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Henry Fonda (Fonda Henry).

( Actor)

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Biography Henry Fonda (Fonda Henry).
photo Henry Fonda (Fonda Henry).
Born 16/5/1905 in Grand Island (pc. Nebraska), died 12/8/1982 in Los Angeles.
Among the Hollywood actor's family dynasties Fund - the most extensive. Already four of his representative appeared on the screen. But the beginning has been made by Henry, who has worked in the cinema almost half a century and starring in 90 films. The heyday of his fame came in 30-ies, where he became a leading exponent of democratic tendencies of the period. But in subsequent decades, when changing ideals, heroes, tricks, the Fund remained the favorite of the public. For many he has played characters embodies the principle of Americanism in the best sense of the term.
Henry, born in a poor family - his father was a small printing press - dreamed of becoming a writer, and even entered the journalistic faculty of the University of Minnesota. However, I studied there for only two years. Classes in an amateur troupe, led by Dorothy Brando - the mother of another future celebrity - absorbed all his time. After he spoke there is not only an actor but also a decorative painter, for he loved painting and drawing himself well. In 1923, his choice has been made final. Fund moved to New York, where he lived in an apartment with another newcomer - James Stewart, who maintained a friendship with a lifetime. In 1929, Mr.. Henry has appeared on Broadway in 'The game of life and death', was a success, and six years later, the play 'The farmer chooses a wife' firm 'XX Century-Fox' bought for film adaptation, together with the leading man.
This lanky young man with bright eyes and a shy smile on her pretty face, as well as possible consistent with the trend that prevailed in the cinema U.S. 30-ies. Place sleek handsome and secular lions in this decade firmly taken ordinary Americans - honest, courageous, sincere, of those who always want to have a number in a difficult moment. It is no coincidence that most successful actor 'on the screen were associated with the name of John Ford - the most American of Hollywood directors. In his films, the Fund was Abraham Lincoln, playing not only a specific historical person, but the national character, with its bizarre mixture of force and the enterprise, energy and pragmatism ( 'Young MP. Lincoln, 1939). Tom Dzhoudom - a former farmer, and after the devastation - the agricultural laborer in the 'Grapes of Wrath' - in our hire 'Road Disaster' (1940), representing the best representatives of the people in their struggle for social justice. Brave sheriff Vayatom Irpom - representative of the law in lawless Far West as we have known picture of 'My Darling Clementine "(1947). Idealist and a dreamer, Lieutenant Douglas Roberts, whose image adorned the very comedic paint, assigned to him by the Executive. ( 'Mr. Roberts', 1955 - before the actor for almost seven years played the role on Broadway). Fund liked to appear in comedies, and did it successfully. ( 'The Lady Eve', 1941; 'Male', 1942; 'Magnificent idiot', 1942, etc.). Was very good in Westerns, where he set: 'Drums in the valley of the Mohawk "(1939),' Fort Apache '(1948)," Tin Star "(1957),' How was conquered by the Far West '(1962) and others.
But the main thing in his work, passed through all the decades, was a fighter for truth and justice, whatever age and area of any treated plot reversals. That is it in the western, 'Incident The Ox-Bow' by William Wellman (1942) - the only one who tries to keep an excited crowd from lynching of three innocent. In the criminal drama "Twelve Angry Men" Sidney Lumet (1957), where the actor played the eighth juror, who was able to force their belief to prove them wrong the other eleven in the condemnation of the Mexican teenager. Politically, the film 'most worthy' Franklin Shefner (1964), his presidential candidate William Russell had many of the best features of the John F. Kennedy. As we have known adaptation of 'War and Peace' (King Vidor, 1956) through the efforts of artist Pierre Pierre has not become a romantic hero, he wanted to guide the company, but remained as it was at the L. Tolstoy - the bearer of the philosophical meaning of the novel.
Lyricism, charm, subtlety and emotional sensitivity funds largely mitigated all these images, did not allow them to become schematic or stilted, as often happens with these roles, positive characters. Actor negative attitude to all kinds of schools and methods of execu-ment, but they professed principles of realism and psychology were largely similar Stanislavsky.
Especially clearly all these attractive features of his talent evident in his last film 'On Golden Pond "(1981) - is largely autobiographical. Having played the old professor Norman Thayer (This work was crowned by a host of awards: 'Oscar', . 'Golden Globe', . prize 23 IFF Karpovs Barach), . Fund as it were summed up his own long life's journey, . left us with a bright sense of life, . her joy, . Beauty, . heat,
Reconciled and he's here with her daughter (Jane Fonda), with which earlier left much to be desired: the father did not approve of her lifestyle. Together with Peter, these two were his only children, although the actor has been married five times. But only with the last companion, Shirley Adams, young and pretty flight attendant and fashion model, married with which he had joined the sixty-odd years, was really happy. About his work and relationships with people of the Fund wrote in his book 'My Life', which appeared in the year of his death. In 1978 he was awarded the American Film Institute. In 1980, received a special 'Oscars' - for his contribution to cinema
. Filmography: 'The Road to the east', . 1935; 'I dream a lot ingot', . 1935; 'path lonely pine', . 1936; 'Moon - Our House', . 1936; 'spender', . 1936; 'You only live once', . 1937; 'Wings of the morning', . 1937; 'Slim', . 1937; 'the woman', . 1937; 'I again met my love', . 1938; 'Jezebel', . 1938; 'blockade', . 1938; 'Spawn of the North', . 1938; 'Mad Miss Manton', . 1938; 'Jesse James',
. 'Let us live', . 1939; 'History of Alexander Graham Bell', . 1939; 'Lillian Russell', . 1940 'The Return of Frank James', . 1940; 'Chad Hanna', . 1940; 'Call of the Wild Geese', . 1941; 'You belong to me', . 1941; 'Rings on her fingers', . 1942; 'Big Street', . 1942; 'Tales of Manhattan', . 1942; 'Immortal Sergeant', . 1943; 'Long Night', . 1947; 'The Fugitive', . 1947; 'Daisy Kenyon', . 1947; 'Miracles do happen', . 1948; 'puzzle', . 1949; 'Wrong Man', . 1957; 'Carried away by the scenes', . 1958; 'Sorcerer', . 1959; 'Man, . who understood women ', . 1959; 'advice and consent', . 1962; 'Longest Day', . 1962; 'Spencer's Mountain', . 1963; 'security system', . 1964; 'Sex and the unmarried girl', . 1964; 'beaters cattle', . 1965; 'Dear Evil', . 1965; 'Secret War', . 1965; 'Battle for projection', . 1965; 'Major card for the little lady', . 1965; 'Welcome to hard times', . 1967; 'Fiery creek', . 1968; 'Your, . my and our ', . 1968; 'Boston Strangler', . 1968; 'Once in the Far West', . 1968; 'Cheyenne Social Club', . 1970; 'belated hero', . 1970; 'lived a crook', . 1970; 'A happens, . I was inspired by ', . 1971; 'snake', . 1973; 'Ash Wednesday', . 1973; 'My Name - Nobody', . 1973; 'Mussolini: the last act', . 1974; 'Midway', . 1976; 'Schupal-Qi', . 1977; 'Russian Mountains', . 1977; 'big attack', . 1978; 'Theodore', . 1978; 'Most police raid on the roads', . 1978; 'Roy', . 1978; 'Wanda Nevada ", . 1979; 'City on Fire', . 1979; 'Meteor', . 1979.,

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Henry Fonda (Fonda Henry)., photo, biography
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