showing off ... much much behaves like idiotina ... although it's true))) then argue Th)) shhhhh
  • tomSi for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Cobchachka very much to show off ... something there from the Xia is ... but it looks dumb)) years ... all of it driven
  • AB Gaina for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Well, just Decembrist wife, Sophia Kovaleuskaya and Marina!
  • AB Gaina for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Correction (gramotngo know how to write in Russian): Well, right - the wife of a Decembrist, Sofya Kovalevskaya and Marina Tsvetaeva in one person!
  • AnnaZh for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • МИЛАЯ KSENIA! You are very КЛАССНАЯ woman and dignity, strong personality! I follow yours SUCCESS AND amaze!
  • AnnaZh for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Oh-oh-oh, how spiteful losers in Russia! What to work on yourself, it is easier to kick a decent and bushes!
  • Awa for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Yes, . Xenia at first glance seems smart and interesting, . but watching her in various predachah on TV, . already begin to guess the behavior of essential grimaces and affectation, . that conceal kompleksushki, . primitive and forbidding look of the muzzle,
    . Surely nothing can be done with this terrible, broad, overlapping polmordy Ig Nobel?
  • winns2007 for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Good luck, girl! "You yourself created yourself, work hard, and there are still forces to Party! I respect! And let envious zatseluyut you to f ...! "Primitive" and envy - twin sisters. Sincerely Vadim I. (winns2007) - 47 years.
  • sona for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Xenia! you prsto super! I even wrote a school essay about you! I'll абажаю! you are my contemporaries!
  • Egor for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Parents thieves, and she lives on the mediocrity of other people's money. It is obvious to all. And there is not anything to envy.
  • Inna for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Rebjata, davajte jit 'drujno, ne zavidovat' drugim iv konze konzov zanimat'sja svoimi delami, nu povezlo ej, tak chego zlit'sja
  • Ilona for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Know, . you all so about her judge, . do you know her? "no!" and have nothing to say! But what you say, its shame and folly in her direction, . it betrays her only strength, . and means, . you do not care about it on how much you talk about it and discuss it! In short none of your business! Ksyusha I think you're clever! "You have people appreciate, . but at the expense of a duo Timati and you, . Chesnokov song is stupid!,
  • Anya for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Speak, envy, and bile shit themselves. Sobchak is not a gift, of course, the negative qualities in short supply. But there are brains and a sense of humor order. And from what the horse once again call it, it does not become poorer. Do not be a farm.
  • finya for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • People, how can you? Why did so to humiliate a man with whom none of you personally do not know? "I believe that if Xenia was from an ordinary family, it would be who has. Just because she Personality with a capital L! This man has a lot of energy, which most of us do not! And this energy for any money can not buy ... I speak for myself: I would not have been able both grammotno behave in society, at parties, journalists ... Just because I have a lot of prejudice and no experience of such life. to buy such an experience, you need to spend a lot of time, not to mention the fact that being born in such circles. A lot of women who behave like the farm ... And no diamonds and precious rags save ... And what is written about it, that terrible, horse, etc.. And in a while no one forgets to look in the mirror. Even for a hike in the gym to find, in addition to money, even with the tenacity and desire. and write all sorts of abominations anyone can ... But imagine for a moment the situation that you tell her everything is in the eye! Yes, I think most just obosretsya ... No Arguments! So before you envy, you need to think, how would you all look the part with such financial opportunities. I think that 90% - as the fuckers! I read her book, "Married", like this just about these suckers and written ...
  • maikl for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • This slut zhiruet the money that her father stole from the people, it at least poimela conscience and behave modestly but these people by definition can not be a conscience, this gift is absorbed by a child from mother's milk, and there is also strained!
  • slogger with a hump for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Smear is not necessary? And then what voshishyatsya? I admire many people have done something good for Russia. Sakharov, Barclay de Tolii, Karamzin, Pushkin, Lermontov, Mendeleev, Zhukov, Repin, Aivazovsky, Kalashnikov (!), Solzhenitsyn (!), .... and so clear. I assume that only the admiration, the COP may cause, is a demonstration of his carefree lifestyle. That in turn, the working people is hatred, for the question: "Why?" What she knows what can not, for example, I (the designer-coder). And slackers and lazy people who want to "nothing labors and poluchayat money out of the air, it certainly idol. Ugh! Burn it blue flame! God forgive me, poor Mother Russia! I feel sorry for this generation, those who are ready to applaud her.
