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GRIFFITH, Melanie (Melanie Griffith)

( Actress)

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Biography GRIFFITH, Melanie (Melanie Griffith)
photo GRIFFITH, Melanie (Melanie Griffith)
Born 9/8/1957 in New York, studied at the Hollywood Professional School.

Melanie - daughter of the well-known in the 50 years Centerfolds Tippi Hedren, famous mainly for her role in "Bird" A. Hitchcock. However, the relationship with the director the actress had no luck, and little Melanie became the object characteristic ill draw maestro - has received a Barbie doll, depicting her mother in a small coffin. Career Tippi Hedren in the movie is not formed, and later she worked mostly protected animals. Part of this campaign were eleven shooting poludokumentalnoy comedy "Roar", completed in 1981, which in the company of tigers and lions participated and Griffith. Little Melanie appeared in the TV commercial back in the age of nine months, but the first conscious work in the cinema was for her role in Arthur Penn thriller, "Night Moves" (1975). Penn believed that it is ideal as a "spokesman of posthippovogo generation, ready to try everything". In any case, she undressed on screen with scandalous for a girl of fifteen naturalness. Then she began her affair with a young Don Johnson. After some time she broke up with him - only to reunite in the late 80's and have kids.
. Melanie Griffith of those young actresses who saturate the "collective unconscious" of today's young American women with new behavioral
. You can almost certainly say that some of them, sitting behind the wheel, pull up her skirt just as it did Griffith - Lulu, Audrey in the film by Jonathan Demme "God knows that" (1986). When her "nimfetnaya sexuality" began to decline (the other famous movie with her participation in this role - "drowning pool", 1975, with Paul Newman in the title role), Melanie has proved that it has the ability to grow and qualities of this actress. And if "Teledvoynike" (1984) Brian De Palm, it still operates close to her childhood sexual motives, in "God knows what" and "working girl" '(1988) Mike Nichols her acting personality manifests itself in full. In the role of Lulu, Audrey guessed alter the meaning of wearing masks for a generation of "baby boomers" (born in the late 40's - early 50-ies) "Although the carnival (and vestments in the mask) was a feature and hippovyh" 60-x years, . posthippovoe new generation ( "yuppies") wears a mask in another, . mainly to, . to merge with the society (Audrey), . not oppose itself to him (Lulu),
. Thus, the opposition Lulu - Audrey is the opposition hippie-yuppies. Yet decent Audrey - also just a mask, came from 50-s. So the next step Griffith - participation in the yuppie-drama "working girl" quite natural. The pathos of her heroine Tese McGill in the movie - is striving to get into the accepted without any reservations this reality without any "hippovyh" attempts to change it. An even greater extent, this applies to her character in the film "Pacific Heights" (1990) directed by John Schlesinger and "Fire ambitions" (1990) Brian De Palm. The latest film at the box office and critics failed, which, however, did not affect the reputation of the actress. In the movie "pierces Lights" (1990, dir. D.3eltser) is paired with Michael Douglas recreates a spy story of 40-ies.

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GRIFFITH, Melanie (Melanie Griffith), photo, biography
GRIFFITH, Melanie (Melanie Griffith), photo, biography GRIFFITH, Melanie (Melanie Griffith)  Actress, photo, biography
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