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Jackie Chan (Jackie Chan)

( Actor, director, producer, writer, stuntman, stunt)

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Biography Jackie Chan (Jackie Chan)


Born April 7, 1954 in Hong Kong (weight 5 kg). The family was very poor: his father worked as a cook, and his mother a maid at the French Embassy. Subsequently, this fact played an important role and 7-year-old Jackie was sent to a school of Chinese opera.

Education in this institution was very severe. The teacher could not beat their pupils or to deprive them of food for a long time. But, as he recalls the actor, it is through such studies, he achieved good results. Before Jackie opened the world of martial arts (the elements of kung fu, boxing, taekwondo, hapkido, judo, karate and other species), he learned to sing, mime show, doing acrobatic frills and more. Education in the school lasted 10 years (1961-1971). There, he met with Samo Hung (Hung itself) and Yeun Biao (Yen Byao). Thanks to their friendship came to light about 7 some of the best films of Jackie is with this trio in the lead roles.

The first film which starred Jackie called "Big and Little Wong Tin Bar" (1962). Then Jackie goes hard way stuntman, stunt, removed in episodic roles ... Finally! appears and delights us in the lead role (in the film "Master with the Cracked Fingers", 1971 - "Master with cracked fingers"). But this film does not bring him success. It is understandable - low-budget movie with a bad script.

Success in Hong Kong came to him after the film "Snake in Eagles Shadow" - "Snake in the Eagle's Shadow". It is there that he reveals his crown - a combination of combat scenes with a bright sense of humor that distinguishes all his films.

Currently, Jackie Chan is known around the world and in Hollywood, he left a memory of himself in the Alley Celebrity. He walked to the success of long. In America, he was noticed only after the movie "Showdown in the Bronx" (Rumble in the Bronx), 1995.

He was married to Lin Feng-Chiao aka Lin Feng Chow. They have a son (born in 1982).

He is famous by the fact that is actively engaged in charity work and knows the value of money, as someone who was not an easy way of life.

Jack Chen, height 172 - 174cm.

Jack more than 90 films (director, stunt, actor).

Nearly fifteen years, they do not go out of their ekpanov kinoteatpov, television and video libraries.

Jackie Chan (his real name - Chan Kon San) was born April 7, 1954 in Hong Kong, in a poor family - his parents did not even have funds to pay the doctor, who took delivery. But soon they were able to get a job at the American Embassy in Australia and early childhood Jackie went to this remote continent.

When he was six years old, parents gave their son to school in Beijing Opera. There, he studied for ten years - music, dance, stage presence and mastery of traditional martial arts.

Film career of the future artist began at 8 years, and, according to the most Jackie Chan, to 10 years, he has already starred in 25 films. At age 17, finished his studies, he decided to devote himself to cinema, and settled on the Shaw Brothers studio stunt. And in 1971, Jackie Chan is working (as a stunt man) with Bruce Lee on the set of 'furious fist'. Then there were the occasional role, and finally he gets the first big role in the film 'The Little Tiger of Guangdong', and in 1975 was withdrawn in one of the early films of John Woo.

After the untimely death of Bruce Lee's producers began to look for a new star, and one of the candidates became Jackie Chan. But nothing good comes out of this attempt failed, but Jackie Chan has found his own way - he started playing 'reluctant hero', bringing their game a fair amount of humor, and all the tricks now always performed himself - no matter what bumps and injuries at all costs. And began his conquest of Asia, and then America.

. The path to glory, it was not strewn with roses - the first film in the U.S. have gone unnoticed, and his almost total ignorance of English prevented him from even taking part in the normal advertising their films
. Thus, the first exit Jackie at the U.S. film market does not over. However, in 1994, MTV Chan awarded the prize for contribution to cinema standard, and the actor has decided to re-take on the conquest of America.

. Painting 'Showdown in the Bronx', the cooperation of New Line Cinema and Golden Harvest, the first uinend collected about 10 million dollars, being the first line of the national hit parade
. Jack was showered with offers, one after another - the 1996 studio Miramax has released two tapes with his participation - 'Crime Story' and 'Drunken Master 2', taken before the 'п?п°пЇп?пЎя€п?п?', which were the first steps of his success in the United States.

. Actor began in 1997 with the release of the movie 'First Strike', where he played the Hong Kong police officer recruited by the CIA and Russian intelligence service to search for a stolen nuclear warhead
. Then the screens went 'Mr. Cool'

. However, much greater popularity among fans and among the critics enjoyed gunman 'Rush Hour', . where paired with Chan made an American comedian Chris Tucker, . played an American police, . forced to investigate a bad egg, together with a colleague from China,
. Not less successful from a commercial point of view has become the second 'Rush Hour', released in 2001 - he stayed in the top ten charts for more than 10 weeks, raising hire more than 200 million dollars.

Despite the fact that Jackie is always always in the center of attention and is very popular among the journalistic fraternity, his personal life actor srataetsya keep secret from the public. At one time, for it was a shock reports about suicides of several of his female fans, learned about the alleged impending betrothal of their idol, then Chan tries to deal with the topic in general.

In Jackie Chance, 175 cm of growth and 68 kg body weight. The number of militants from his participation over 40. In cinematic fights Chan does not tolerate violence. Do not swear in the frame. And: no sex scenes. After a career actor Jackie wants to open a school to find and train the new Chan.

Movies with Jackie Chan

1. Besstpashnaya hyena
2. People Depevyannye Shaolin (Shaolin Kelja smepti)
3. Armor of God
4. Armor of God-2
5. Dpaka in Bettl-kpik (Big dpaka)
6. Dpakon-lopd
7. Dpakony forever
8. They were called bone-breakers
9. METEORITE killer
10. My Lucky Stars
11. My Lucky Stars 2
12. Young mastep
13. Opepatsiya A
14. Opepatsiya A-2
15. Winners and fraudsters
16. Half a loaf of kung fu
17. Police istopiya
18. Police istopiya-2
19. Police istopiya-3
20. Police officers from Hong Kong
21. Pokpovitel (returned by the Chinese)
22. Project are B
23. Shadow opla
24. Fantastic mission force
25. Hapchevnya on wheels (Wheels on Meals)
26. Razbopka in Bponkse
27. Subintrusive udap
28. Udap lightning
29. Prisoner

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  • film at number 23 incorrectly translated. * Snake in the Eagle's Shadow * and the plot of the film - kind of fighting * snake *
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  • I really like Jackie Chan of his movement in battle and tryuki.A for u? Tons of his films then here they n? everything he has more of them.
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