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Comments for MARLY Bob (MARLEY Bob)
Biography MARLY Bob (MARLEY Bob)
photo MARLY Bob (MARLEY Bob)
Exceptional place, . which occupies in the history of reggae Bob Marley, . due not only to, . that he stood by his sources - primarily it is given to Marley by virtue of his unique talent, . combining the absolute musical talent with a religious ecstatic,
. Everybody, . who listens to music Marley, . should immediately be borne in mind, . that to understand it without even a cursory acquaintance with the history of the Rastafarian movement is impossible (short story rastafarianstva at the end of the story) can not perceive it as a mere part of pop culture and listening to religious hymns - namely those of a majority of Marley's songs - apart from his mystical experience, . whose product they were,
. Simply put, . man, . acquainting with the songs of Marley without their context, . risk, at best, grasp of the singer as another political anarchist in a series of rebellious young 60's - while he was primarily a spiritual leader and visionary, . equal that today rock 'n' roll does not know.,

. Many tried to explain the charm of creativity Marley simple statement of his talent
. But, . think, . The answer lies in a somewhat different plane: Marley had a rare gift of adequate playback to the personal, . but the universal truth, . Wherein gives only religion, . dramatically balancing writing "hymns" and following the aesthetic canons,
. His music is absolutely the earth, but not secular: he was the medium, which explains the eternal laws of accessible language. And it is this constant presence of eternity in his work - his strength and charisma.

In addition, he was awarded more surprising and plastic-rhythmic gift: the ability to put words in their place. Try to listen to the song "War" from CD "Rastaman Vibrations" - with the hearing can not grasp that he performs prose. This perfect pitch and allowed him to perform any works - like strangers, and his - that is, the only possible way, any subsequent attempts to cover versions stumble upon a complete exhaustion of interpretations.

. The history of pop culture, and perhaps even the modern history does not know more than when a man during his life had glory, such glory, Bob Marley, - not by the number of fans, but on the seriousness of the relations
. Legend of an entire people, the identity of the national scale and living prophet - and not in the figurative sense as, say, Jim Morrison - and live: this was Bob Marley. And it remains to this day. Honors, to congratulate him after his death, comparable to the royal; impact it had on the minds and souls in his lifetime - almost biblical. Besides that his life was short and not rich in events, which traditionally are of interest - professional scandals and love affairs. Rather, it was like a mystical feat - although with features due to geography, history and religious philosophy.

Robert Nesta Marley was born February 6, 1945 in a small town in the north of Jamaica. His mother was a black eighteen Sedella Booker, father - a white sailor fifty Norval Marley. Families in the traditional sense, the boy was not - his father are rare, though, and helped the mother with money.

In the early sixties, the mother and son moved to the capital of Jamaica - Kingston and, like many others like them, settled in Trenchtaune. Here budding Bob got friends, such as the offspring of poor families, together, they spent their time listening to the radio, which is supplied to Jamaica nascent rock 'n' roll. Marley left school and got a job in a welding shop, and all his free time singing songs, coaching vocal cords. This helped him famous in Kingston singer Joe Higgs, who gave him a few voice lessons in the backyard.

. In 1962, Bob and his friends, Bunny Livingston and Peter Tosh, got to listen to the local antreprenershe Leslie Kong, who recorded with them in the studio a few tracks
. The following year, Bob had collected from a group of friends and called it "The Wailing Wailers" ( "wailing mourners"). There was no irony - traditionally strong in any weeping Negro culture.

. That was the time the popularity of ska, . Jamaican varieties of New Orleans rhythm & blues, . and huge speakers, . arranged through the streets of Kingston (reggae adherents claim, . it is this way of street music making has led to a rave),
. Marley and his comrades, who served trendy music, were quickly noticed and over the next five years, the island became a celebrity.

1966 was decisive in the fate of Marley. He married, . visited America, . where she lived again, married his mother, . and, . form an impression of Babylon, . which is considered America Rastafarian, . returned to Kingston, . where for half a year before it poby-Val, His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, . embodiment of the Almighty Jah - God rastafarian,
. Movement rastamanov at this point there was on the rise. And Marley was his voice. It appeared reggae.

Up until the early 70's The Wailers outside of Jamaica were virtually unknown. After unsuccessful attempts to sign a contract with a number of companies Marley found himself on the threshold of the now famous Island Recrordz. The founder of the studio, Chris Blackwell, initially focused on the dissemination of music of Jamaica and settled in 1962 in London, popularized in the Old World, ska, rock and reggae Stead, and subsequently the prog-rock pioneers Jethro Tull and King Crimson. Well aware of the fame of Marley's homeland, Blackwell offered him the unthinkable in the history of the bands playing reggae, the contract: he was put on an equal footing with rock groups.

. First record Marley's Island, . "Catch a fire", . immediately set new standards in pop music: the newspapers wrote about the phenomenon of new, . absolutely at no similar style, . new rhythm and melody, combined with unusual, . Protestant religious-theme song,
. Since then, the group takes on Marley's internationally renowned. In 1973, invited to speak at the opening act for Sly & The Family Stone, the group? 1 among black performers of American music, The Wailers were soon thrown out of the tour, because the public took them warmer than the headliners.

. In the next three years, Marley has become a real star, and his songs became anthems of fighters for racial equality
. The fact that his words were very real political clout, says an incident in Kingston on Dec. 5, 1976.

. At this time the city was a real war in the ghetto, and Marley, whose authority was unquestioned here, decided to give free concert to urge residents to the world
. Government as dedicated to the concert parliamentary elections, scheduled two weeks later.

On the eve of the concert at Marley's house raided a few people and opened fire. Marley and the three members of his group were injured, however the concert was not canceled, but only reduced: Marley came on stage and sang a few songs.

. In the next four years, Marley lived alternately in England and America: indeed, as a rule, he was in rounds
. Group often visited in Africa: in 1980 the Government released The Wailers Zimbabwe invited to the ceremony of Independence Day celebrations - this was the recognition Marley in front of third-world countries. Two years earlier, Prime Minister of Jamaica and the leader of local opposition attended his concert, in the same year, the UN gave him a medal of the world.

. In 1980, Marley's health deteriorated - even three years ago, playing football, he hurt my toe, and he developed a malignant tumor: if he refused the amputation of a finger due to religious beliefs
. Now he had to go to the Bavarian clinic as the disease struck the brain. However, treatment does not work, and in early May of 1981 the Marley, realizing that he was dying, asked to drive themselves home. But he did not have time to get to and died in a Miami hospital, May 11, 1981.

The day of his funeral, according to eyewitnesses, was the most mournful day in the entire modern history of Jamaica. The country was declared a national mourning. At the ceremony attended by all leaders of the ruling party and opposition. Marley's body was transported to the place of his birth and placed in a mausoleum. He was 36 years old. A month before his death, he was awarded the Order of Merit, the government award in recognition of his outstanding role in the cultural life of the country. Marley left behind a huge number of fans and followers and a large number of songs. But the main thing - he left a message, the call to "liberate their minds from anger and wake up to life". And, perhaps, only in his case, these worn from frequent use rockers words do not seem to be commonplace.

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  • dear Bob Marley sorry that you no longer with us but you are always on ostanishsya in our hearts!
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    MARLY Bob (MARLEY Bob), photo, biography
    MARLY Bob (MARLEY Bob), photo, biography MARLY Bob (MARLEY Bob)  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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