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( former adviser to the President of Russia)

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Biography DYACHENKO Tatyana

Born January 17, 1960 in g. Sverdlovsk.
. In 1983 she graduated from the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics (WMC) MSU.
. From November 1983 to 1994 worked as a programmer in the department of ballistics KB Salyut (now - a branch of the State Space Scientific Production Center of
. Khrunichev), then - in the Moscow branch of JSCB "Dawn of the Urals."
During the election campaign for the election of the President of Russia in 1996 at the invitation and. Malashenko and A. Chubais joined the campaign headquarters of Boris Yeltsin as an "independent observer".
In the night from 19 to 20 June 1996 during the events which led to the resignation of a. Korzhakov, M. Barsukov and O. Soskovets, liaise B. Berezovsky,. Gusinsky and A. Chubais and Yeltsin.
After re-B. Yeltsin's second term T. Dyachenko often accompanied him on trips around the country and abroad.
In November 1996 the Tula branch of interregional association "Conversion and Women" approached the T. Dyachenko, asking him to consent to her nomination for governor of Tula region. The answer was negative.
30 June 1997 was appointed advisor to the President of Russia. Responsible for matters relating to the image of President Yeltsin. Relieved of his post in January 2000.
. On November 3, 1997 to July 1998 - Member of the board of state representatives in ZAO Russia's Public Television "(ORTV) (by agreement).
. On February 12, 1998 - Member of the Board of Directors of OAO ORTV.
. In December 1999, Prosecutor General Yuri Skuratov (removed from office) said that Tatyana Dyachenko played the GKO market, having insider information.
. Contains the second marriage
. Male Leonid Dyachenko - director of the firm, the son of Chief Designer of KB Salyut Yuri Vasilyevich Dyachenko and younger brother Basil Dyachenko - postgraduate Head ballistics Yuri Tzurikov.
. Sons - Boris Yeltsin (1981) from his first marriage, educated in Winchester College in the UK, and Hleb (30 August 1995) of the second.

Curriculum Vitae available IPC "Panorama"

. Biographies
  • Server NSN
    . Brief biographical note on the T. B. Dyachenko.

  • Server NSN. Suffice detailed biography of T. B. Dyachenko.
Photos Publications
  • Infoart, Source: Company "Garant-Park", based on the information system "Park"
    . "Hopefully, I will not associate with Tatyana Dyachenko". "This huge amount possessed the chief designer of one defense Design Bureau", - commented in GUBEPe results of a search in Sobinbank: ".
  • Book Lilia Shevtsova, Yeltsin's regime ", Chapter 11 -" The Year of Lost Dreams "
    . Markedly increased the position of chief of staff Valentin Yumashev, . the role of Tatyana Dyachenko in the formation of the atmosphere of the Kremlin: Yeltsin went out from between the young reformers and came to the rescue with Tatyana Dyachenko Yumashev skirmish occurred ...".,
    . "My husband has forbidden granddaughter Yeltsin rouge", author: Svetlana Ivanova. Article about his niece Tatyana Dyachenko Katya Okulova. "- And you do not wish to see your mother as Tatyana Dyachenko, went into politics and would help his grandfather?.. The first time she sat behind the wheel in 4 years and went to the dacha with his uncle, the husband of Tatyana Dyachenko, who then bought his first car ...".
  • Infoport
    . "The scandals come up in the Kremlin, Igor Tresnikov," Money ", September 1, 1999. "How many millions of pounds can spend the day the president's daughter Tatyana Dyachenko?.. Personal property of the president is a second-hand VMW ... Tatyana Dyachenko spending money only in Moscow's shops, where she walks on weekends ...".

  • NSN. "The feeling of self-preservation as the engine of the political process", 21 October 1996. "By including in the electoral headquarters of the" President-hotel "the president's daughter Tatyana Dyachenko, . Chubais has already won the battle with Korzhakov: Spoken, . second daughter of Boris Nikolayevich is too dense to contact Tatyana Borisovna with Chubais extremely negative: ".,
  • Catherine SIDOROVA: "President Yeltsin's daughter and her way into history", according to the article "Beauty and the Don Bas" in "Who's Who", 12.02.99
    . Tatyana Dyachenko (maiden name - Yeltsin) was born January 17, 1960, Mr.. in Sverdlovsk. Tatiana is a very ordinary woman: often late for meetings, in her own words, "a big fan of jackets" - ordering them in the salon at Yudashkin. Cosmetics practically does not use. In 1977, Tatiana graduated in physics and mathematics school, to learn where - provision to compel! - It was only necessary to "excellent "...".
  • Site "Word-Odessa
    . "Secrets about Tanya, the archive. "According to psychologists, Tatyana Dyachenko, being in the position of 'father's favorite, different imperiousness and thrift. She inherited a severe father and accustomed to command men ... ". Oleg Lurie - "Top Secret".

  • Web Radio Liberty. "In the United States found transfers from the accounts of Pavel Borodin, Tatyana Dyachenko". Leading the program "Liberty Live" Savik Shuster discusses these topics with the Moscow political analyst Andrei Piantkovskim. The program involved a correspondent of Radio Liberty in New York Jury Zhigalkin.

  • Most-Archive. Artyom Borovik nonclassified ". "The power of Roman Abramovich, I think, fairly large - informally, since it is close to Tatyana Dyachenko. That is what allows him to solve certain issues. The situation is abnormal, brimstone: ".
  • John Tagliabyu: "In Switzerland, investigated the laundering of Russian money" (New York Times, 04.09.99)
    . Inquest firm Mabetex, which is involved T. B. Dyachenko.

  • Site of the "crisis - political party". "Recording a telephone conversation with Boris Berezovsky, Yeltsin's daughter - Tatiana Dyachenko. August 1, 1997.

  • The site "Russian Line". Russian National Union. Information and analysis RONS. "The first role is re-emerging, Tatyana Dyachenko, around which it formed a new" inner circle ": Voloshin was associated with concern Berezovsky" AVVA "and her husband T. Dyachenko. Grouped around Tatyana Dyachenko frames Berezovsky prepared in anticipation of elections "reorganization" of the banking system: ".

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DYACHENKO Tatyana, photo, biography
DYACHENKO Tatyana, photo, biography DYACHENKO Tatyana  former adviser to the President of Russia, photo, biography
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