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Picasso Pablo (Pablo Picasso)

( Artist)

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Biography Picasso Pablo (Pablo Picasso)
Official biographers called Pablo Picasso's most famous artist of the twentieth century. But to say so, then do not say anything. This titanium, an art whose career lasted 80 years! In addition to paintings, from under his hands out thousands of sculptures, graphic works, ceramics, lithography, poetry and crafts from a variety of waste civilization. He transformed the art so as none other in this century. And in the course of Picasso changed the lives of seven extraordinary women. He took their souls, cram them into their unbelievable work, and their music turned into crazed, broken and dead ...

START. Picasso was born October 25, 1881 in the Spanish Malaga, his father was a professor of drawing Josц? Ruiz. At 10 years of Pablo was a maniac drawing than unspeakably pleased parents, who saw his doctor of academic art. Ambitious father arranged the first exhibition of Pablo when he was 13 years old. From childhood ordinary surname of the father did not like Pablo, and he used her maiden name of mother, Maria Picasso. A few years later this name already knew the whole of Spain - a picture of "Mercy" won the Madrid exhibition.
. Family dream of a professor of classical pattern broke in the nozzle, . when you go to Madrid Royal Academy of San Fernando Pablo called all teachers blunt and began to spend time on lectures, . and in cafes and brothels of the city, . studying real life,
. The only cultural mecca of the young Picasso was the Prado Museum, where the guy discovered by Velazquez, El Greco, Murillo, Goyu, whose work he is still a thousand times transforms into his long life. Soon, along with boyfriend Carlos Kasagemasom Picasso went to Paris to win ...

There was born a genius "blue period", so called by the prevalence in his work at the time of blue and gray colors. Themes of work - people in dance halls and cafes, city life, the lovers ... Love long walks around a little Picasso, not getting in his heart. A friend Carlos is going crazy for a woman is sick, trying to kill her and shoots himself. Pablo grieving for a friend and finally moved to Paris in a shabby building, referred to as "laundry barge," ...

WOMAN ONE. In the "barge" he met FERNANDO OLIVIER - its first Artist's Model and Muse. It starts with "pink period". Ton - pink and red theme - the circus, in which he carried every day, harlequins, Columbine, roving vans. On the mattress thrown on the floor, the future maestro of models and furiously made love, but Fernanda dreamed of her child and the family hearth, and Picasso became increasingly rare to come home ...

WOMAN TWO. In 1911, Pablo untying the cafe "Hermitage" from the Polish artist Marcoussis and his girlfriend Eva Gц?ell. Eva immediately struck by the imagination of Picasso, and he is a very short time created a picture of "My Beauty", has already done in the style of cubism. Eva reciprocated on the implicit recognition of love. In Picasso was superretsept winning women's hearts - he drew them ... Eva and Pablo went to travel to Europe and the spring of 1915 decided to get married, but there Pablo survived their most serious amorous disappointment in his life - Eva became ill with cancer and died.

WOMAN THREE. He saw her dancing and considered the height of perfection. 26-year-old Russian ballerina Olga Khokhlova, he wins as well as his other women - it draws. They were married July 12, 1918. But Picasso was in a short-lived euphoria - aristocrat Olga very much hope that he threw his dubious cronies and led a secular life, but shied away from such a life of Picasso. Olga became pregnant and gave birth to 40-year-old master of his only legitimate son, Paulo.

WOMAN FOUR. In January 1927, not far from the Parisian store "Galeries Lafayette" he met a 17-year-old girl, followed by a long time coming, and then stopped and said: "Mademoiselle, I'm Picasso. Together we can do much ". Her name was Marie-Therese WALTER. But she was a minor, and Pablo had to hide from all his connection with her. He bought for Marie-Thц?rц?se Buagelu castle, built there the shop, and she became his only model. One of the sculptures made from it, - "Woman with a Vase" - now stands at the grave of the master, who was buried in the village of Francis Bacon.

At the beginning of 1935, Maria said that pregnant. Pablo and I am happy to marry, but that he had a complete break with Olga and lose part of the property, and did not want the artist to his double life was revealed. His paintings of that time his wife Olga always depicted this furiey ...

WOMAN FIVE. In 1936, Picasso officially parted with Olga, . to Marie-Therese only maintains relations, . provides both money and women began to appear publicly with the Yugoslav painter and photographer Dora MAAR, . which became the main source of his inspiration in the prewar years,
. She also photographed the various stages of "Guernica". His relationship with Dora and lasted until 1946.

Women Sixth. In 1943, Picasso in a Paris restaurant, situated in front of his shop, became acquainted with a young painter Francoise Gilot. The lively, energetic, she won the Picasso and quickly appeared on his canvases. The famous artist is really in love with her. The symbol of their union was the creation of paintings, Woman-flower ". Picasso arranged a workshop in the Grimaldi Castle and found a second youth. Francoise very soon became pregnant and in May 1947 gave his son Claude, and two years later - his daughter Paloma. In his scandalous book "Life with Picasso, she writes that the artist is constantly ridiculed her, and when she fell ill, went on to finish her, repeating:" I hate women patients. "

LAST WOMAN. JACQUELINE ROC had an elegant profile, reminiscent of a sphinx, as can be seen, looking at her portraits of Picasso. He buys for her and for himself a villa in Cannes. And in March 1961, nearly 80-year-old artist secretly marries 34-year-old Jacqueline. She forbade all his children and former women viditsya with the maestro - a Marie-Therese was allowed to correspond with him. He was sick, had not heard, not seen, and Jacqueline soap and fed him ... Picasso died on April 7, 1973 at the age of 92, leaving about 80 of his works.

He did not have the expressive appearance, but his "eyes of the executioner" literally bewitched. Did it about those, . he loved, . tortured and immortalized in his masterpiece? Fernanda moved wisely, . Eve took cancer, . Olga had gone mad and died, . Maria Teresa hanged herself after 4 years after the death of the artist, . Dora crazy, . and his last wife, Jacqueline shot herself through 13 years after the funeral Picasso,
. His legitimate son Paolo drunk and died of cirrhosis, his other son committed suicide ... Survived only Francoise, who had time to escape, and her daughter Paloma full swing replicates his father's name on the jewelry and perfume. Person that has made many unhappy women, brings her fabulous money ...

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Picasso Pablo (Pablo Picasso), photo, biography
Picasso Pablo (Pablo Picasso), photo, biography Picasso Pablo (Pablo Picasso)  Artist, photo, biography
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