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Jeremy Irons, John

( English actor theater, film and TV)

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Biography Jeremy Irons, John
photo Jeremy Irons, John
Irons, JEREMY JOHN (Irons, Jeremy John) (p. 1948), English actor theater, cinema and TV. Born September 19, 1948 in the city Koues the Isle of Wight (England). After school, spent two years at the acting course at the Old Vic Theater (Bristol), later became a member of the troupe. Played in all repertory productions - from Shakespeare to productions in the style of 'modern'. In 1971 he moved to London and was soon invited by David Bowie in the musical "Godspell". He worked in the troupe's West End and on television. He played a small role in the biopic "Nijinsky" (1980), Russia. The fame came after the television series "Return to Braydshed" (Brideshead Revisited, 1982) on the novel by I. In. Irons played educated young gentleman, vulnerable and sensitive, reserved for display of emotions. British Film Academy named him 'the best actor of television' (1982). Simultaneously, starred in the film based on the novel K. Raze D. Faulza "French Lieutenant's Woman" (The French Lieutenant's Woman, 1981). Irons and his partner, Meryl Streep sang on two roles: the modern actors and movie characters of the Victorian era, in which they are removed. His heroes Irons played the sudden transition from external to apathy rapid surge of emotions. The ability of an actor is easy to play the dual nature, . as well as lightning 'explode' feelings, . who had to hide, . cemented his reputation as psychologically fine dramatic actor for the role of 'quiet gentlemanly whirlpool', . in which there are quite passionate and 'no gentlemen devils',
. One of these works - in Change "(Betrayal, 1983) H. Pinter on the complicated relationships within the triangle.

Position screen gentleman 'double bottom' allowed Irons to get a major role in the film "Love Swann" (Un amour de Swann, 1984) on the novel by M. Proust. The film was supposed to shoot L. Visconti, then the Anglo-American master Dzh.Louzi, but production went to the head of a young German cinema F. SchlцІndorff. Charles Swann, a successful lawyer who falls in love with a prostitute Odette (Ornella Muti), and then loses the name and social status. In the same year, Irons made his Broadway debut, along with the actress Glenn Close with great success playing in T. Stoppard's play "The real thing" (The real thing). In serdine 1980 Irons joined the troupe of the Royal Shakespeare Theater.

Triumph Irons - the role of twin brothers in "The Double" (Dead Ringers, 1988) D. Cronenberg. These are two family man, something completely different, something so similar that the general's mistress does not distinguish them. For this work, the New York critics Irons was awarded the title of 'Best Actor of the Year'. In 1993 Irons starred again with Cronenberg in a love drama "M. Butterfly" (M. Butterfly). In this subject Irons - French diplomat during the Cultural Revolution in China starts a romance with a Chinese singer, who turns out to be a man.

In 1990, Irons received the 'Oscar' for the main male role in the thriller B. Schroeder's "reversal of fortune" (Reversal of Fortune, 1989). Actor has played a charming and repulsive at the same time a gentleman, a suspect in the murder of his wife. Similar emotions Irons is the hero in the melodrama "Rock" (Fatale, 1992) L. Malle, Dr. Fleming, unable to resist the femininity of the bride (Juliette Binoche) of his son. In the movie "Lolita" (Lolita, 1997) E. Lyne on the novel by Vladimir Nabokov Irons hero, Humbert Humbert, 'hunting' for leggy nymphets.

In 1994, Irons voiced fierce lion Scar character Hollywood animated film "The Lion King" (The Lion King), cunning, seizes power. This is perhaps the only openly negative 'role' actor. Amusing, and symbolic of its Movie parts in the movie, Wallace R. "Man in the Iron Mask" (The Man in the Iron Mask, 1998): Aramis, an ardent lover of the Duchesse de Chevreuse and the Jesuit, hiding under his cassock ebullient passion impeccable hypocrites.

'The most English of British actors', Irons excellent rider, loves nature and lives in the vicinity of Oxford. Married second marriage to actress Shinad Cusack. In the film "Danny, the champion of the world" (Danny, the Champion of the World, 1989), along with Jeremy Irons played his father in law, Cyril Cusack and son Samuel.

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    Jeremy Irons, John, photo, biography
    Jeremy Irons, John, photo, biography Jeremy Irons, John  English actor theater, film and TV, photo, biography
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