  • e-pooh for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Simply zazhravshayasya on a freebie living beast (not afraid of the word) What she has done this for someone?? A lot of money and do not know what to do with them!
  • mt26rus for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Most doomed calf Kotra may be ... Well, unless the current worse Sergei Zverev Pi * Ar ... it can get drunk current Up in Smoke
  • Yrik for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Pro4itav tynet blevat = [[
  • LM for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Yes, you just keep it lowbrow alone, a couple of years it will disappear ... And maybe sooner!
  • Bear for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • It shames the good name of the father (God rest his soul), on my mother's name ... sure it (SSCC) must go into oblivion ... all live on tzemle become easier, prettier, chishe.I her something to live will be legche.Bezdarnosti live quietly, without exposing himself ...
  • Dan for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • After the election the new President ee1 quite imogut throw in the trash such as used product, which was done with her father.
  • LM for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • All who admire these cattle-would strongly advise to visit the doctor a psychiatrist
  • korifanski666 for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Until recently, our TV consisted by a fag and evreev.A because my friends, . degradation of our TV is also evolution, . Considered a top "cesspool named Ksenia Sobchak." It is quite obvious that after the fall comes podem.Nu stretch it back to cattle, and all zabudut.I we will have TV without the Jews by a fag and garbage dumps. ",
  • Vladimir for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • I'll be brief: Ksenia Sobchak A. - this shit in all senses and manifestations of this concept! Anyone who disagrees with me, the same DEREMO!
  • OMEN for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Yes, my friends, you are all praising to the empty space, what is the notorious SSCC. All together, at the same time - once, and forget about loschadinuyu face with the manners of the goddess. You with their attention to it only encourages more candid public whoring. In place of the dean MGIMO any normal person would be shot than have a country-wide whore-age. Shame forge diplomats MGIMO! I imagine her in a drunken asshole in diplomatic work at a strip-hall somewhere in Canada. This full scribe! Here on whom black PR for MGIMO and for the whole of Russia is. Drive it must not only from their heads, and generally from Russia. Diploma MGIMO for whores? Damn-diplomat under the expanded tricolor? That's where the real trouble will start for Russia. And while only flowers ..
  • Vitamin for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • horse
  • XXX for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Female with loshidinoy muzzle. H E N A V I G U !
  • korifanski666 for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • People, . what you razduharilis? In Russia, everything is decided by money and svyazi.Papasha Sobchak heavy-mutil, . thus probably Peter and became "the criminal capital of Russia, . mamashka Narusova, . that leads to NTV "Saloon", . I do not know what she's there to steal to pay for the senator in Courchevel no accident.,
  • Angel-Lilja for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Reading over 50% comment my hair stood on end, . just saying protivno.Chestno ashamed of our people, . where we katimsya.Rugan, . mats, . boorishness, behold, . that oletsetvoryaet we were young. Maybe you like that funny, . but envy is a great sin, . and most likely will burn in hell that, . who wrote and wished it Ksenii.Chto you all think its money, . remember her ottsa.Pochemu as your parents do not provide you a luxurious life? "And you have achieved? Writing now each of you a decent amount, only one will be able to get loose, . the rest of the mind hvatit.Nado not be selfish and do their job, . ignoring the similarity vas.A at the expense of charity by Ksenia, I think stupid to advertise how many apples and computers bought Sobchak orphanage or any amount sponsored operation rebenku.Gromkie good deeds, to promote the site, . "Look what a fine fellow, I saw all this", . so had to say Sobchak, . or editor can pay for false stateyku.Dom 2, this is her way to get publicity for her it turns out as many of us watching this rubbish and it is already a lot about what govorit.Dazhe do not know what and finish, . I prsto all feel sorry for you.,
  • Serej for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • All that is in her soul .... IS - continuous ugly ... Glamorous misery for the amusement of the audience ... Tupa as cork and disgusting
  • Alina for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • I really like you .. I'm 17 years all on me say "ксюшка" Kirovohrad Xenia Sobchak.mogu send some pictures ...
