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MURPHY, Eddie (Eddie Murphy)

( Actor)

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Full name:
. Edward Regan Murphy
. Date of Birth:
. 03/04/1961
. Place of Birth:
. Brooklyn, New York, USA
. Wife:
. Nicole Mitchell
. Children:
. - Zola Ivy (daughter)
. - Brian (daughter)
. - Miles (son)
. - Shane (daughter)
. Popular paintings:
. - "Beverly Hills"
. - "Nutty Professor"
. - "Dr. Dolittle"

. Born 3/4/1961 in New York in a fairly wealthy black family
. Father policeman died when Eddie was 8 years old. His mother married again and brought up Murphy, along with relatives and half-brothers. Acting talent Murphy said early stepfather and encourage his interest in theater and cinema. In the 15 years he has served in youth clubs, as an actor conversational genre, with authors thumbnail. The success of Eddie noticed the owners of the club "Comic Strip" (Account of humor), Robert Wachs and Richard Tink. Affected enthusiasm with which the audience greeted this little-known comedian, they arranged an audition for the famous TV program "Saturday Night Live". Many celebrities have been here a school comedy skills D. Belushi, B. Murray, D. Aykroyd. Murphy quickly became a leading place in it. Twice nominated for his Emmy Award, and although she was never awarded to him, Eddie's reputation grew. He made the audience laugh to tears, and particularly popular in his performance enjoyed the parody.

In the movie Murphy's debut in 1982. Police in the movie "48 hours" I. Hill, where he played the role of Artful Dodger Reggie Hammond, released from jail for 48 hours, so that with his help to unravel the murder of two police. Murphy literally breaks in the film, stunning the audience comedic skills. His roguish hero constantly chatters, rolls his eyes, gestures, bringing accompanying detective (Nick Nolte) to white heat. But the absurdity of conduct Reggie does not overshadow its positive features: the ability to keep his word, courage, self-esteem, which makes "guard" to respect him, and after the operation they parted friends. Murphy's success has surpassed all expectations, the young actor's popularity grew in fame.

New work in the film "changing places" D. Landis (1983) was equally enthusiastically received by audiences and critics. The picture is based on the favorite comedy admission opposition of "Prince and the Pauper", "bogachbednyak". Hero Murphy, . small black swindler Billy Ray, . pretending to be a legless and blind cripple, . team accidentally changing place with a rich financier, . scion of an aristocratic family, Luis Uintorpom III, . in the performance of the popular comic actor Dan Aykroyd,
. In this witty film like Murphy Figaro, inflating the powerful, ridicules them strutting arrogance towards those who are not standing with them at the top of the social ladder. Eyelid, facial expressions, the charm of the actor won the audience. Multi-million profits made Quinodoz dace give Eddie a major role in the film "A policeman from BeverliHillz" (1984) Martin Brest. Hero Murphy desperate police detective Axel Foley, best friend was killed by gangsters losandzheleskie. Since he, as the person concerned can not participate in the investigation, he takes a vacation and starts to act as a private person. Here, as in the previous film, Murphy also emphasizes the social contrasts clash simple guy with a pompous rich residents of neighborhoods of Los Angeles. In the tape a large space is reserved "brand" sketch, Eddie, an actor who performs brilliantly. He managed to create quite unlike the usual image of a movie policeman, who, despite all the eccentricities of performance, it seems absolutely real, as if taken from the life. The success of the painting resulted in a continued under the name "Police from BeverliHillz II" (1987) T. Scott. And thanks to the popularity of Eddie, the band, despite its secondary character has collected 153 million dollars and became the highest grossing film 1987. So this Murphy in the film "Golden Boy" (1986) M Ritchie, which was a fashionable blend of eastern magic, mysticism and Kungfu, in which he appeared along with "Beverly Hills Cop II".
. Huge profits have allowed Murphy to establish his own company, Eddie Murphy Productions
. Since then, the actor has been actively helping the Negro filmmakers. To work on filmomkontsertom "No grinding" (1987), he drew a black director Robert Townsend. In the comedy "Arriving in America" (1988) D. Landis occupied mainly colored actors. In this, as he calls it the director, the romantic comedy in the spirit of 30-ies, Murphy made for themselves in a new Role in love.
. Eddie Murphy is only slightly more than thirty, but he was called "World star comedy NI", but the monetary expression of the title, has exceeded one billion dollars
. So he has another playful nickname "Golden Boy". Actor is married to a beautiful mulatto, Nicole Mitchell, have two children.

When critics write about Murphy, it is almost never mention the fact that he is handsome, attractive, that he has a good figure. And it is understandable, . because the actor's temperament Eddie overshadows all: "His dazzling and wide, . a radiator Studebaker, . smile, . gorgeous, . resembling a donkey's Creek, . laughter, . though the announcement of the, . as he is full of life ", . wrote about it the newspaper "Washington Post",
. His liveliness, facial expressions, gushing energy literally bewitch the audience, and inventiveness in the comic episodes truly no limit, which makes talking about the "phenomenon of Murphy" in the movie.
. Photos, biography of Eddie Murphy

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MURPHY, Eddie (Eddie Murphy), photo, biography
MURPHY, Eddie (Eddie Murphy), photo, biography MURPHY, Eddie (Eddie Murphy)  Actor, photo, biography
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