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Sophie Marceau (MARCEAU Sophie)

( Actress)

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Biography Sophie Marceau (MARCEAU Sophie)
photo Sophie Marceau (MARCEAU Sophie)
Sophie Marceau (real name - Sophie Mopyu) was born November 17, 1966 in France, in Paris. To act in films beginning with fourteen ( `boom`, 1981). Sophie Marceau became very popular in his homeland, . worked with the actors Gerard Depardieu and Catherine Deneuve, . directed by Andrzej Zulawski, . but in Hollywood fame was only after a starring role in Mel Gibson's 'Braveheart' (1995), . which has become well and her first English-language film,
. Among other works worthy of attention actresses movies `Poor Sasha` (1991, France), and `daughter` d `Artanyana (1994, France),` Anna Karenina '(1997). In 1991, Marceau made her debut as a director and composer, taking off his short film `L` Aube AL `Envers`. Sophie Marceau also played in the theater, for his stage debut - `Eurydice 'Jean Anuya - in 1991 she won Moliere. Sophie Marceau lives in Paris with Andrzej Zulawski, from which in 1995 her son Vincent. In 1999, the screens went next film "James Bond", "World Is Not Enough", in which Sophie Marceau played the main female role, insidious Elektra King.

. Article:
. 33-year mark 20 years of creative activity - such a force not every artist
. And even less surprisingly, that the Hero of the Day was the Frenchwoman Sophie Marceau. Solid round date do not tally with girlish looks actresses, fragile figure, the school bangs ...

- In the acting profession, you have come in 13 years, starring in the film "Party" ( "Boom"). Never afraid to break?
- When I started acting in movies, nothing was able. Not to mention that even in the school had not been diligent student. Almost never do homework. There was no time - after returning home from classes, he immediately ran into the street.
But the movie in time to fill the void in my soul, and so continues to this day. Thanks to him I realized that there are no easy ways. To obtain the right to do what you really like, we must overcome many obstacles, survive the bitter disappointment. But today the profession brings me true happiness. And I can break in only one case - if you'll accept a role in the success of which did not initially believe. That would be terrible! But I hope this does not happen.

- Your favorite moment in the film?
- It's interesting: and trying on costumes, and first contact with partners in shooting. Every time dipping into the world of pure fiction, I can not help wondering how out of nothing, from the words written on paper, we create a movie.

. - Who do you work harder - with husband Andrzej Zulawski, or any other director?
. - When we find ourselves with Andrzej on one set, he ceases to be the time my husband and me just becomes a director
. To some extent, easier for us because we have each other well studied, together already removed three paintings. But there are complex situations, when something goes wrong, as intended, not getting. Then with all his might help each other overcome difficulties.

- Today you will again work together. What is your new film?
- Of course, like the three previous ones, love. This modern history of uneasy relations between the two men and a woman. The picture is called "Loyalty"
Symbolic name. The first tape Zulawski with Marceau in the title role was called "Crazy Love". This is perceived around the novel of a rising star of French cinema and the little-known then the Pole, an abandoned fate in Paris.

They were at a party with close friends in common. "As you live here, do not miss in Poland?" - Sophie asked, more out of politeness, to keep the conversation going with this early graying man with sad eyes. And he answered seriously, opened the young stranger mysterious Slavic soul, told of his amazing and such a troubled home, the family left there ... Realizing that attention is abusing the girl, he suddenly broke off in mid-sentence, but she grabbed his hand and asked: "No, no, please continue". So they talked all evening, not noticing anyone around, completely forgetting where the. Then he went outside and walked all night the night Paris.

In the morning of France's largest film company, Gaumont, cooperation with which any filmmaker thought it would be an honor for myself, was shocked and dismayed. In the management office was a young actress Sophie Marceau and stated that breaks with the "hubbub" multimillion-dollar contract. When asked why, followed by a hard, but did not clarify the situation the answer: "I've decided". The company went for broke and put madcap fantastic amount of penalty. Without the slightest hesitation, actress wasted on her payments of almost all their earnings and ... disappeared. Her phone was silent in Paris. Friends knocked down in the search for Marceau. "She's crazy" - firm colleagues.

And only very, Sophie knew exactly the name of their "illness" - crazy love. And only one "doctor" was able to cope with this "disease" - Andrzej Zulawski.

Their trail was discovered in Warsaw, in a modest apartment producer. His friends, not saying a word with colleagues Marceau, asserted: "You're crazy!" How are you going to hold a number of beauty-franiuzhenku, which is also younger than you for 26 years? " Zulawski joke. A few years later, Sophie opened the way to Hollywood ...

