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Steven Spielberg (Steven Spielberg)

( American film director and producer.)

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Biography Steven Spielberg (Steven Spielberg)
photo Steven Spielberg (Steven Spielberg)
p. 18. 12. 1947
Since childhood amateur films shot on 8 mm. The first scene tape with the actors removed in 12 years in Phoenix. In 13 years, won first prize for the 40-minute film about the war 'Escape to Nowhere' (Escape To Nowhere, 1960).

The first professional picture - A twenty short film 'Emblin' (Amblin, 1969) - provided him a contract with the company 'Universal'. Spielberg - the main figure of the new American cinema: his art system served as a launching pad for creativity of many directors 'postshestidesyatnikov'. In the Soviet and post-Soviet press Spielberg often represent the King 'entertaining spectacle cinema', as something inferior, having the right to compete with high cinema. Although his films have a powerful software charge and Esotericism. This quality is evident for the first time - a few more insecure - in the financial record-1975, tape 'Jaws' (Jaws).

. Formally, defining it in the category 'disaster movies' (together with 'The Towering Inferno' or 'Airport'), the critics did not notice the innovative elements
. But the truly new ideas unfolded only in the film 'Close Encounters of the third kind' (Close Encounters Of The Third Kind), . established in the revolutionary 1977 - when the first video, . first personal computer, . the first major video equipment sales,
. This film is just a new formula was found: the fantastic element (in this case, UFO's and their impact on American late 70's) 'inserted' in giperrealisticheski (and at the same time - tenderly romantic) shows the validity, . with absolutely seamless - as a valid factor in this reality.,

. The discovery was made after the huge success of 'E
. T., ET '(ET. The Extra-Terrestrial, 1982), in which this paradigm has evolved and confirmation. Not wishing to engage in samopovtorami in directing, Spielberg created the company 'Emblin enterteynment'. In terms of kinoteorii, during, headed by Spielberg in Hollywood called 'sinefilstvom' - his representatives to make films based on other movies - and not on experience - as was the custom in the traditional film. Spielberg 'audited' classic Hollywood with Godard as a 'principal auditor' and recreated the humanistic tradition of Capra films on a new level. No wonder one of his favorite paintings Spielberg is kaprovskaya 'Life is Beautiful'. And in his every movie you can find links to the classical Hollywood cinema: the 'Empire of the Sun' (Empire Of The Sun, 1987) - in 'Gone with the Wind' (Gone With The Wind); in 'close contact of the third kind' - on the 'Ten Commandments 'and' Pinocchio 'and in' E. T. ' - On the 'quiet man' and 'Wizard of Oz', in 'Schindler's List' (Schindler's List, 1993) - on the 'Citizen Kane'. This can be considered Spielberg adequately represents the interests of psychology and aspirations of the American middle class - he knows very well the life of the modern suburbs, . where, . as he once put it, . 'grow up with three parents - his mother, . father and television ',
. But by the remark of the critic James Monaco, and in 'close contact', and 'E. T. ' aliens promise to life outside the restrictions, . typical for middle-class life in the U.S. 'suburbii' - spaceships fly freely over the border booths of the main state highway, . defining the boundaries of the material world of American suburbs.,

. Spielberg has paved the way to modern Hollywood, and himself for some time to slow down and began to shoot is not very profitable films like 'color purple' (The Color Purple, 1985) or 'Always' (Always, 1989)
. But in the film 'Captain Hook' (Hook, . 1991), . grandiose remake of the full-length Disney animated film 'Peter Pan' (1953), . Spielberg, as it were gathered up all the motifs and themes of his paintings and brought the invariant nature, . in this or that appearance was present in all his films - ageless boy-man, . almost the alter ego of the author,
. The summer of 1993 appeared on the screen blockbuster 'Jurassic Park' (Jurassic Park) (cash charges - $ 356, 8 million) - the history of dinosaurs, restored in our days on the genetic code. The reason for the grand success lies not so much the artistic merits of tape - except for a parade of attractions, this is not such an interesting movie, at least in comparison with the 'E. T. '. The thing in the exact calculation of producers' and understanding that at the moment the audience wants. And in 'Schindler's List' (7 awards 'Oscar', including film and best director), filmed in the same 1993 in exactly the opposite 'Park' ascetic black and white palette, Spielberg paid tribute to their troubled history of the nation. After nearly four-year hiatus, he released 'Lost World' - sequel to 'Jurassic Park', collected $ 230 million. Talking about the decline of 'the era Spielberg', of course, premature. He still is the leader of a new Hollywood mainstream, and a joint (with two other tycoons - Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen) studio 'Dream Works' is gradually gaining momentum.

. Valentin Eshpay

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Steven Spielberg (Steven Spielberg), photo, biography
Steven Spielberg (Steven Spielberg), photo, biography Steven Spielberg (Steven Spielberg)  American film director and producer., photo, biography
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