  • Murzilka for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH! How I hate her!
  • Ksenia Palych Sobachak for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • ... oh, Sobchak, Sobchak, that's what a man makes complexes - a direct example, the topic for dissertation. Honestly, can not imagine any sane person that a positive attitude towards this personage with the behavior of the provincial zazhravsheysya. Unrealistic nasty man, the idol of Russian cattle. In short, prdolzhayte praising his queen, young marginalchiki !...))))))))
  • Ksenia Palych Sobachak for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • ... and Pts. Pts. irritates the position of some guys, . Yes and most SOBCha, . if she does not envy ))..., . Well al Naman, . vaasche ???... I mean you, . I may say so, . asshole, . hang on me the label of "envy" ... cho floor vaasche for garbage, . pancake, . and ?!... I stupidly spread their views on the habits of this animal and all ... there are guests richer and poharizmatichney this girl, . but negative on the whole it, . so make the findings, . yunnye shower online readers !...))))),
  • Ksenia Palych Sobachak for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • ... Masha Tsigal, Zemfira, Maxim, Rustle, Larsen ... to them for some reason do not feel negative, because shta adequate !...)
  • korifanski666 for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Here it is, and cattle in Africa bydlo.Vse decide dengi.Bedny Dad znalby forced his wife to have an abortion.
  • Olik for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Actually Ksyusha very energetic and logical woman, of course we must not forget that to achieve it through his father, and who is presently unable to penetrate without connections? She lives right: doing what he wants, boldeet, teasing ... Overall - A clever ...
  • Olik for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Actually Ksyusha very energetic and logical woman, of course we must not forget that to achieve it through his father, and who is presently unable to penetrate without connections? She lives right: doing what he wants, boldeet, teasing ... Overall - A clever ...
  • Pisechka and sisechka for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Ksenia Sobchak is maralny and physical miscarriage ! This pazor and rapid RUSSIA ! Daloy Xenia dogs with blue screens ! Yes, Yes Yes!
  • anrika for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • molodec! tak derzatj! mectaju poobscatsa napisi esli smozes ...
  • Lenka for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Sobchak urodka complete with a horse's muzzle, and another Th-that builds itself ... Scarecrow secular, rather than a lioness ...
  • Sky Walker for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Only from you then there would be some benefits ... Not everyone, of course ... But, the maximum ...
  • Misha Creative for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • 89637102573 - Call me! Not parsya, simply dial the number!
  • Nasya for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • we hate you
  • wer for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • But why pay attention to this fool, at which have no place to put stamps! Let them live and enjoys the last days of life!
  • ANASTSIYA for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Kseniya A. you are the only people on our television in such a way to protest everything konservatimnomu.Prodolzhayte in tomzhe spirit!
  • Lara for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Ksenia, I hope you do not read that meanness and dirt, which is of some so violently rushing. How little of himself to appreciate the need to afford, and even in public, so openly show their ignorance, bad manners, rudeness, stupidity ... And how much anger and envy naked! A ball of snakes! Yes, you have done something in life a good, decent? Or you can call ourselves decent people? "I wish you, Xenia, go through life with your head held high, to do what must. Success and personal happiness! Just do not betray and do not forget to think of God and Man. Best regards!
  • Maroussia for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • I can not stand her, she complete fool!
  • Andrew for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Ksenia most-the best!
  • lora for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Ksenya, ti prosto pravilni chelovek! Ya tebya obojau
  • Olga for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Ksenia-super.ne everyone can achieve what could ona.a especially Okrut so many luxury muzhchin.tak keep!
  • DVS for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Love the blonde in chocolate, as they love children Eskimo! Kusnu, liznu and throw a stick, Though litter very sinful!
