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Biography SAREDON Susan
photo SAREDON Susan
Real name: Tomeling. Born 4/10/1946 in a large Catholic family, where there were 9 children in the town of Edison (pc. New York).
. Washington, Catholic University student accidentally fell on the sample for the movie "Joe" (1970) and won the role of young drug addicts, who ran away from home and died with his fellow-hippies at the hands of his own father and his friend.
. The film was a resounding success, Susan decided to become an actress
Contrary to common practice, it did not go to drama school, but chose to learn on the set. True, . its capabilities were very limited, . because for the most part, she had to portray the naive, . little ridiculous ingenue with incoherent angular figure ( "Front page", . 1974 "Favorite Mall, . 1975; Dragonfly, . 1975; The Great Waldo Pepper ", . 1975; Big police raid on the road ", . 1976; the Other Side of Midnight ", . 1977),
. And only in the movie "Atlantic City", the eighteenth in a row in her creative biography, she appeared as an interesting, attractive actress
. Slim, . high, . with luxuriant hair and a fiery, soulful anxious gaze naive wide-open eyes, . Susan Sarendon little consistent with American ideals of feminine beauty, . and sustained a cigarette in his hand and sizable dose of alcohol, . consumed her heroines, . do not allow the suspect in her supporter of healthy lifestyle,
. Worked with her producers say, . that their intuitive approach to the role it is close to European actors, . and her best work appeared in collaboration with foreign directors - a Frenchman, Louis Maleme ( "It's a wonderful child, . 1978, "Atlantic City", . 1980), . Briton Tony Scott ( "Hunger", . 1983), . Australian George Miller ( "The Witches of Eastwick", . 1987), . Englishman Ridley Scott ( "Thelma and Louise", . 1991),
The sensation was the appearance of the actress in "vampire" film "Hunger", where she met with Catherine Deneuve, forming a wonderful duet. And the coldness of the French star beneficial emphasized warmth, gentleness, sensitivity, spontaneity and receptivity of the American singer. "Hunger" finally cemented his reputation Sarendon frivolously-bold star. So when the Australian director George Miller began to shoot the film "The Witches of Eastwick", he did not exist doubt that one of the witches must play Sarendon. It showed in this movie so much humor, elegance and grace that easily eclipsed were draped around her Cher and Pfeiffer and prove themselves worthy partner incomparable devil-Nicholson.
A notable phenomenon in the creative biography of the actress became the band "Thelma and Louise". The image of a waitress Louise brings to mind another heroine Sarendon - Sally Matthews of "Atlantic City". The past ten years to harden her heart, completely nerves. Seeing as casual acquaintance rapes her friend Telma, she kills the villain. Normal life comes to an end, and - should be a crime for crime. Eventually, friends prefer to kill yourself, but do not fall into the hands of the police. Susan Sarendon creates an image of independent, intelligent, courageous, absolutely uncompromising woman prefers death dreary stagnation. Implicitly this motif was present in many works of the actress, but the open form, he found only in the movie "Thelma and Louise".
European directors have helped Susan Sarendon find your style and on-screen image. Interestingly, fellow actresses came to him with great care and tried to introduce it into the path of habitual canons. Luckless television announcer whose boyfriend throws her for another woman ( "Love couples, 1980). Stenographer ations exclude single-handedly raising a son and dreams of escape from the tutelage of the mother ( "buddy system", 1984). Drunken waitress from roadside dives ( "White Palace", 1990). None actress did not have so often perform the role of the waitresses. For American cinema is not just a profession. This - the social status of a lonely woman who has no prospects. Especially eloquent fate Nora Baker, the heroine of the movie "White Palace". Her husband disappeared in an unknown direction, seventeen-year son died from drugs and alcohol. The life of this forty-year "straw-widow" is among the treasury of comfort furnished rooms. Drunk Nora hangs on a young man, all the forces trying to tie him to his. Decency - not the main virtue of the heroines Sarendon. They are kind, honest, open, impulsive, but not decent. "It has long been the name of" Sarendon "in the eyes of the public has become synonymous with concepts such as sex, extravagance, frivolity, courage, caprice," - says the magazine "American Film". This helps a lot, and the actress's personal life, marked by countless love novels. Directed by Paul Mazursky admitted that this circumstance induced him to remove Susan as Aretha in the movie "The Tempest" (1982). "Aretha - the emancipation of women. She gives her key to anyone who so desires, and this is very similar to Susan. After all, it is enough to look at someone to immediately have an affair "
. With her two children, Susan Sarendon lives in Greenwich Village, a lot of time giving the "green movement".

. 1970 - "Joe" (Joe), Melissa
. 1975 - "Rocky Horror Seance" (The Rocky Horror Picture Show), Janet
. 1978 - "dear child" (Pretty Baby) Hattie
. 1980 - "Atlantic City" (Atlantic City), Sally
. 1987 - "The Witches of Eastwick" (The Witches of Eastwick), Jane
. 1988 - "Bull Durham" (Bull Durham) Annie
. 1991 - "Thelma and Louise" (Thelma & Louise), Louise
. 1994 - "The Client" (The Client) Reggie Love
. 1995 - "Dead Man Walking!" (Dead Man Walking) Sister Helen
. 1998 - "The Stepmother" (Stepmom) Jackie
. 1999 - "Not here" (Anywhere But Here) Adele

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SAREDON Susan, photo, biography
SAREDON Susan, photo, biography SAREDON Susan  Actress, photo, biography
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