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FUND Henry (Henry Fonda)

( American film and theater actor, founder of American acting dynasty.)

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Biography FUND Henry (Henry Fonda)
photo FUND Henry (Henry Fonda)
Henry Fonda was born May 16, 1905, Mr.. in Grand Island (Nebraska, USA), in a family of Dutch settlers, once the Fund's founding town near New York. As a child he was the son of typographer Peter Fonda, dreamed of becoming a journalist. In 14 years, seeing out the window of his father's cabinet, being beaten black man, he decided to devote his life to fighting injustice.
Foundation entered the University of Minnesota School of Journalism, but, having studied there for 2 years while laboring at 2 jobs, was forced to leave because of physical exhaustion. Even in the university he began playing in amateur theatricals. He said that he was an actress, because he did not know how to do anything.
When he returned home, a family friend, Dorothy Brando (Dorothy Brando), director of amateur theater, whose year-old son, Merlon, in the future, too, became a famous actor, gave him the idea of acting career. After several years on the stage drama of the Public Theater in Omaha ( "The Omaha Community Playhouse"), . which is now named after Henry Fonda, . He joined the acting company of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, . where he met Jimmy Stewart (Jimmy Stewart), . became his best friend for many years, . and Silivan Margaret (Margaret Sullivan), . which later he was married, . true, . not long (in 1931-33 gg.).,
. Together with Stuart Foundation moved to New York and became a leading actor on Broadway (Broadway), where he worked from 1929 to 1934
. Among his spektaley there were "Farmer married" ( "The Farmer Takes a Wife") and "New Faces п-п+п¦я-пTп¦пT" ( "New Faces of America", 1934), the real failure of the actor.
In 1934 he began his brilliant career in cinema: Studio XX Century-Fox bought the film rights to the play "The farmer married" with Henry Fonda in the title role. Fame instantaneously - actor immediately went into the idol of the public. The peak of his creativity began to role in John Ford's films - "Young Mr. Lincoln" ( "Young Mr.Lincoln", . 1939) and "Grapes of Wrath" ( "The Grapes Of Wrath", . 1940, . by John Steinbeck), . where he played Tom Dzhouda, . tenant farmers, . wandering with his family in the country on an old truck,
In 1935. Fund remarried, this time to Frances Seymour Brokaw (Frances Seymour Brokaw). In 1937, Mr.. a daughter, Jane, . in the future actress, . who acted with his father in the movie "On Golden Pond" ( "On Golden Pond", . 1981), . joint survey which became a symbolic act of reconciliation generations, . conflict which at one time sharply delineated in their family, . in 1939,
. - Son Peter, who later became an actor and director. Total Henry Fonda was married 5 times.
In 1942, during the war, the Fund went to volunteer for the navy, was promoted to lieutenant, was awarded the "Bronze Star" and after the injury remained at the shore base, where he rose to the end of the war.
Despite great success in film, the Fund does not leave the theater scene and has played in plays such as "Our Town" ( "Our Town"), "Clarence Darrow" ( "Clarence Darrow"), "First Monday in October" ( "First Monday in October "), etc..
In 1974, having played solo performance on Broadway, the Fund has fallen in the wardrobe of a heart attack. The actor underwent surgery and implanted a special device that specifies the cardiac rhythm.
His film career lasted more than 50 years, during which the Fund has played in many films of various genres, was nominated for an Oscar for his role in the movie "Grapes of grapes, but I got two of them 40 years later in 1981. for the best role for his film career in the movie "On Golden Pond," just before his death - a disease once again manifested itself.
Fund was hospitalized. According to Mrs. Fund, her husband's death was painless: "The night Henry had a very good. He talked with us and never lost consciousness. In the morning he woke up, sat up in bed and after a while stopped breathing '.
Henry Fonda died August 12, 1982, Mr.. from cardiac arrest. As testament to the actor's eyes fell to Manhattan eye bank donor. His body was burned. He previously ordered that the ceremony has not been. All the money Henry Fonda left a wife, not children, because I thought: "They know how to take care of themselves.

. Filmography Fund Henry

. Biography and filmography Henry Fonda in "KM" - Encyclopedia of Film

Photos of FUND Henry (Henry Fonda)
  • Henry Fonda in the movie Dzh.Forda Grapes of Wrath (1940).

Photos of FUND Henry (Henry Fonda)
FUND Henry (Henry Fonda)

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FUND Henry (Henry Fonda), photo, biography
FUND Henry (Henry Fonda), photo, biography FUND Henry (Henry Fonda)  American film and theater actor, founder of American acting dynasty., photo, biography
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