  • Yuri for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Ksyusha you my most coveted deva.da INTO there I like you with all your strengths and weaknesses, . are all around trying to see and vysiavit of universal condemnation and poritsanie.a me poh.y all that you superdeva.ya leave you alres your yurec1978@hotbox.ru write me Ksyusha.ya you'll love and wear it on my rukah.imya Jury . write me.,
  • Darius for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • you can be a good person and try them to be
  • Dessar for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • To fuck my dick, compared with the horse floor for her compliment should kazatsa, there fucking dick understand what she looks like! "But I can say one thing, his mind is that heifers that need!
  • Û for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Horses! _î
  • FATHER OF IMMENSE for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Enchantress ... ... Dimensionless from the Ecumenical InformBuro 347 ******************** We live in a precarious situation Millennium DISPUTES.. Squabbles, and a military confrontation between PEOPLES .. hotspots MISSING AND THEY ARE ALWAYS THERE.. HOW KAZHETSTSA.. Abide FOREVER ... Here and now in NSAMOM the beginning of 2009 GO bitter war between Arabs and Jews Middle East and who started.. And no one I can not remember .. and yet .. DESERT.. Our main enemy .. advance.. Winning more new territories .. In nature all living beings CO-UNITY RUN FROM FIRES AND OTHER DISASTERS .. as it is written.. LISA HARE killed and cut up.. Time to stop the War and joint VSEPLEMENNO In opposing the common enemy.. IE conquer the desert detached ITS flourishing lands ... ADD right now more than ever an opportune time for COMPLETION OF THE TERRITORIAL PRITENZY.. GRAND OPENING OF LINEAR RESERVE.. Unallocated undeveloped virgin land in the HOTEL-THE MAIN HOME-BASED TERRITORY solitude can be extended to a legendary Eden and El Dorado.. WHERE never held one had gone before I need not say.. HOW ABSURD right now LOOK Tribal skirmish U Heaven's Gate? IMMENSE FATHER: LETTERS FROM THE FUTURE .. FAIRY INSTRUMENTALSCHITSA PERFORMANCES AT THE PLANT caliber with inspiration WORDS: ******************* ****
    from the Ecumenical InformBuro - 201 *** ****
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    . K. ... Novator .. WALK .. llll
    will not allow mache TO Novator WALK ... will not allow mache Novator LOVE .. DO WHAT FORBIDDEN LOVE HOT ... WORTH Masha tearful eyes ... .. KNOW.,
    . AT Masha.. POBEDUSHKA BEEN .. SEE Masha ... Branagh.. Behind another .. .. A Novator ... OH FOR THE COST OF ALL WALL WHAT NOT TO HIM .. NO PLAYMATE? POLICY NOT RIGHT MOTORMAN .. fight for MOT ... WHAT OUR Novator skittish Y. ... B K. ... Novator's partner in the ..... SEND ME .. ONLY MOTHER.. Awful DOPEKLA: Do not go YOU.. NOT interwoven with BAT.. The Amur .. YOU ... In blinders apparatchiks .. WILL TAKE ... "Oh ... will not allow mache .. TO WALK Novator. Will not allow mache .. LOVE ... And Novator Novator --- MOT .. IN .. THAT NEITHER THE EXPLORATION OF THE YEAR: ... ............ . Dimensionless (!) To the public .. ... ONLY FIND THIS OUR MEHANIK not happy do not let go.. Drag Aims .. STAFF .. RAZVEDCHIK FRIENDS FROM ALL OTOSHET executor has called up ... I Novator There are no friends and girlfriends ... I went to him .. ... I grasped.. Affliction .. "WORTH Masha tearful eyes her OUT.. FAILURES ... STRIP TO KNOW ... .. Masha POBEDUSHKA BEEN .. SEE ... Masha beat behind another ... llllllllll PROBLEM OF POLITICAL MECHANISM ****************** ******************** (according Gorodnizky ..) death of a loved BREATH ... crumpled MASTERS SHELVES .. How dare YOU.,
