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Kevin Costner

( Actor)

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Biography Kevin Costner
photo Kevin Costner
Born 18.1.1955 in Compton (Los Angeles suburb). He studied at the University of Fullerton in California, where he studied marketing.
Handsome Kevin Costner called hard. Moreover, he, in the apt words of one American journalists, 'the perfect appearance for the secret agent - unobtrusive and elusive at first sight'. However, if you look closely, you can not fail to note the correctness of facial features, beautifully delineated mouth, constant and charming smiles, a little half-closed eyes bright ... And the whole complexion of this man - tall, tanned, confident, - fully meets the canons of one hundred percent American.
The world of art has always attracted Kevin. And despite the fact that initially at the insistence of the family, he entered the University of California, pretty soon left his studies for the sake of dragging theater.
. Kevin joined the 'Society of actors', where he began to learn the fundamentals of acting profession, then tried his hand at directing, leading one of the theatrical studios in Los Angeles
. It took six years, during which Costner did not cease to learn a new profession.
However, the real actor's biography Kevin began in 1974 with the participation in the film 'Sizzl Beach' directed by Richard Brenner. However, the debut went unnoticed, and the role the actor was very, very passage. The disappointment was so great, . that Costner did not appear on the screen for more than seven years, . preferring stage, . and the next experiment is decided only after persistent persuasion of friends, . 1981, . appeared in the film Howard Heard 'shadows are always black',
. Again failure. Moreover, Costner really lucky. That role was openly non-winning ( 'Stacey Knights', . 1981; 'table for five', . 1982), . then, . when the actor appeared, . that he was already close to triumph ( 'big chill', . 1983), . the final assembly of director of the film Lawrence Kazdan removes virtually all the material with his participation.,
. One way or another, but the general public the name of Kevin Costner is known only in 1985 after the release of new film 'Silverado' - the very Kazdana Lawrence, who is so 'severely' treated with the actor three years ago
. But now we can say that the director 'make amends', and Costner is a welcome guest on the set. Staging happy to play up even his 'appearance a secret agent', and the actor is firmly fixed on the Role of the hero role of the military and ... scouts. Brave pilot of 'amazing stories' N. Spielberg (1986), determined detective in the picture B. De Palm 'Untouchables' (1987), a secret agent in the film 'No Way' * (1987),. The whim of the case, . film 'Fandango' (1985), . where Kostnerakter opened in another incarnation - he played the role of gay, . carefree drinkers and revelers, . - Practically demonstrated on the screens of the U.S., . and only Europeans could fully appreciate this actor's work.,
. In its homeland Costner became widely known after the screens tapes 'Bull Durham' (1987) directed by Rod Shelton, psychological drama, where the actor embodies the complex and contradictory nature of his hero - a baseball player ...
. But the real glory of Kevin brought his directorial debut - 'Dance with Wolves' (1990), . film, . which, . Critics, . 'had literally everything for failure', . but which has become the pride of national cinema and was awarded just seven 'Oscars', . including for Best Director,
. In this three-hour tape, amazingly beautiful removed in the traditional American genre of westerns, director extolled the beauty of their homeland. A story about the life of Lieutenant Dunbar (in this role, he starred Costner) among the Cherokee Indians is becoming a saga of loyalty and true human values, blood, pain that preceded the birth of a rich and prosperous country. The film, full of love, compassion and poetry, has brought its author international fame, and Costner confidently stepped into the rank of the stars of the first class.
. However, success in directing not prevent Costner happy to withdraw as an actor in 'foreign' films, though with different results ..
. And if the role of District Attorney Jim Garrison in the movie About. Stone's' D. FK ' (1991), . devoted to investigate the assassination of the legendary American President Kennedy, . admittedly, . turned, . that appeared in the form of a noble Robin Hood in the film by Kevin Reynolds' Robin Hood, . King of Thieves', . actor suffered a crushing fiasco,
. The painting was considered the worst film of 1991.
However, Costner quietly endured the failure. In his life have been disappointments and falling. But he knows that behind them must come the good times. Need only a lot of work. And Costner is able.

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  • Victor for Kevin Costner
  • Best films Costner, "Water World," "Robin Hood" you can watch forever!
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    Kevin Costner, photo, biography
    Kevin Costner, photo, biography Kevin Costner  Actor, photo, biography
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