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Biography PUGACHEVA Alla

Born April 15, 1949 in Moscow. Father - Boris Mikhailovich Pugachev, mother - Zinaida Arkhipovna Odegova.
. Passion for music and singing to her it's still in school.
. In 1965, the first time at the All-Union radio sang the song "Robot".
. After secondary school she entered the Moscow State Musical College
. Ippolitov-Ivanov's conductor-choral department.
In 1966 - 67 together with radio propaganda team "Youth" toured the Polar Region. Then for several years worked with several ensembles - "New Electron", "Muscovites", "Jolly Fellows", "Rhythm", "Retsital". Some time worked with a variety orchestra Oleg Lundstrem.
. In 1975 the festival "Golden Orpheus" was awarded the Grand Prix for the song "Harlequin".
. In 1976 entered GITIS on directing faculty, who graduated in 1981.
. In 1977 she made her debut as an actress and composer (under the pseudonym Boris Gorbonos) in the movie "The woman who sings"
. In 1979, this movie was shown in the cinemas of the country more than 60 million. audience, and Pugacheva was named actress of the year "by the readers of the magazine" Soviet screen ".
. This was followed by its other work in the cinema: films "Season of Wonders," She came and said, "Love for Love."
. In 1978 the competition "Sopot-78" was awarded the Grand Prix "Amber Nightingale" for the song "Kings Can Do Everything."
. In 1988 established a program of "Christmas Meetings", which brings together Russia's pop stars
. That same year, Pugacheva has created and led the theater studio, theater songs and his artistic director led to a domestic platform of many young artists, which later became stars - among them could be called F. Kirkorov, IN. Presnyakov A. Ukupnik, T. Bulanov, F. Aguzarova In. Kuzmin and. Nikolaev.
Since 1976 he has released over 10 solo albums sold, according to various estimates, in an amount ranging from 150 to 200 million. copies.
In 1994 she married Philip Kirkorov, who under her almost 20 years. This is the fourth marriage of the singer.
In 1995, announced his retirement from the stage, but in 1998 returned in triumph to her. In the future, has repeatedly stated its intention to temporarily leave the scene.
Currently A. B. Pugacheva lot and tours extensively around the country and abroad. The number of recitals each year up to several dozen.
Her repertoire of about 300 songs, with the composer about 80 of them is she. In 1996 came "Golden Collection" songs the singer for 13 CD-ROM, which includes 211 songs.
In 2000 A. B. Pugachev in the 11 th time was named "Singer of the Year" by the readers of the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets. "
. Was the author of one of the options for the new anthem of Russia.
. People's Artist of the USSR (1991).
. State Prize Laureate in Literature and Art (1995).
. She was awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland "II degree (April 15, 1999).
. Daughter - pop singer Christina Orbakajte (1971)
. Grandchildren Nikita (1991) and Dani (1998).

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  • Photo A
    . B. Pugacheva Gallery Michael Guterman "Random Portraits" on the server "Theater.