    . MEHANIK U.S. ... .. SIGN IN SOLOVKI ..? LEFT - RIGHT STEP .. .. Reply .. performing ... PARADE .. NOT PODMAZHESH.. Not go COLLECTIVE STAFF ... .. PEOPLE ARE HERE TO ... TYPE OF EQUIPMENT .. .. .. spindle pour into the crankcase .. .. gears .. not humans .. MECHANISMS INDUSTRIES ... .. WE WOULD WORK. . .. If SUCCESSFUL TO KNOW WHERE THE FRONT .. .. .. YOU WHERE TO REAR.,
    . OKUKLILIS.. OF COURSE .. .. Who in the intelligence - MOT gone? I.. WE SEND ... .. PERGOLA: "HERE TO SEARCH FOR TABOO .. .. MOTORMAN THINK .. .. EXPLORATION FOR vain ... .. WALK .." NEEDED HERE .. HERO - Novator .. To.,
    . From the prohibition and taboo "stools" to do tomorrow .. and stagnation VIDA ... In a coffin.. Confidence in you ... .. PAR Searching LEGENDARY ... Steam .. How dare.. YOU ... .. MEHANIK DISCARD TALE ... Derailed? YOUR PLACE WHERE THERE .. .. .. WHERE IS DIFFICULT RESHAETSTSA .. DESTINY .. REALLY YOU.. Latently .. Drag On a coffin ... ..? YOU.. Mechanics.. POLITICAL .. lead us wrong ... BUT WE HAVE FOUND A WAY.. GALACTIC.. WHERE IS THE COUNTRY AND YEAR ... with life.. Plainly.. END: PODPRIRODNO ... LIVE VERNEUIL ALIVE .. .. .. Verge of length DID ..... .. ВЕТРЕННЫХ HORSES ... How dare YOU .. .. .. MEHANIK Life WAYS WE FORGET ... harness W.. Millions laceration divert U.S. .. .. On a coffin? **************** FAIRY AIR .. .. .. WIND RIGHTS **************** ************** FROM UNIVERSAL InformBuro - 139 ****************************** ********** WE PILOTS JOIN .. AGN r>**
    ********************** CITY overpowered .. SO faint and strangles us it.,
    . OR embarrass BUT ... calling us to an unprecedented DREAM Directly on the horizon.. Shines on Free breathing shall defend YOUR RIGHT IS RIGHT entire mass FAIRY AIR WIND .. .. WE ARE RIGHT IN PILOTS JOIN THE WORLD ****************** AGN is unknown Opening the PORTALS *** ****
    SECRET GODDESS exudes flickers.,
    . Disappeared BEING .. AND MUCH Adept ОБЕЩАЛА .. now drawing closer.,
    . WAY pave LET IN SLOZHNYAK meanwhile believes scientists but in DEEP FOREST SEAS SAMPLE ******************* even so SELIS .. V.. POLISHING ******** ******************** XW.,
    . MAKING EASY Amazing .. RIGHT VOPLOSCHAETSTSA DREAM IS EVERYONE .. .. .. becomes linear POWER FROM SHALLOW DETAILS .. WORLDS draw with Argentina to collect.. DALI .. WORLDS Handicrafts unheard .. BUILD THE KINGDOM OF SOME TIME IT'S TIME TO ACT ripe .. TALK ... I light crowd VENT CREATE SELIS .. V.. POLISHING drag YES WE DO NOT ALWAYS AS A FOREST OF THE CENTURY .. to press YES bully.,
    . And we .. In .. EDEM with a run **************** ALL .. KINGDOMS Fairy ******************* *************** HEY MASTER .. .. WAKE UP AWAY THE CURSE OF LANDFILL SPACE.,
    . Extended in KINGDOMS Fairy LIVE .. In Dakhla YEARS OF MACHINES.,
    . What a shame! SMOKE .. landfills and hums MOTOR IN THE SKY .. ... .. AIRCRAFT WANTED.. OBYAVLYATSTSA ... Where are Looking constructor? And ALL ... In Archaic YESTERDAY ... ALL IN THE PAST WHERE - TO stare furtively .. .. FOR U.S. ... "Present" SUPERKRAZH: steal.. Pristine LANDSCAPE.. And the U.S. - the billions .. COUNTRIES .. LIVE haul myriad explicitly.. POVERTY SOUL A U.S. mile ... BEZETAZHI: FORESTRY SEA splashing ... NATURAL ... Prophetic Voice! STROYUT right now.. EXPRESSLY CITY LANDSCAPE .. destroyed and Wednesday .. landfills.. AT obscene .. IS ... MIRROR MIRROR WAY WINTER .. .. .. WAYS suggests MAGIC MIRRORS AND .. IN THEM .. ALL Garbage left .. ALL VTERLOS In AMALGAM .. In Plener NETU HTML Plain ... .. WHERE WAS ... TOWER POVERTY .. NO not the slightest trace .. NO .. NO TYPE OF LANDSCAPE pests ... ... from rodents LANDSCAPE .. no hint EVEN ... I. .. multiplying.. HORIZONS .. FOREST Infantry FRONDA ... .. AND WILL all of us ... .. DAR. SKOROHODNY SKOROSPAS ВЛАДЕЙТЕ ... EVERY .. one and all! Countless Principality.. YOU PRINCES .. ... Plener Prehistoric VOSTSARSTVUY HARMONIC ... ..! ************** PEACE.. Pristine ... LIVE ... .. ВЛАДЕЙ ****
