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" Baltic company " told about the readiness of the " no questions asked " to build a Russian Mistral

" Baltic company " will have the opportunity to build a ship of type " Mistral ", if you will be accepted conclusion about the construction of the 3rd and 4th of similar vessels in the Russian Federation, said 1st Deputy General Director Vladimir Bazhenov.
" Baltic company " within the framework of the contract for production and delivery of the first 2 " of Mistrale built For them aft. The volume of his work on the second ship, " Sevastopol ", was one and a half times more than on the first - " Vladivostok, " said Bazhenov, reports TASS." No one can be No shadow of doubt: if the option expires on the third and fourth ships will be transferred to a solid contract and decided to build them into the territory of the Russian Federation, Baltic enterprise can perform this task without question. For this, we have all the possibilities, technical, technology, engineering, and design. Power and resources of the Baltic plant, without doubt allow you to build a complete ship type " Mistral, " said Bazhenov. Speaking about the construction of the aft parts of the first " Mistela ", Bazhenov said that For the first ship was done in the 1st place, hull. For Sevastopol, according to his statement, he also had to perform insulation and painting, electrical and pipe fitting work." It was already almost full-scale shipbuilding, " explained Bazhenov. Now on the stocks, where they built the stern of the ship, build the head of the nuclear icebreaker of project 22220 " Arctic ", founded in the upper part of the same building." After launching the stern of the second Mistral " we're in the last month of summer has conducted a unique operation propusku on a regular workplace of the head of the icebreaker. Now this technology will be used in the process of creating all icebreaker of project 22220, " said Bazhenov. First Director General of Nevsky design Bureau (FCB) Sergey Vlasov said that signing the contract for the construction of amphibious ships of the type " Mistral ", Russia has not acquired new technologies, and may construct their counterparts of these helicopter carrier. Before the first day of the week in the Union of the French shipyards said about the fact that the transfer France Russia the first helicopter type " Mistral " is tentatively scheduled for November 14. Remember, October 14, Minister of industry of Russia Denis Manturov said that Moscow had not received from Paris notification about the refusal to supply " Mistral ", and time has not changed. Before this phrase French Ministry of defence Jean-Yves Le Drian on the relationship Between the supply of helicopter carrier type " Mistral " and the situation in Ukraine has caused confusion in the Russian capital. Which authorized the Russian foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich said that the French side it's time to stop doing business method " megatonnes diplomacy " with the use of media and should be Solved with the supply of Mistrale " in the Russian Federation. However, on September 22, Deputy official envoy of the French foreign Ministry Alexander Giorgini said that Now the transfer of the Russian side of the first landing ship type " Mistral " is impossible.


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` Baltic company ` told about the readiness of the ` no questions asked ` to build a Russian Mistral
 -  Знаменитости ` Baltic company ` told about the readiness of the ` no questions asked ` to build a Russian Mistral
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