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BAZHENOV Vasily Ivanovich

( Architect)

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Biography BAZHENOV Vasily Ivanovich
Bazhenov Vasily Ivanovich (1737 or 1738, with. Dolskies Kaluga Province. - 1799, St. Petersburg) - architect. Genus. family deacon, soon translated psalm-reader in the wash. Church. B. soon realized her vocation: "to draw uchivalsya on the sand, on paper, on walls, and in winter from the snow chamber and used to do the statue". Was given to his father in the Holy Monastery, only 15 years was taken from grace in the doctrine of some artist. Soon Bazhenov was in architectural school architect DV. Ukhtomskii to-ing young man wrote to the school at Moscow. un-te, there Bazhenov studied languages, mathematics, and attended classes on the art. In 1758-1760 he studied at the Academy of Arts to-heaven sent Bazhenova their pensioner in Paris. There Bazhenov graduated architect of the Paris Academy. In 1762 went to Italy, where he was awarded diplomas of Florence, and Bologna Klementiyskoy Academies. In 1765, returning to St. Petersburg via Paris, Bazhenov received a personal invitation of Louis XV to stay in France the architect of the court, but refused. In Russia there was a teacher at the Academy of place either because of the machinations of colleagues who feared a talented competitor, either because "rossiyaninu to foreign advantages Nedao". In 1767 Catherine II Bazhenov requested to develop a project for reconstruction of the Kremlin. Eight years Bazhenov made sketches, designs, calculations and model, but after the celebrations and the provisions of the first stone "due to lack of funds and for other reasons, construction was halted. In 1776 Bazhenov developed a plan to build the estate of Catherine II - Tsarina. Built a great cavalry corps and Upravitelsky house, curly gates, etc.. There has been construction of the main palace. But looking around the work of the Empress remained dissatisfied and ordered them to break and pass by a construction. F. Kazakov. Wrath of Catherine II was due to membership Bazhenova the Masons and its relations with the Grand. Duke Paul Petrovich. Mikhailovsky Castle in St. Petersburg founded on the draft Bazhenov, but built his architect VF. Brenna,-ing to perfect it in its own. Of the several churches and private buildings, such Bazhenov, is a masterpiece built in 1784 - 1786 House nobleman and tax farmer P.E. Pashkova, now included in the complex of buildings Ross. State. Library. Heritage Bazhenova - one of the founders of Russian. Classicism-I.E. Grabar described thus: "Like all great masters, he is throughout his work suffered in their personal creative evolution corresponding to the evolution of the era. Starting to build in the spirit of early classicism, marked by more features of Baroque, it is the end of life, which coincides with both overseas centuries, switched to a more severe form ". After accession to the throne of Paul I, Bazhenov built in the rank of State Councilor and awarded the estate Glazovo, where he is buried. In his will, the children Bazhenov wrote: "... and we do not build, for it is from the ruined buildings". After Bazhenova left a large number of plans, projects, literature. Heritage.

  • Detailed Biography In. I. Bazhenov, his portrait, a description of his work on the portal "Culture of Russia".

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BAZHENOV Vasily Ivanovich, photo, biography
BAZHENOV Vasily Ivanovich, photo, biography BAZHENOV Vasily Ivanovich  Architect, photo, biography
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