    ************** all horizons of all the planets ... ONE FAMILY OWNERSHIP .... .. And WHY ALL OTHER NO? ALL soar.,
    . IN THE SHADOW OF ... Other families where they live? A.. In.. QUOTA OF PARALLEL .. .. and what he family labor ..? In Divine Work ... That is: TRAINED HERE AND THERE TO SERVE .. .. OPEN TO OPEN WORLDS OF YOU ALWAYS ..,
    . Your Honor ... .. WORLDS. WHERE NO.. Sledkov PEOPLE .. WHERE hundred years .. NO PRESENCE ... WORLD Virgin LIVE.. ВЛАДЕЙ .. EXCELLENT.. THEMSELVES Feeling ... ****************** In PRODLENKE found ... UNIVERSE ******************** br>*
    DISTRICTS REGION .. .. will save us from disaster DISTRICTS DO? WHO - TO PROVINCE light ... OR PROVINCE TO HELP THESE? NU These areas and districts! they'll ruin us soon .. Hoping for THESE YEARS spender on the ground of the uselessness of HOPE ONE.,
    . They do not know .. proud .. "Victory" SO PARADISE ON EARTH WE CHANGE IN HELL .. .. .. Mistress PODMASHINNYE DWARFS! ... Fairy! .. FLORA! Pressed .. choked!.. AND SOON ..'ll get away BALANCE OLD ... I.. Evil wizards.. Charms Zagonov U.S. .. V.. .. The vault in the grave until we OTBITSTSA.. Powerless .. coming ... BALANCE .. .. NEW LAWS other harsh .. NO PLACE THERE MAMMAL OUR CENTURY THERE SHORT AND MELTING ... SO WHAT J.. MACHINES FOR U.S. PYALITSTSA? OR J. ... If a case PREDSTAVITSTSA ... rub THEM IN THE ROAD AND SHINE .. to the wind to go to the Rookie ..? PRILNEM to our old landlady: Take us.,
    . WE Prodigal ... sorry.. DYHALKOYU Prehistoric .. YOU HARMONIC swear ... we lived in Wonderland and now Module ... V.. FIRE .. BUT TO MATI - Nature --- Sorceress COMES human race ... WHERE DENETSTSA ...? * ************* imagination! EXCELLENT FANTASY! ****
    . ASIA EUROPE AND ASIA IS ... .. Countless AUSTRALIA! FANTASY FANTASY ZAMYSLENNYE solution with ... .. .. C SEARCH EXPLORATION her.. BOYTSOV .. TESTED troops ... the insides.. Wind! The excessive hard to find .. .. GREEN CARPET ODEVALL ROCKS .. .. .. WE ФАНАТЫ QUEEN U.S. FANTASY AND WE.. ON CHARODEYNOY this base lie .. ALL THE DESERT LANDFILL .. .. .. Plesu ROADS ... WHAT RUG GREEN ... We cut MOTOR FANTASY ... U.S... SHOW .. V.. .. GODS IMAGINATION.. Gives us.. RESULTS ... FOR EVERYONE.. Grants watching ... .. Where are all intact.. Pristine ALL .. ALL A green field All lived .. .. .. no imagination of the impasse.. From the abyss .. frequent visitors ... FANTASY TAKES ranks .. FOR .. scruff: COMFORT OF THEIR Hayot: On the floor .. .. The apartment and landless abuse.. CHERNODYRKU ... IMAGINATION OFFICIALS .. SHMONAET: "incompetent .. ABC ... DO NOT KNOW ... NUZHDAYUTSTSA B.. Reliable guide: Leading.. Cable.. He rode a Commander .. .. "****************,
  • Dima for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • IR creature you're a fool, with his nose pancake people fear, go nafik with show business, as you look at thee, as many fear has become)))) Or do plastic aperatsyyu, or wali)))
  • Vyacheslav for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Ksenia to fuck me please
  • Mazur for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • not understand how it poppy lyadi in the spotlight. can therefore?
