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Ellen Burstyn

( Actress)

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Biography Ellen Burstyn
photo Ellen Burstyn
Born 7/12/1932 in Detroit. Real name: Edna Ray J. Gilluly. She has appeared under pseudonyms Edna Ray, Keri Flynn, Erica Dean, Ellen McRae.
Ellen Burstyn - versatile, Vysokopr vocational very seriously related to its chosen cause. According to her, about the artistic career she had dreamed of since he can remember, the love of hypocrisy inherent in its very nature. Burstyn won to the same serious training in the Actors Studio, studying with Lee Strasberg. Sphere of interest is not limited to cinema actress. During her life she has trumped many roles on television, consistently appears on the stage.
Much of the time Burstyn dedicated public activities. In 1982, Mr.. she became the first ever woman president of the organization actors, but this post took up too much energy and in 1985. She resigned. In the same year, along with Al Pacino, she became the artistic director of the Actors Studio, succeeding the late Lee Strasber-ga. (These duties she performed prior to 1988) Edna Ray J. Gilluly born in a family of Irish Catholics. His parents divorced when she was a baby. While in school ee'interesovali not so much classes, how many work in the student council and various circles. At age 18 she married and moved away from home. The aspiring actress has tried many professions. Was a fashion model in Texas, a dancer in Canada, worked as a cook and coordinator of the house models. Once finally in New York, she decided to try his hand at television commercials, where she was and saw Jackie Gleason and invited him to his weekly TV show. Debut on Broadway was held in 1957. in the play 'Fair Game'. Despite the fact that the play did not go off the stage during the year, the actress refers to this self-critical enough of their work, stressing that while it is still almost nothing she could, but as charming smile.
The first work in film took place in 1964. However, the actress does not break any ties with the theater or the television. In New York, for example, she regularly starred in the television series 'Doctors'. During his work in film, Ellen Burstyn four times been put forward for an Academy Award. (One time for supporting actress in the film 'The Last Picture Show', . 1971 and three times for Best Actress Home, . in 'The Exorcist', . 1973, . where she played staunch middle-aged woman, . undaunted struggle with the forces of evil, . in 'Sunday', . 1980 and the film 'At the same time next year', . 1978.) In the last before the actress had a difficult task to show the evolution of the heroine of a married young wife to an independent businessman, . owner of the restaurant,
. Action develops over 26 years, from 1951 to 1977, and played by actress skillfully stylized under the idols of a time. At first, she recalled impetuous heroine Doris Day. By the mid-50's style of performance changes, approaching Marilyn Monroe, in the 60's there is a hint of irony and rigidity inherent in the characters Shirley MacLaine.
His only until the 'Oscar' Ellen Burstyn won for his role in the film 'Alice Does not Live Here Anymore' (1974, dir. MSkorseze). In the center is full of humor pictures of Alice Hyatt, which will of fate lost her husband, a house, financial well-being, but was left with twelve son, still managed to realize a dream
resistance fighter. Irregular work in the film due to its active work in television and theater. So, for example, in 1986. She was the star of his own television program 'Ellen Burstyn Show "and in 1989 played in the Broadway production of' Shirley Velentayn '. The actress was married three times and divorced three. Her second husband was director Neil Burstyn, under whose name it was known. Her only son named Jefferson dream Burstyn
. Filmography: 'For those, . young at heart ', . 1964; 'Farewell, . Charlie ', . 1964; 'Alex in Wonderland', . 1970; 'Tropic of Cancer', . 1970; 'The King of Marvin Gardens', . 1972; 'Harry and Tonto', . 1974; 'Providence', . 1977; 'passionate dream', . 1978; 'Actor's Art: Lee Strasberg and the Actors Studio', . 1981; 'Silence of the North', . 1981; 'ambassador', . 1984; 'In our hands', . 1984; 'Double life', . 1985; 'Dear America', . 1987; 'Actors Studio', . 1987; 'Hanna's War', . 1988,
his childhood - was a singer, albeit only in a cafe. 'Stage' career is important for Alice as a kind of ideal. Whatever the situation or provided to this woman at all she looks with reassuring optimism that allows her to not only stay on his feet, but also to find a new love. In this case the character of the heroine's surprisingly coincided with the nature of the actresses.
Burstyn is not too often appears on the screen, but it has created the images are quite varied: from housewives to the wife of Ambassador.

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Ellen Burstyn, photo, biography
Ellen Burstyn, photo, biography Ellen Burstyn  Actress, photo, biography
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