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Jeremy Irons (Irons Jeremy).

( Actor)

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Biography Jeremy Irons (Irons Jeremy).
photo Jeremy Irons (Irons Jeremy).
Born 18.9.1948 in Kouese (England). Film and theater for grown up on the small Isle of Wight boy had a rare occasion for which it was necessary to cross the Strait. Perhaps that is why, after finishing school, Irons in 18 years began working in theater as an assistant director of the scenic part, whose duties were primarily to sweep the stage. Then he went to acting class at Bristol Old Vike "and eventually became a member of the troupe. By 1980 he had already spoken in London and received a small role in the biographical film "Nijinsky" G. Ross. However Irons gained fame on television in the multi-staging of the novel and. In "Return to Braytshed". Simultaneously, he starred in the screen version of "French Lieutenant's Woman" (1981) D. Faulza. Coinciding, both adaptation of the audience provided the young actor in roles, internally connected with each other, although belonging to different chronological periods. In both, he embodied the image of an English gentleman, restrained, tight-fisted on the external manifestations of emotions, but deep feeling and capable of serious mental work. And the hero and. In, . of the decline of the British inter-war lives of the ultimate path to God, . and Victorian naturalist from the novel Faulza, . who managed to rise above the moral narrow-mindedness of his contemporaries, . and actor from a parallel plot, . This embodies the Victorian freethinker, . they all played on the nuances of Irons, . meaningful reticence, . unexpected transition from inhibition to emotional explosions,
. These features of the actor's reputation established Irons, repeatedly reaffirmed by them in the future.
By his own admission, he "loaded introspection, inner life". His appearance of sharply defined cheekbones, pointed chin, burning brown eyes are well adapted in order to create the impression of rigid self-discipline, as well as the passions that rage behind the mask. It is no accident his talent so close to the art of the playwright G. Pinter, . which, . According to Irons, . "understands everything about the complexity of people", . as to, . that "their words and deeds are often not linked", . that "they are actually expressed much more besides, . that pronounce their mouths ",
. No accident that Pinter adapted the novel for the screen multi Faulza, recommended the young actor to director. Reis. No coincidence that Irons has played a role in the adaptation of Pinter play "Betrayal" (1983), subtle psychological study of the painful love triangle.
. Impeccable reputation Executive roles onscreen gentlemen Irons opened the opportunity to participate in the implementation of long-standing project, . once destined for Visconti, . then for Losey (was ready to Pinter's screenplay) and remove, . Finally, . F,
. SchlцІndorff. Role of Swann in the movie version of the first book of the epic M. Proust (Love Swann, 1983) although not become a major event, but dropped the reputation of the actor.
. Irons still makes sense psychological difference between the brothers.
. Causing a virtuoso in the audience feeling that the attraction, the repulsion, the actor embodies the screen of an aristocrat, a suspect in the murder of his wife ( "The Turn of Fate", 1989, dir
. B. Schroeder). The role that earned him an Oscar.
Here's how he defines Irons secret of his skill: "One must think, not just talk. The words appear as a continuation of thought. That's the whole meaning of the actor's case ". The roles of famous people that he now often plays ( "Kafka", 1991, Allende in "House of Spirits", 1993), confirm this.
. Irons married second marriage to actress Shinad Cusack and lives in the vicinity of Oxford.
. Swann Irons connection weakness, melancholy, and perseverance, was perhaps the main achievement of the film, from which too much and waited too long, that he satisfied these expectations.
. By the end of the 80-ies Irons of the European cinema goes to Hollywood, but does not reduce the level of psychological stress in the characterization of his characters.

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Jeremy Irons (Irons Jeremy)., photo, biography
Jeremy Irons (Irons Jeremy)., photo, biography Jeremy Irons (Irons Jeremy).  Actor, photo, biography
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