  • Alexander for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Come to my Stihi.ru or Prozu.ru Tseluychik my writing! .. You liked me.
  • Anna Golitsyn for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • davstvuyte Ksyusha, . I absolutely LinkBacks what and who then wrote, . I know - it is envy, and a worse human stupidity, . Unfortunately in this world we live, . your personal life - this is your life, . why I am confident that this is OK, . can nevsegda and nesrazu, . but all the same (you train scorpion) ..,
    . I have one wish - just to talk with you though correspondence at least come))), simply, what are you saying much the same as my vision of what is happening. I'm a lawyer, mother of 2 children. I sincerely wish all so that you have in mind has turned out, and unbelievable that you're watching kids )))), look forward to a reply in which at least kuazhete link to your personal e-mail
  • Anna Golitsyn for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • pancake, . Th for garbage, . otkda so much anger for one person? and for what? for the fact that they themselves understand what you want, and that this pluchaetsya, . and only mother vilify!, . you pancake - "degraded complexes" would deal with something more useful, . than somebody else's life to analyze, . infuriates me yet unfounded anger and stupidity in our people .....,
  • Iman for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Hi Ksenia Sobchak's true you??
  • Iman for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Hello again, . I am 12 years old Chechen woman to me, . I admire you very yes I know that you said kafdy 2 people in Russia, . but I like you not because of appearance or that either you are very sweet kind and intelligent, . with mind at all, you do not podrofat)) to be honest I want to be like you, . Yupofalysta, . they replied to me)),
  • Ochs for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Anyone who thinks bad Sobchak - call, I'll be able to dissuade you! :)) The first channel is preparing for her whole program! The conversation is relevant to the evening of Tuesday, 21.04.2009. Our phone number: 6177806. Ask Oksana.
  • radioTehnik for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • It just roundnose sheep, dishonoring the whole feminine, it's just a shame, but she did not understand, because the pancake, I even don `t know how else to call it (I have a vocabulary of 5000 words, but I have no word for it). Dur house 2 with her just otvaratitelny, and indeed it should zakryt.Kak to her often Sipatov? unclear. Where I live, . it simply does not have navidyat.Takih once alive zakapyvat.Perespala probably with all those in show business and its tolko.Nenavizhu, . would beat her to death. Sobchak, you just what a fool, . prostitute as you just do not feel ashamed? Who wants to fuck her that just an idiot, . because she probably there as a "bucket HHHHA "! ha ha ha damn you Ksenia (sincerely tell you). I will come back here and invite friends to another, and they crap it!,
  • Katia for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Not born beautiful, but she is happy! "And even very clever! And who it offends, he just jealous of her! Toad davit.Ey God sent, and you net.Udachi you, Ksyusha and happiness!