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  • Anya for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • I love it!
  • Lena for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Century woman with a capital letter! I love you very much!
  • Theodore for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • I'd like to get to a solo concert AB When she would give him in Moscow, and where can one know? I would be grateful for the information.
  • Huge matron, who poet.voshischayus its tvorchestvom.podskazhite where to buy the entire collection?
  • Elvira for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Allochka, I love your work and happy that I live with you at one time! "Healthy and new successes!
  • zina for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • You no equal! Live colors and sing for the joy of personally mne.Ne know how komu.No Alla liked me, please and I love her.
  • crista-82 for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • I would very much like to contact AB Pugacheva. And show her the words to 2 songs for her performance. Very lyrical. I think could become a hit the year.
  • *** *** Lipochka for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Ah, ah, ah! Kakya woman! I adore her and her art)))) And now she DR ! Congratulations ! I would like to donate a million red roses, but unfortunately I can not ((((( But, mark my words, we'll meet with her on stage! =)
  • Irina for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Happy Birthday! I wish you all what you wanted me! you health and female happiness! "It's a pity that 30 years have not bought your movie the woman who sings" and now nowhere to be sold.
  • Irina for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Happy Birthday! I wish you all what you wanted me! you health and female happiness! "It's a pity that 30 years have not bought your movie the woman who sings" and now nowhere to be sold.
  • rina11120 for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Alla! My mother 81 god.Ona very much your poklonnitsa.Nesmotrya of age, she wrote the music and stihi.Igraet guitar and performs his own songs.
  • Nelly for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Alla really PRIMADONNA. For a same number of incarnations she had to go through to achieve such high status? She is so spiritual, but not everyone is clear, unfortunately. Love it !
  • Nelly for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • I love Alla for her eternal youth both internal and external. This amount of warmth and creative energy can radiate only a strong man as Allah.
  • Valya for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Hello Allah! I wish you happiness and dolgoletiya.Vashi songs warm my heart!
  • Valentine for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • All my life I am happy and proud of you. Thank you, that you have Thanks for your work and the ability to present himself to all! Health and happiness. Sincerely, Valentina.
  • SJL for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Good singer. Excellent repertoire. Young people who learn a skill. Information on this website is provided as long as necessary. Sincerely Yuri.
  • Dmitry for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Alla You're the idol, . which can not lyubit.Vy woman, . which must be respected and voshischatsya.Vy man, . which is a monument to himself during his lifetime he raised - this monument is composed of our hearts, Thank you that you were there. Yours Dmirtry. Odessa,
  • Vika 10 years old for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Hello Alla Borisovna.Mne really like your tvorchestvo.Zhal that you do not often come to tolyatti.Spasibo for what you est.Ya love you!
  • Margarita for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Good evening! Dear Alla! I offer for your birthday a few verses on your music and would be good songs. Thank you.
  • Rita for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Hello, Another Margarita offers you its vertices for the new pesen.Pozdravlyayu Happy Birthday! Raduyte us with their creativity while.
  • Valentine for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Happy Birthday! "Russia is proud of you! Health, long life!
  • Anna Goroshko for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Alla! I warmly congratulate you on your birthday! We wish you all the best. April 15, my husband, too, an anniversary, 20 years after the wedding.
  • Oksana for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Oksana for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • A.B. Really want you to sing a duet, it's my dream. Happy birthday love п°п?п°пІп°я?.!
  • Irina for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Happy Birthday Super Woman, Super Singer, Super Star!
  • Annie for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Happy rozhedenya! Raduyte us! You health, happiness!
  • Marina for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Song for Alla as a gift for the anniversary. I wrote a long time I do not know how to do it so that it looked. To any fees, etc. not pretenduyu.Prosto lyrics for dear person. A gift.
  • Marina for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Lyrics to the anniversary of Alla. I want to donate.
  • Vladimir Mukhin for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • I present a poem dedicated to the jubilee AB Pugacheva with love!
  • Mukhin for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • AB Pugacheva long song for thirty years, I hear your singing with him, I grew older and grayer, even in our era it has found its reflection Listening, . always my soul I reached behold you again in a brilliant robe standing lonely on the stage at Luzhniki bright light projectors on the red background and visible fatigue on your eyes. about all you eat, . and all of the main, . Without what I do not think life on earth, . Your love in the concept of global, . For her, . writing award was given in the Kremlin. Without love, . what a bore, . not fly, . Do not write a great novel in verse difficulties in its path will not defeat, . I have your smile in the life of a mascot, I wish you many happy days to creativity has not dried up spring sincere friends, . not fake, . And more concerts, . I got used to them! 30.04.2009g Navashinsky District,
  • Valentine for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • This is a great woman! Great that it goes through all the great work. Therefore, life should be treated as a great sight!
  • Gennady Palagin from Voronezh for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Dear Alla! I have for you is an interesting song, which is suitable to your imidzhu.Nazyvaetsya "If you want, you can ..." Sketches can be heard on genpalagin.narod.ru / Yours!
  • Tatiana for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Alla - as Rodina, has always been and always will be!
  • Valentine for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • When I look at it, I see great slogger! Therefore God beside her. Health. I would like to give my book. But I do not know how to do it.
  • Zotov Anastasia for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • Thank you for your work! I want to get to you at a concert in the city of Samara. Sama live in Togliatti. I love music, singing. I write poetry. Want to give you the best of his works!
  • Alexander Rybak for PUGACHEVA Alla
  • It is so strange! I love the dead Alla
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