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Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley)

( Musical Performer)

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For twenty years, as is dead Elvis Presley, but the songs "King of Rock 'n' roll continue to be heard and attract new fans. And still manages fleeting Elvis wedding in Las Vegas.

How to become a king? Beginners may be advised to purchase a bright distinctive style. Elvis, nicknamed the "Pelvis", which means anatomical term "basin", won the hearts of teenage girls her smoky voice and scandalously sensual gestures. Also, never hurt a few hits. Elvis gave us everything you can imagine: from the "Blue Suede Shoes" and "Hound Dog" to "Heartbreak Hotel" and "Love Me Tender".

The undoubted advantage of a career in Hollywood. Each of the 31 film, which starred Elvis, was a success, if not criticism, the financial. But perhaps most important, if you want to become the King, to lead the life of King. No celebrity, neither before nor after did not make as much as Presley to attract attention to his person. During the tumultuous tour, . "Memphis Mafia", . Elvis is featured on all cylinders: smashed TV sets in hotels, swallowing pills, met with the most remarkable women of the country, eat a mountain of fried food, shook a private plane "Convair 880", . named in honor of his daughter Lisa Marie, . between their enormous mansion in Memphis (Graceland), and touring points,
. Is it not surprising that the tabloids are still hunting for the details of the life of the singer.

Was born (or, as some believe, arose) Elvis Aron Presley family originating from Ireland, Vernon and Gladys Presley January 8, 1935. His brother - twin died at birth, so the parents are very guarded his surviving son and raised him in respect to God. By singing Elvis came naturally - began to sing in a local children's church choir, and later began performing at competitions and camp fees.

At the age of 10 years, Elvis received the second prize for singing his song "Old Shep". Contest for young talents at the fair was held in Alabama (Mississippi) (Dairy Show). Relieved that their son is a respectable hobby, parents on the day of birth gave him an acoustic guitar. He learned the basic chords, listening to blues and old hymns. In 1949, shortly before Elvis went to high school, the family moved to Memphis (Tennessee).

After high school, Elvis found work as a truck driver in the Electricity Company (Crown Electric Company), earning $ 1.25 an hour, and in the evenings engaged in a course to receive specialty electrician.

But somehow it happened so gradually that the career of Elvis turned the other side. In the studio "Sun Records" he recorded a CD with two songs, ballads processing "My Happiness" and "That's When Your Heartaches Begin". He gave this CD as a gift for my birthday mother, . a copy of it was in the hands of the President of the studio of Sam Phillips, . at that time searching for a white man with a manner of singing and feeling black "and considered, . I found a miracle in a young Elvis Presley Arona,
. And how! During one week in Memphis and the district was sold 6 thousand copies. Born Star.

Under the leadership of a German immigrant, illegal immigrant (Andreas van Kuijk), called himself "Colonel" Thomas A. Parker (with whom his protege to be long and difficult), the young Elvis toured the south of the United States and has recorded four CD.

In 1955, Parker signed for his promising customer contract worth $ 35 000 with the studio RCA Victor. Star regional scale Elvis Presley came on the national level. The culmination of a series of television shows, . where Elvis filmed entirely above the waist, . to protect young viewers from the form of his exciting hip, . was performing the song "Heartbreak Hotel" in program "The Million Berle Show", . after which began a national craze for Presley,

During the next seven years, also headed Elvis tops and makes the biggest fees. In 1956, during the 36 weeks he held the first places in charts. Its full of energy singing, coupled with shameless movements on the stage of gaining popularity, selling millions of records, and its success helped rock 'n' roll to become a lucrative musical genre. Opened the way a generation of artists studio.

In 1957, staying on the crest of newfound success, Elvis gets from Uncle Sam's new rabotenka jeep and a truck driver in the third of the armed divisions stationed in Germany. There he meets a 14 - year-old Priscilla Beaulieu, and soon achieves its location. Later she would become his wife. Shortly after returning to the United States ceases Elvis performances with concerts and completely immersed in the cinema (his debut in 1956 in the film "Love me Tender") and studio recordings.

His popularity remains high, although gradually "Beatles", who are themselves fans of Presley, begin to gradually replace it with the musical Olympus. Then in the 60's rock 'n' roll changed radically, but Elvis continues to sing a ballad in the style of Hollywood and often produces albums with songs recorded in the 50 th. In 1967 he married Priscilla, and one year after the birth of their daughter Lisa Marie began to tour and speaks with a special Christmas program on ABC, where he again teamed up with its first group of. This is a brief revival of his career ended in 1972, releasing the album "Burning Love", the last album, entered the top ten in the charts.

The next year, followed by a break with Priscilla and Elvis for a long time left in the voluntary, in his vast estate in Graceland, originally built for the mother. He led a nocturnal maniacally afraid of people and most of the time spent in a drugged dope. Elvis began to lose sensation, stout, fell into melancholy and periodically returned to karate lessons, with whom he met while serving in the army.

August 16, 1977 at 14.30 Elvis Presley (or someone in the highest degree just like him) found in a bathroom at Graceland, and an hour later at Baptist Memorial Hospital Memphis recorded his death. At the time of death He was wearing blue pajamas, but in the hands gripping a copy of "Scientific studies the face of Jesus" ( "Scientific Research for the Face of Jesus"). On the body were found numerous traces of pharmacological intervention.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors each year attracts a luxurious estate in Graceland (now there is a thriving tourist complex). King of Rock 'n' roll is still alive in the hearts of those, . who knew him, . in the minds of those, . who still buys his albums (Memorial set of 4 CD-ROM drive was released in July 1997), . and, . perhaps, . why not, . He also lives for the inhabitants of the bungalow on the shores of a remote Pacific island,

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Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley), photo, biography
Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley), photo, biography Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley)  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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