  • anya for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Psevdointeligentka - are you xenia, . why should inteligentnosti.papa - thief, . mother - thief, . hamovataya girl, . cheeky question, . horse muzzle, . is a Jewish horoshenkie.no is clearly not a nih.Tebe Katya Gordon just did not like from the nachala.obychnaya zavist.ty really hamlo,
  • Natalia for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Good day, . Kseniya A.! You many abused and pytayutsya insult, . but what can you do with people's education, . It shows once more on their nevospitannosti.No I generally do not know. read an article about treason person close to you, and I'm very sorry that he did so in relation to Vam.Kazhdaya wants to be the only, . but probably most of the men as lustful males are changed forever think that they vysote.No you do not worry you do everything will be fine, you'll see, do not despair I sincerely wish you happiness and that you will meet the true love and the man for kotorogot You'll be sure to edinstvennoy.Vy meet such a man happiness and good luck!,
  • Nastya for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • I sit and think, what people are still with us zavislivye. Listen to each his own! Ksenia very clever, subtle psychologist. It's great that it is possible energetically promoting itself and getting money for it. Exhale! And you have in life will be a lot of good, schastilivyh moments and you'll be rich, and you just dobetes. But not through envy, but through the love of life
  • Volodya for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Ksyusha fellow. Keep it up, and send all away.
  • Apnow for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Good veduschaya.Pochemu only nobody has taught (and Kandelaki) culture appeals to a senior? It all calls by name, even those who are older than her 40 or more This is no accident, it just is not normal?
  • Marinochka Marina for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Natasha for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • What are you are trying so hard - writes, writes! THINK THAT READS WHAT-DO? GIRL Sobchak - clever, no wonder! This family, all things would be nothing, only he somehow not at all GOD LISTEN ITS sarcasm over other PHYSICALLY DISABLED. Must not forget that the TV LOOK AND DISABILITIES, INCLUDING. Such girls, HOW Ksenia Sobchak usually stay in LIFE ONLY. EVEN IF marry - all the same divorce, and another 10 years, and in general would be worthless to.
  • Shura for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • unprincipled creature with blevotnoy appearance
  • Dasha for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Xenia only made it myself! And you just sit back and smear it (for no more brains). Yes, and it looks very nice, even ...
  • Dashechka for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • I hate when people sit and discuss her appearance as she dresses, and so on themselves first look at yourself, and then smear it. You are in my life have not made shit, like this and sit and be quiet. Che, you come here, you do not like it. You are just stupid and fools. You porosto all jealous of her !
  • ara for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Respect unworthy. Girl-brand, untwisted, while definitely not him. I do not argue, can match, outrageously to stand out, to support their dubious glory, and even more unpleasant to have such people in the country at the hearing.
  • vike for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • suspiciously not like the parents (info for consideration )....
  • Anastasia for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Of all the show business, . I respect only Ksyushu.Ona super.Vsego hochet.Mozhet which seeks to answer for themselves and put in place any human being. The New Wave of the best-led transfer, . was interesting to listen, . as much of the jury did not know where to hide his laughter, . not what is Kandelaki with patter, . Agutin with Varum, . who could not associate the two words and Lera-not A or B,
  • Tanya for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • everywhere I read that she Sobchak himself pishit it smart, beautiful, signing it Masha, Dasha ... then write sincerely: Sobchak normal girl, like all current with a certain vypendrezhem!
  • Zaya for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • And for what it so people do not like ???!
  • Yuri for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Howl, howl, howl! And I Sapchak нравица! I even began to buy clothes SAVAGE because Xenia! She did so at all poebat ... She is my ideal! M-M-M! I love independent people who do not pay attention to the saliva and the teeth of cattle!
  • Yuri for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Xenia! U-hm-hm-hm-ny! We love you! You only DISTURBANCE in a gray and dreary bydlyane around! Especially like your personal communications, where you teach their wards. Zainka let you be all right! M-M-M! Our Ksyushenka!
  • Ludmila for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • Let Xenia and not beautiful, but not terrible. I like it a sympathetic and externally and intellectually. And how it should behave when under attack? Girl from childhood accustomed to live well. To each his own. If there is someone the opportunity, to rejoice over such successful people and by the plow, in order to achieve something and not be jealous of black envy.
  • Kati for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • A sick and absolutely unclever spoilt bitch with loads of complexes who need to seek a professional psyciatric help. A shame and disgrace for the nation!
  • mark for Ksenia Sobchak A.
  • tak nikto v 30 let ne odevet'sa.
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