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Nikolac Cage (Cage Nicolas)

( Film actor)

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Biography Nikolac Cage (Cage Nicolas)
photo Nikolac Cage (Cage Nicolas)
Real name: Kapolla.
Born January 7, 1964, Mr.. Long Beach (California).
All next of kin Cage closely associated with show business. His mother was a dancer. Actor was the elder brother Mark, who began the disc jockey. Works director of the middle brother, Christopher. In 1993, Cage starred in his film "Deadfall". His father is a writer and teacher Augusta Coppola, brother of the director F.F. Coppola.
Like most modern American actors, Cage began his career in television. To participate in the television series "The Best of Times", he dropped out of school. The first big success came to him in 1983 after the movie "Valley Girl" in which he played a rock musician with a painted in a fiery hair color. Finally, the boys became interested in his uncle F.F. Coppola, suggesting roles in the films "Rumble Fish," "Cotton Club", "Peggy Sue Got Married". However, many years of cooperation did not work.
The roles played by Cage in the 80's, were largely determined by its very distinctive appearance. Oblong face, seeming unnaturally elongated due to the early bald patches and heavy chin. Big bright eyes looking from under his brows with hostility and suspicion. Protruding lower lip. All of this gives the face a nervous man, unpredictable, capable of uncontrolled release of emotions. American critics of his articles on Cage often use the word freakish (eccentric). And the actor did not take offense to this. It is not accidental as an alias (not to associate with a famous uncle), he chose the name of Luke Cage, hero comic book, a little monster, stung by his own inadequacy.
. Typically, the characters Cage - strange people, easy to overstep the line between pathology and norm, tragedy and farce
. Silly, with a sharp quacking voice of her husband, Peggy Sue. Maddened literary agent who imagines himself to be a vampire ( "Kiss of the Vampire"). Too Italian impressionable young man in the power of the moon charms ( "Sleepwalker"). A devoted husband, to please his wife has stolen someone else's child ( "Raising Arizona"). That role, which brought glory Keydv interesting character actor. His personality was brilliantly played in the movie "Wild at Heart," directed by David Lynch. It is a volatile mix and Guignol thriller with elements of punk and rock culture. Lynch, a minute, no doubt, who should play the "bad boy" Sailor Ripley, madly in love with blonde Lulu. Sailor commits murder, gets jail and dies, but thanks to a wild heart and a passionate love again reborn to life in short, a typical Lynch film, high-flown, but not fake. Cage has put into this role so much selflessness and passion, that it is now difficult to imagine at this point, another artist. By the way, the jacket of the snake skin, which is Sailor, belonged to the Cage, and appeared in the film on his proposal, helping to enter into the image.
With Lynch Cage became a world celebrity. True, it took five long years, that his name has again been heard everywhere. Like Lynch, the director Mike Figgis had no doubt who should perform the role upivshegosya to death by an alcoholic in his film "Leaving Las Vegas". Masterfully portraying abstinence syndrome, while Cage was able to show his hero a man deserving of mercy and compassion. This film won him the first in my life "0skar.
Cage ordered "0skarom with surprisingly reasonable. First of all, he has multiple increase its fees. If after, the film 'Leaving Las Vegas', he made a fortune by only 350 thousand dollars, 'The Rock' brought him $ 3 million, and the gunman "Faceless" 7 million. But this is not the most important. Cage has, finally, the possibility to withdraw in this adventure film.
film, which come into direct conflict the forces of good and evil. The film was called "The Rock" and talked about the release of a group of tourists, captured out-of-control military forces in the former prison Alcatraz. Cage knew the difficulties of entering into an unaccustomed role for himself, and uttered the right to finalize the script. Augusta Coppola's sons often attracted to compose their own works. so Keidzh felt almost like a professional. Dauntless warrior, dreaming of the exploits of Rambo, he turned into a talented scientist, best understands the threat of chemical weapons, and therefore feels responsible for the fate of the world. In the fortress of Alcatraz Stanley Goodspeed gets, because this weapon was in the hands of rebellious military. At first he seems to be slaughtered victim, but following on the heels of the danger mobilizes its forces, helping to stand in an unequal fight. In the final assembly of paintings adventure moments took precedence over psychological. However, the authorized biography of the hero helped Cage to enter the busy world of the film and become an organic part.
. If, before the "Rock" Few could have imagined Cage as Superman, but now it is believed in many first and foremost a producer Jerry Bruckheimer
. His next film "Prison plane he had done in per Cage. Actor for his part also tried to conform to genre. He began attending trainers, take medication, increasing muscle mass, and the results were not slow to His body got relief muskulatupoy, showing a visible contrast of the image of drunken neurasthenic from the film "Leaving Las Vegas". The film takes place aboard the aircraft prison carrying a group of dangerous criminals, vozglavyaemyh scoundrel Grissom, nicknamed "Virus" (J. Malkovich). Despite the cruel conditions of detention, prisoners make an attempt to destroy the safety and hijacking. For Cameron, the hero Keydzha, was in this group by accident. 8 years ago, to defend the honor of his wife, he killed her abuser. Years of imprisonment have been left behind at the prison plane Cameron returns to the family. Insurgent criminals become an insurmountable obstacle in his path pa peaceful, free life. Former ranger or a minute not doubt whose side to take. Acting boldly, but cautiously and prudently, it helps to neutralize the rebels.
. Nicolas Cage was at the edge of the transformation of the adventure genre, a significant figure of the changes that have occurred in his aesthetics in the mid 90-x years
. It was abundantly clear they appeared in the film "Face / Off. Adventure genre was for Cage of its territory, what convinced me literally from the first frame. Directed By John is not neglected and the ability to use the same image of Cage, showing its dark, neurotic suffering, suffer from the loss of his own face. The intricate plot has allowed Cage to demonstrate all that he is capable. And he is capable of much. 'My goal - to try all types of characters, all styles of film: Action, romantic comedies, artfilmy. I count myself to omnivorous performers', - says the actor. To realize these plans, in 1993, he founded his own firm. In 1995. Cage married to Patricia Arquette. Weston has a son from actress Christina Fulton.

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Nikolac Cage (Cage Nicolas), photo, biography
Nikolac Cage (Cage Nicolas), photo, biography Nikolac Cage (Cage Nicolas)  Film actor, photo, biography
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