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Barbra Streisand (Barbra Streisand)

( Musical Performer)

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Biography Barbra Streisand (Barbra Streisand)
Real Name: Barbara Joan. Born on 24.4.1942 in New York.
If needed concrete proof of a practical embodiment of 'American Dream', then B. Streisand, they could well become. An ugly, shy, lonely girl from impoverished families, she said, thanks to talent, voice and the importance of personality, became a superstar 60's, all denied any authority was. One after another, Streisand has gained more and more new branches of show business: nightclubs, theater, sound recording, television, cinema. The actress broke all: skepticism, distrust, ridicule, failure. And has not only fame, but also the reputation of beauty. And it really was a beauty - the beauty of talent.
Father - a professor of psychology and English - died when her daughter was barely one and a half years. His mother went to work as an accountant, but lived hard, often lacked the basic necessities. Bony, ungainly girl with a big nose and squinting eyes - the eternal object of ridicule for children - shunned peers. The only outlet was the cinema, where she went on Saturdays. Art of reincarnation in other people's powerfully attracted teenager. Fifteen years old, Barbara got a job for the summer in a traveling theater: a cleaner, incidentally played a small role. All around ugly dissuaded from the desire to become an actress, but she persisted.
A journey in art began with Streisand's performances in nightclubs. She correctly calculated that attention can be, if not beauty, the originality. Red hair, powdered face and bright red nails, black fishnet stockings, exotic clothes and jewelry, the mysterious charm of the East (debutante posed as the Turkish woman), unusual repertoire - and the audience pecked. Stage performances Barbra (as she was to be called) had a resounding success.
The next step was the theater. In 1962, Streisand played a Jewish girl, a secretary in the play 'I can get it from you wholesale'. Something vaguely Chekhovian - simultaneously funny and sad - it was in her hard-working Iete Mar melstayn her face with a young hound, piercing voice, and 'duck' gait on widely spaced legs. Although the role has been episodic, as they say in such cases, 'stolen' is not only representation, but its premiere: a year later, Barbara married actor Elliott Gould.
The peak is a theatrical career, Streisand was performing part of Fanny Brice - stars pop music revue Zigfilda in 'Funny Girl', set in 1964 at Broadway's memoirs heroine. Praise was universal: magnificent, subtle, original, has a peculiar sense of humor. Portraits of a new star appeared on the covers of magazines 'Life', 'Time', 'Show', 'Cosmopolitan'. It became the fashion for hair 'page', elongated eyes and flowing folds of her dress, typical for the actress. Barbra was unanimously recognized as 'entertaining-telnitsey years' and three demonstrated their toilets in the pages of 'Vogue' - the most prestigious fashion magazine. She has performed at the inauguration of Lyndon Johnson in the White House that the U.S. is a tremendous honor and the highest indicator of popularity, has received several awards Grammys for records. Has signed the multimillion contract with TV. The star formed an army of fans, has learned in her example, that success in show business entirely optional Beauty.
In halo so unusual for the 60's glory, only a year ago after giving birth to a son, Streisand arrived in Hollywood for the film adaptation of his theatrical achievements higher. From the former shyness has disappeared. Their new-found movie star did not hesitate to instruct venerable director Y. Wyler and no less famous operator T. Stredlingu, as it must be removed. Began an affair with a partner - Omar Sharif. Suited scandals on the court, when she wanted to insist on its. However, the film crew, which she managed to recover against him, looking 'Funny Girl' (1968), had to admit that the leading lady is really gorgeous.
Of course, it was not so much Fanny Brice, Barbra herself as to its destiny 'from rags to riches', the rare gift of a true clown, strong voice, expressive hands and Jewish humor. She came here as a ballerina, brilliantly parodied dance from 'Swan Lake'. When the final actress sang originating in the heart of the song 'my man', it was touching and really beautiful. Award 'Oscar' (ex aequo) and 'Golden Globe' crowned this success. However, subsequent musicals: 'Hello, Dolly! " (1969) and 'On a clear day can see far' (1970, with and. Montand), as well as the comedy 'Owl and the Pussycat "(1970) and' What's wrong, Doctor?" (1972) were not so brilliant work.
New takeoff followed in 1973, when Barbra sang a dramatic role in the film with. Pollack's 'The Way We Were'. Kati Moroski - a woman who sacrificed for the sake of his convictions, his love, was played by her subtle and penetrating. In 1977, Streisand again awarded 'Oscar' at this time as a songwriter, she also performed in the film 'A Star Is Born' (1976). Unfortunately, this pattern is largely repeated collisions of the first successful actresses in the movies, like 'Funny Lady' (1975), became a direct continuation of 'Funny Girl'. In 1969. with P. Newman and C. Poitiers Streisand founded the company 'first actors' and j co-starred in the comedy she released 'in the sandbox' i
(1972). In the past ten years has successfully served as a director, a film about a Jewish boy 'Ientl' (1983) and 'Lord of the Sea' (1991) was nominated for 'Oscar'.

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    Barbra Streisand (Barbra Streisand), photo, biography
    Barbra Streisand (Barbra Streisand), photo, biography Barbra Streisand (Barbra Streisand)  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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