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Frank Sinatra

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Biography Frank Sinatra
photo Frank Sinatra
Born 12.12.1915 in g. Hoboken (pc. New Jersey). Name of Sinatra half a century constantly flashes in the headlines. A popular singer, the hero kinomyuziklov, dramatic actor, actress, successful entrepreneur, a businessman of the shadow economy, political figure - all that one man indomitable energy, rabid ambition and inordinate ambition.
The son of Italian immigrants who became American fireman, he had in 1935 organized the ensemble 'Four out of Hoboken', won the prize for successful performances on radio. Himself Frank soon became a soloist, and by early 1938. sang in 18 New York programs, and 5 - regional radio. In 1941, Sinatra made his debut on the screen - in the musical 'Night of Las Vegas', where he sang his famous hit 'I'll never smile'. The survey, conducted in the same year, the magazine 'Billboard', he was named the best singer, ahead of Bing Crosby, holding the title from 1937 to 1940-th.
Sinatra - a short, skinny, not very handsome young man - had a captivating performing style. Although his voice was small - rather dry baritone, not a rich shades - when Sinatra was singing on stage, every girl in the room thought he was singing just for her alone - softly and tenderly. The singer became the object of this cult of the weaker sex, one of the first pop idols. Devotees at every opportunity tore his clothes in tatters, to get a piece of the memory. (Probably, since he developed a sort of phobia: he can not stand to touch myself.) Frank paid attention to women return. During the filming of 'Higher and higher' (1943), he hung in his dressing list of 20 most attractive Hollywood stars and slowly erasing those over whom triumphed. After finishing work on a painting in the list
there was not one nezacherknutoy names, although by this time Sinatra was already married to a childhood friend, became the father of her daughter and son.
However, the singer managed to do and much more. Successfully performed in musicals: "Raise the anchor!" (1945), 'As long as floating clouds' (1946),' It happened in Brooklyn "(1947), 'leave warrant the town' (1949), where not only sang but danced. Served as a fighter for the rights of national minorities to get a 'Oscar' ten-film 'The house where I live' (1945). Generously engaged in charity work, not sparing money.
Late 40's saw the new trends in music: languid romanticism, in which both excelled Sinatra, began to give way to folk music, country style. And the first place the singer very soon pushed to the fifth. Stormy, every now and then splashed on the pages of newspapers affair with Ava Gardner, in the end led to a rupture with his wife and to the second marriage, which has predominated this capricious and whimsical movie star. All this greatly hurt the popularity of the singer from the spectators and hearers. And as the final chord of bad luck, with Frank having nodes on the cords and it lost its main asset - the voice.
But he was not the man who humbly bows under the blows of fate. Sinatra literally begged the company's management 'Columbia' to give him a supporting actress in the film 'From Here to eternity' (a novel in Russian translation - 'here - in eternity', 1953). And Angello Maggi, cheerful Italian soldier, beaten to death in a military prison, played so truthfully and convincingly, to the astonishment of all its immediacy and acting intuition, which was awarded the 'Oscar'. Now, before it opened, and dramatic path of. Also in 1954, his voice returned, and performing style has become more mature and still irresistible.
In 1955 - the next big success: the role of gambler, trying to get rid of drug addiction in the film 'Man with the Golden Arm', was again nominated for an academic award. Sinatra appeared in various genres. Musical 'Guys and Girls' (1955), which defeated his famous partner, Marlon Brando. As of musical comedy 'High Society' (1956) - pu-Meike 'Philadelphia Story' (1940) - Frank played the role of reporter, who once glorified by James Stewart. In the biographical film 'Joker at large' (1957) reincarnated as a comedian, Joe Lewis. Western 'Johnny Concha' (1956) became a producer and his first experience. In the musical drama 'My friend Joey' (1957) showed a rise to fame notorious villain, a singer in a nightclub, where a lot of singing myself.
In the 60's Sinatra switched to the representatives of law and private detectives - unworldly, seen a lot who are a little cynical, but not lost their sense of truth and justice. ( 'Tony Roam', 1967, and its sequel 'Lady in cement', 1968, 'Detective', 1968, where he investigates a series of murders on the basis of homosexual, etc.) Since 1971, Mr.. Sinatra in the movie almost never removed, occasionally appearing in the roles of itself and on television ( 'The contract for Cherry Street', 1977). In 1960, Mr.. was an active organizer of the campaign of John F. Kennedy, with whom was a friend. (It was he who introduced him to my good friend Marilyn Monroe.) But Robert convinced his brother that the connection between the actor with the mafia, which is not only a whisper, but the newspapers, harms the image of the president and he broke off all relations. In the late 60's singer even called in for questioning in a commission to investigate organized crime. And the image of the singer Johnny Fontaine, who patronizes Vito Corleone in 'Godfather', it reminded many of Sinatra.
But he paid no attention to all these 'little things in life' any attention. Married again in 1966. for young actress Mia Farrow, although their marriage lasted only one year. Fourth was Mrs. Barbara Marx Sinatra - the former wife of famous comedian Zapp Marx. Children from first marriage are also working in show business: Nancy - famous singer, Frank - actor
. Filmography: 'Hey, . ship ', . 1942; 'day begins', . 1943; 'Hurry up! ", . 1944; 'miracle of the bells', . 1948; 'Tseluyuschiysya bandit', . 1949; 'drives me to a baseball match', . 1949; 'Double safety net', . 1951; 'Meet Danny Wilson ", . 1952; 'Suddenly', . 1954; 'young at heart', . 1955; 'Not as a stranger', . 1955; 'Tender Trap', . 1955; 'Meet me in Las Vegas', . 1956; 'Around the World in 80 Days', . 1956; 'Pride and fear', . 1957; 'Kings start out', . 1958; 'Some rushed up running', . 1959; 'Hole in the head', . 1959; 'Never was so little', . 1959; 'Cancan', . 1960; 'Ocean Eleven', . I960; 'Pele', . I960 (us - 'The Mexican in Hollywood'), 'The devil at four o'clock', . 1961; 'Three sergeants', . 1962; 'The Road to Hong Kong', . 1962; 'Manchurian Candidate', . 1962; 'Well, . let, . boast ', . 1963; 'List of Adrian MESSENGER', . 1963; 'Four for Texas', . 1963; 'Robin and the Seven Gangsters', . 1964; 'Only the brave', . 1965; and director; 'Von Ryan's Express', . 1965; 'Marriage on the brink of collapse', . 1965; 'Oscar', . 1966; 'cast a giant shadow', . 1966; 'attack on the Queen', . 1966; 'Naked runner', . 1967; 'Dirty Dingas Magicians', . 1970; 'That's Entertainment! ", . 1974; 'The first deadly sin', . 1980 and Ask., 'Race' Cannonball 'II', . 1984, . as himself.,

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Frank Sinatra, photo, biography
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