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Marlon Brando

( Actor)

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Born 3.4.1924 in g. Omaha (pc. Nebraska). He studied at the Military Academy in Minnesota, and then in New York in the theater class School for Social Research and the Actors Studio. In 1944, Mr.. debuted on Broadway in "I Love Mom". Played in "Hedda Gabler", "cafe for truck drivers," "Candide," "flag is raised". The turning point in the work of Brando was staged in the theater E. Kazanov play T. Williams' "Streetcar Named Desire", in which the actor brilliantly played Stanley Kowalski. Enthusiastic critics predicted this beautiful, sensuous, has amazing intuition, a young guy has a great future, was considered the hope of American Art. However, successful performance in this performance has deprived the theater one of the best masters. Brando went to Hollywood and never came back. (He appeared on stage only once more, in 1953. the play B. Show "Arms and the Man".)
In 1950, Mr.. Brando accepted the offer producer Art. Kramer played in the film by Fred Zinnemann "Men," which portrayed a paralyzed disabled World War II, just driving around in a wheelchair. Having risen from utter despair and hopelessness to resolve in spite of everything to lead a normal life, he marries his beloved girl. All the actor playing the role of sitting besides him there had to be abandoned just from those qualities that made him so attractive to visitors: responsiveness, expressiveness of movements and gestures, sexual magnetism. However, he managed to transcend the barrier that separates the stage and screen, performing in miserly fashion to transmit a whole range of changing moods of his hero.
The real success came only after Brando, transfer E. Kazan on the screen Streetcar Named Desire "(1951). From Stanley Kowalski literally blew primordial force - men, sensual, animal. Immediate improvisational style, frank sexuality, original, bawdy humor and occasional flashes of humanity in general dark background helped create a very unusual way. Actor with complete dedication shown here is not only natural talent and endearing personality, but also a wonderful fusion with the depicted character. Brando became a role so that the interview given in the form of ". Hence the belief that he played in "A Streetcar Named himself - rude, ill-hama, not devoid of sadistic. In fact, Marlon, particularly / yes initially, was sensitive, gentle, somewhat shy guy, who loved jokes and jokes. A year later, all the same Kazan, with whom he shared his first success, invited Brando to the title role in the film "Viva Zapata!" the script by John Steinbeck. Actor managed to show that peasant leader of the Mexican Revolution 10-ies. our century woven of contradictions. Convinced and ignorant, strong and doubting, humble and ironic, impudent. After these two actors is so important achievements Brando struck many very flattering offer. But Marlon chose the role that made him the idol of the young in the film A. Benedek "The Savages" (1953). It was here that he became "the voice generation" of youth protest, . symbolizing his appearance (a black leather jacket, . cap, . pulled down over his eyes, . jeans, . tucked into boots, . sunglasses), . and occupation (mad Biking deviancy in flocks youths),
. The image of Johnny, even more than in the Stanley Kowalski, the actor was able to show that this guy is not so terrible as it may seem at first glance.
The evolution of the same image of "youth anti-hero" Brando's brilliantly finished in the film E. Kazan's "The Port" (1954), which concluded the first phase of his work. He showed this gradual evolution of his character - a former boxer, which awakens not only humanity, but also a protest against the criminal union bosses, completely enslaved Dockers. Creation like two different images, subtle nuances of feelings, lyricism in the love scenes brought the actor-deserved award - the Oscar. He became the youngest winner of her.
In most of the roles played from 1954 to 1964. Brando varied their previous success. He starred in the films of historical ( "Desire", 1954) and modern ( "fugitives from the rocks", I960), to transform not only Americans, but also in German ( "The Young Lions, 1958) and Japanese (" Teahouse of the August moon , 1956). Genres range from romance ( "Sayonara", 1957) to comedies ( "tale for the night," 1964; "Countess from Hong Kong, 1966) and western (" One-Eyed Jacks ", 1960, besides his only directorial work) to musicals ( "Guys and Girls, 1955). In general, repeated motif of "regeneration through love", but even in this unpretentious mass production the actor managed to turn around every time some original, unexpected side.
. The most significant work of Brando's 60-ies became sheriff Calder Arthur Penn in the movie "Pursuit" '(1965)
. Antagonist inflamed the crowd inhabitants of the small town, eager mob, he has shown remarkable restraint and composure, to prevent crime. When he can not, viewers can see what an abyss lies temperament under a forced composure of this man. The hero throws himself on a whirlwind assassin and just did not commit the irreparable.
. Second genuine off experienced Brando in the early 70's, starring in the film by Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather '(1972), which upset all the usual presentation of the images on the screen gangsters
. His hero - a gangster boss Vito Corleone - there was a long way from the good-shaped gray-haired gentleman with a quiet voice and a cat on his lap, . not prevent him lead the entire criminal empire, . hunched up, . dowdy, . unshorn old, . how he became after the attack, . nearly costing him his life,
. "Oscar", which he was awarded for this role, the actor did not come to get - in protest against the discrimination of American Indians. It was only an echo of an extensive civil rights struggle that he led in that period.
. Thank Brando, . now as the lead actor 70, . became stronger after the success of "Last Tango in Paris" (1972) Bernardo Bertolucci - multifaceted Freudian drama about an elderly widower's sensuous connection with a young girl, . where the actor is very subtly managed to convey the spiritual evolution of his character: first - coarse, . aggressive, . recognizes only the frank sex, . the end is laid out to his partner, . has decided to bind her to him and paid for it with life.,
. Participation in these two scenes not only Brando again elevated to the top of popularity, but also made a rich man
. Now he could afford to withdraw rarely and selectively. U A. Penn in "The Missouri Breaks" (1976), where he played an aging cowboy, y F. Coppola in "Apocalypse Now" (1979) - in the form of Colonel Kurtz, who founded a colony in the jungles of Vietnam pacifists, the P. Donner in "Superman" (1978): here it is one of the rulers of a distant planet, who sent his son to Earth to help people. In the 80's Brando almost never appeared on the screen, taking up writing activities. The small role of the lawyer in the film "A Dry White Season" (1989) and the old mafia bosses in the "newcomers" (1990) brought charges samopovtore.
. Officially, was married twice: to kinostatistke Anne Kashf, which will soon divorced (left son) and actress Movite (Maria Luisa Kastenada) - two children, but this marriage proved to be fragile
. Since 1963, associated with Tahitian Taritoy for years is lost on purchased near the island of Tahiti, where living together a man and woman are officially husband and wife. (They, too, - a son and a daughter.)

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Marlon Brando, photo, biography
Marlon Brando, photo, biography Marlon Brando  Actor, photo, biography
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