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Bob Marley

( Musician)

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Biography Bob Marley
photo Bob Marley
Bob Marley was and remains an outstanding musician of our time, not many could achieve such heights. He became the first Jamaican musician, which has achieved such outstanding results at the world music scene. Thanks to his talent, he was able to convey to his audience the problems and joys Jamaican. In his songs, Bob Marley opened the complexity of life in Jamaica, but in fact was able to show a bright soul of its inhabitants.

Bob Marley (real name Robert Nesta Marley) was born in Jamaica in the town of Parish (St. Anne) February 6, 1945. His fifty years of his father, Norval Marley, was an officer in the Navy. Mother Sedelle Buccheri, was only eighteen years. Despite the fact that Norval Marley carried material support to the family, happy family life they can not be called. Bob Marley's father was seldom with his family.

In the late sixties, Bob Marley, along with his mother leaves the Parish and moved to the capital, the city of Kingston. There he and his new friends, come from poor families, listens to the radio. It is through the radio going on familiarity with the emerging future musicians rock 'n' roll. Bob, dropped out of school, begins work welders. In his spare time he practiced in singing, it helps Joe Higgs. And now in 1963, Bob Marley formed a band "The Wailers".

Very quickly the group "The Wailers" is gaining popularity and becoming famous. And after some time the band recorded in studio 'Studio One' single 'I'm Still Waiting'. After some time a group of friends leave Bob Marley, Smith and Braithwaite, and Bob Marley became vocalist. The success of the song "Simmer Down" was a complete surprise to the musicians. In 1964 she led a top music Jamaica. And it was not the only success of the group, but in 1966, barley was waiting for decay.

In 1966, Bob Marley married Rita Anderson at (Rita Anderson). He along with his wife and mother, who had married a second time, moved to the U.S.. However, less than six months later the couple returned to Jamaica, Marley. Bob Marley restores the group "The Wailers". He becomes the voice traffic rastamanov recruited at the time popularity. Bob Marley is trying to sign contracts with some record companies. But these attempts were unsuccessful, as a musician was not known outside their country. And so he finds a studio Island Recrords.

Head Island Recrords, Chris Blackwell, in the studios initially focused on Jamaica. He was aware of the popularity of Bob Marley in Jamaica, and he suggested that Bob Marley is very lucrative contract. This contract was previously not achievable for the bands playing music in a reggae style.

And then, in 1973 the group recorded their debut album "Catch a Fire" at the studio Island Recrords. This album was warmly received by the public, and the Bob Marley achieved international fame. Songs become symbols of the struggle for racial equality.

In 1975 the group "The Wailers" released his new album "Natty Dread", the basis for the new album served as the material accumulated over several years. Arrangement of "No Woman, No Cry" was the brightest in this album. Album "Natty Dread" is making a big success, not only in Jamaica. Album is a British top40 and я-п+п©100 America. Accordingly, the growing popularity of the group and most of Bob Marley. The Group has successfully played on the London stage Lyceum Ballroom.

. And in 1765 a new album called "Rastaman Vibration", he achieves even greater success and gets into TOP10 America.

. According to a survey the magazine "Rolling Stone" by Bob Marley's group is awarded the title of best team in 1976
. With successful tours all over the world, but pays special attention to Third World countries, especially Africa. Often the performances are free. And in 1978, Bob Marley was awarded the Medal of Peace, established by the UN. Bob Marley in 1980 was invited to Zimbabwe to celebrate Independence Day.

However, over time the health of Bob Marley's beginning to deteriorate rapidly, the reason that served as a long-standing toe injury. He got it during a game of football. The singer had developed a malignant tumor that affected the brain, treatment efforts have failed. Sensing the imminent death, Bob Marley wanted to return home. But this did not happen, he died May 11, 1981 in Miami hospitals.

Bob Marley died at the age of 36. Mourned the whole country, the day of the funeral of Bob Marley has been declared a national day of mourning. The body of the great musician of Jamaica was to rest in a mausoleum.

Bob Marley - a great musician Jamaica. During his life he made a brief very much: Global fame, has created a special style of music, became a symbol of the struggle for equality of races. For all this he did not for one moment forgot about his homeland - Jamaica.

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Bob Marley, photo, biography
Bob Marley, photo, biography Bob Marley  Musician, photo, biography
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