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photo Pauline Agureeva

Pauline Agureeva

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 Pauline Agureeva

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  • Kamyshova Alexandra Alexandra for Pauline Agureeva
  • I, unfortunately, zanyu you in the film "Liquidation". Hats off to Sergei Ursulyak for this film, it was because he was able to screen the women who want to watch. This fully applies to you. For such a powerful feminine, . sensuality, . tremulous innocence and naivete, . coupled with modest coquetry and restrained passion, . spirituality and vulnerability, . these are the emotions, . I have them, . as long uzritelya not cause on-screen female characters,
    . Looked an interview with you in a night flight, and the first time in recent years, wanted to go to the theater, not because they invite. but because they wanted to see your theatrical works. Although the pages of "War and Peace" Fomenko, did not take my organic. Thank you, and Fomenko, because you have met and held. Thank you, that you have no fuss and you like this. May God bless you and your household. You - a great actress. Yours Kamyshova Alexander.
  • Evelina Kravchenko for Pauline Agureeva
  • Dear Pauline! For 4 years I am happy to look at your work and in the theater and the movies, because to me you - the best actress of our time. Especially waiting for your work in film, because she is directly connected with the cinema - learn VGIK. I am very grateful that you are a true and sincere. And, in general, the greatest joy that you have. I wish you all the best, new and interesting work and health to you and your family. Sincerely Evelyn.
  • Edward for Pauline Agureeva
  • Dear Pauline, Hello, my name is Edward, I live and work in Germany, Frankfurt. I decided to write to you while watching the series "Liquidation" (there are still three series, . is not clear, . who "Akademik"), . discs which gave the watch to my parents (I myself am nearly 7 years in Russia was not, . Russia's television and do not accept anything on the Russian look is extremely rare). My opinion, . that the series itself - is one of the strongest films of recent years and teleprizvedeny, . - Not likely for someone to news,
    . But you, your game and skill for me to become a beautiful opening. This feeling of fresh air - is the possession of a profession, feminine and organic. They have lots of actors' achievements and amazing game. But you have forced me to not just passively admire, but also to write to you. I suppose you have a great acting future, then you as well as health, great happiness and I wish you every success. Thank you for your work ..
  • Natasha for Pauline Agureeva
  • Dear Pauline! I watched TV series "Liquidation" and the video version of "Woe from Wit" and learned that the world exists such a talented actress like you. I admire you! I wish you success in your work that you continue delighted us with their great game! Good luck!
  • Julia from Saratov for Pauline Agureeva
  • Hello, Pauline! I am 33 years old, I am a journalist. Long love of cinema and some prizakam can tell a good movie from rubbish. I was impressed by your work in the film "Liquidation". You have such an expressive face! I saw a wonderful mix of something childish, helpless, gentle. At the same time, such a calm and dignity. I love the episode where you sing this song about two soldi. And still etched in my memory of your eyes when your heroine stunned say: "Acne, you traitor?" Please note that the film I watched a couple of months ago, but the experience did not dim. For the first time in several years there was a desire to buy the disc with the movie for yourself. What did. Place you for a list of artists, the work which will follow. Your theatrical works not seen. Good luck to you and professional filmmakers! If I was in the jury of the "Golden Eagle", would give two awards for zhenskike role - and Xenia, and you.
  • Dr. Volodya for Pauline Agureeva
  • Paula-fellow! Especially Italian song. Unfortunately not seen teatr.Uveren that it is also a high level. By the way, my name is Pauline vnuchechku. Hi mom.
  • Irina for Pauline Agureeva
  • Hello, Pauline! All that you would like to write - until I already said it all. But anyway - your role in the elimination - it shine. Revised by serial two-fold. And the episodes with your participation - at several times. Songs in your performance - the most favorite episodes. And the way you turned Tony inexpressible. but in general deytsvitelno thanks to Sergei Ursulyak. Here, someone has written is true, that he showed in the movie women with big letters - in which you want to watch and watch!
  • Anton Mamaev for Pauline Agureeva
  • Pauline, you're a wonderful actress, I always try to see you on stage once again to enjoy the unparalleled game. Thank-you incredibly huge animates the modern constellation of actors. Forever your fan, AM
  • Gennady for Pauline Agureeva
  • Wonderful and amazing.
  • Sergey Umanov for Pauline Agureeva
  • I am an artist nebdt lion Ehrenburg St. Petersburg, you are beautiful
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