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The son of Jackie Chan is accused of drug use

The son of popular Asian and Hollywood actor Jackie Chan Jaycee accused of consumption and saving drugs. He was arrested. Learning of this, shocked the musician confessed that he was uncomfortable for my son.

On their official page on the social network Twitter Jackie Chan was not able to comment on the scandal that erupted around his name in connection with the arrest of the son Jaycee Chan. He confessed that he was shocked, angry and feels shame. "Hearing this, I was furious," said Jackie Chan.

Then Chan-senior confessed: "As a public figure, I feel shame. And as a father, I am upset and disappointed. But more than just a broken heart my mother Jaycee". After this famous artist militants expressed the hope that the younger generation will make the output of the same mistakes and will stick away from drugs. On this Chan is a senior has not stopped. He went directly to his son: "You did improper misconduct and should be held accountable for results. But I am your father and will always be with you. On behalf of Jaycee and myself I Express all my deepest apology".

According to ITAR-TASS, 32-year-old Jaycee Chan was arrested together with his friend, the Taiwanese star Kai Ko in one of the massage parlors Beijing, where they smoked grass. A blood test confirmed the presence of traces of marijuana in the body of both, and when they searched the premises Chan was found more than 100 grams of this drug. Jaycee confessed that he started using cannabis more than 8 years ago, when he visited the Netherlands. And his friend told investigators that he first tried drugs 2 years ago directly at house of Chan. Earlier there was information that the Chan Jr. can threaten even the death penalty.

Relative to the 23-year-old Kai Ko, for the marijuana he will get a two-week detention. And providing storage space for drugs Jaycee, taking into account the opinion of lawyers, faces a period of not less than six months. It is interesting that, in a drama of fate, in 2009, Chan is a senior was named China's goodwill Ambassador for the fight against drugs. Many Internet users expressed support and sympathy for the artist. Others criticized him for the fact that few take the time to raising her own son.

Jaycee Chan, taking into account the opinion of some media, quite worthless teenager who still has not found himself. He was born in Los Angeles, a day after the marriage of the parents. Grew up in the United States, graduated from high school Santa Monica and went to College, "William & Mary in Virginia, but went just 2 semesters. Studied acting and dancing, learning to play the guitar. Tried to follow in his father's footsteps and make a career in cinema and show business, but not too successful in this.

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