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Elvis Presley

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Elvis Presley (Presley, Elvis)
Elvis Presley was born on 8/1/1935 in Tyupelo (near Memphis), died 16/8/1977 at Graceland.
Although 11 years of Elvis Presley playing the guitar, composing music, singing in a church choir in his youth he was involved in a very prosaic occupations. And when in 1953. Elvis Presley came to a small recording studio 'San', to record a song for $ 4 a birthday mother 'That's OK, Mom', he worked as a truck driver. A year later the young man turned up here again, and soon his record is surprisingly diverse in style songs - blues, ballads, rock 'n' roll - and his voice, extraordinarily similar to the voice of the black singer, became known across America. Respectable public is indignant manner of Elvis Presley's stand on the stage (he wobble hips, passionately performing his repertoire), and the youth was going crazy, recognizing Presley's my idol.
King of Rock 'n' roll made a successful career in movies - 33 films in Hollywood from 1956 to 1969, and almost all of them regardless of the assessment of critics, were box-office success. In life, Elvis had a lot of hobbies - football, karate, beautiful cars, which he generously gave to friends and just friends, animals (singer always had dogs and horses). Movies, too, was one of those hobbies, but moreover it has brought him big money. Elvis Presley in the 60 years was considered the highest paid Hollywood star, receiving a million dollars per picture and 50% of its profits.
He first appeared on screen in the film 'Love Me Tender' (1956), named line from the lyric songs of Elvis. It was melodrama of the Civil War in the United States, and the hero Presley perished in the final. Mother newfound actor, who was in the hall at the premiere, burst into tears when she saw how her son's murder. While critics were skeptical about the picture, it has attracted millions of young viewers, who yearned to see on the screen of his favorite. And he was not slow to appear again in the tapes 'Loving You' (1957), 'Jailhouse Rock' (1957), 'King Creole' (1958). In the first film created the image of Elvis Presley 'angry' young man, reminiscent of the singer's own image in 50-ies. Typically, his characters, abrupt, rude, impulsive, yet ultimately aroused sympathy because of his charisma and open honest nature.
Elvis had the insight and abilities that have not been entitled to turn around due to the fact that no one thought it necessary to teach his acting skills, but little has been dramatic and interesting material. Don Siegel - the only example of cooperation of Elvis with a serious director who entrusted him with an interesting dramatic role (written for Marlon Brando) in the western, 'Burning Star' (1960). Elvis Presley fans, nothing was needed except the singing of Elvis on the screen, a view echoed by his producer and manager - Colonel Parker, who received 50% of all royalties artist. Due to the exorbitant demands stern colonel (not less than a million dollars per film - a figure very high in those days), Elvis Presley did not take off in the P. Wise, author of 'West Side Story' not made with B. Streisand, who wanted to see the famous singer as a partner in the film 'A Star Is Born', was unable to accept invitations C. Cramer and J. Kasavetesa ..
. Other film was given to Elvis Presley, . and he worked without a break - an average of three films a year, . and only one is forced to pause interrupted his film career, . When Elvis two years he served in the Army in Germany, . where he met his future wife - a young and charming Priscilla,
. Happy at first marriage broke up, the only and beloved of his daughter Liz-Marie Presley bequeathed all great condition.
60's began to tape Elvis 'Blue Hawaii' (1961), inaugurating a long series of paintings, it is similar in style and content, dubbed 'cinema Presley'. The action of these films occurred, usually in the exo-democratic field, the hero played a dozen new songs, and was surrounded by his pretty, often half-naked girls. The natural sense of humor helped to play an actor in light comedies such as 'Double trouble' (1967), which create the element of rock
. In the late 60-ies cash charges from the films of Elvis Presley began to gradually fall, . spectators noticed, . that the singer is tired and stout, . besides those films, . where Presley tried to create dramatic images ( 'change of habits', . 1969, . especially western "Charro!", . 1969) disappoint fans of the singer,
. However, in the early seventies, revived interest in rock music, which once glorified Presley, and once again begins its triumphal concert activities. Meetings of pop idol with film still held twice: on the set poludokumentalnyh movie 'Elvis - so this is really going on' (1970) and 'Elvis on tour' (1972), which became a kind of kinoletopisyu life of an artist, returns to the music. And after the singer's death from a heart attack before the concert in many scenes sounded and still sound recordings of his songs
. Filmography Elvis Presley: 'Soldier's Blues', . I960; 'Wild in the country', . 1961; 'Follow your dream', . 1962; 'Girls, . Girls, . girl! ", . 1962; 'kid Galahed', . 1962; 'Fun in Acapulco', . 1963; 'It happened at the World Fair', . 1963; 'Scorpio rises', . 1963; 'Viva Las Vegas! ", . 1964; 'Kissing cousins', . 1964; 'henchman', . 1964; 'Happy girl', . 1965; 'Harumi Skarum', . 1965; 'cheer me up', . 1965; 'Frankie and Johnny', . 1966; 'Paradise, Hawaiian Style', . 1966; 'Intrigue', . 1966; 'Picnic on the beach', . 1967; 'comes easy, . easily and leaves', . 1967; 'Do not come, . Joe ', . 1968; 'racing track', . 1968; 'Live on the sly, . love a little ', . 1968; 'troubles with girls', . 1969.,

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