. - Guardians of French culture does not condemn you for what changed her from an American movie?
. - If by French directors I received an equally interesting proposals, both from the U.S., of course, preferred to withdraw the house
. As for the fans, they are only too happy for me. To me before approaching people on the street with the enthusiastic words. But today their numbers increased, especially after I took in the new James Bond series "World Is Not Enough."

- It was hard to play in the English language?
- I speak English well. But of course I say with emphasis. Therefore, during filming the producers they tied me to a special teacher who put my pronunciation. True, it cost me to speak to someone outside the film set, like my English right there and then disappears somewhere.

- You were the first time in the role of the insidious villain. Not worried so radically change the Role? And in general, there are rumors that the Bond actresses brings misfortune ...
- I'm not superstitious. In any case, did not fear for their destiny, deciding to withdraw. In addition, my Electra - it's not James Bond. Knows nothing about it - nor where his house, nor where it came from - however men respected him for his strength, a woman without a mind of its charm, even the children imitate him, as this hero. And Electra has its own history: in her childhood, heiress to an oil magnate, was kidnapped by terrorists, but his father refused to pay for her ransom. The girl miraculously survived, but the trauma was so severe that she is taking revenge for all mankind. Such a complex gift for the actor. This is not the villain from the comic.

. - Is it true that love scene in the film censored Puritan-Americans? And how do you feel about on-screen nakedness - using body understudy?
. - God forbid! What could be the understudy in France? I have no objection to strip on screen
. Just love scene, like any other in the picture, too, must have meaning. It is important, why the couple making love: they have a passion or hate each other, they lie in bed out of habit or one of them commits violence? Nudity can be a symbol of femininity, sensuality, or shock. If this is the inner meaning - perfectly.

A love scene with Bond turned a very modest, it is true. We are carefully covered with sheets.

- In the movie on your fabulous toilets. Had a wish to keep it after filming?
- During filming, as a rule, all this beauty is hopelessly spoiled the rays of light fittings. Here and in the "loyalty" on my clothes, but I was so noshus up and down the stairs, by the end of filming her final istreplyu.

. - Is it true that you have moved to live in Los Angeles?
. - No, I am now back in Paris ...

. A few years ago, Marzo I'm looking for a suitable house on the Pacific coast
. After all, next to her loving her heart was beating another - "Braveheart". Sophie heard from women that look cool gray eyes Mel Gibson combats the spot, but never thought it would happen to her. They helped the circumstances: in the movie "Braveheart" with Mel, they played strong valterskottovskie feelings (although the film about the struggle for Scottish independence and was not a screen version). "You - my queen" - she whispered in corners of the lips Gibson in the middle of thousands of troops medieval rebels. "You - my noble knight," - he replied Sophie luchivshimisya happiness eyes. In the evenings after the grueling shoot razomlevshy of tenderness Mel became frank "Sophie, I can no longer live with my wife. She told me quite strange. That's just finished the film and announce that provided the game with her. Children will understand me. "

The picture came out in bars and even was nominated for an Oscar. "Sophie, you must understand, this is no time. You know how to relate to the damn scandals amerikashki. When venture divorce now, can not see me "Oscar" as their ears "- complained Gibson. Sophie knew patiently waited and waited ...

At the ceremony, Gibson appeared with his wife. Touching holding hands, the couple announced to friends that ... await the next - the fifth or sixth (Hollywood has lost count) - child.

Marceau was the son of consolation Vincent.

- How do you manage to combine the duties of a mother and actress?
- I try, although it is sometimes difficult. We have to move much on the world: UK, U.S., France ..

- When your son is working with fathers in Warsaw?
- Last year, they spent six months with me in London. Vincent went there in kindergarten. And Andrzej until I was shot in the action movie "World Is Not Enough", held a retrospective of his films in England.

Now Vincent goes to kindergarten in Paris. In his four years he has become a world record moving. And they are terribly bored me. I even appeared allergy travel. As soon as I sit down in the plane, on the skin appear red spots.

- What language do you speak with your son?
- We communicate with him in French, with his father, he spoke in Polish, and American and British kindergartens - in English. Generally, the Vincent's bright head.

- What he enjoys?
- Spent days drawing. Most animals. And he pretty well. This talent he apparently inherited from the father. Zulawski's grandfather was a painter, and brother, too.
I collect children's drawings Vincent, write on each date, and deposited in a special folder. Maybe they him someday come in handy.

- And if some sort ten years he wants to repeat your destiny, to become an actor?
- If he has proved its ability, I will not object. Let him choose his own way.

- They say, for this one needs a strong character, as you have.
- Yeah, I did not take temperament. Live with such a difficult. But Andrzej like.

. Sophie Marceau
. Sophie Marceau: Biography
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. Sophie Marceau

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  • Sophie Marceau (MARCEAU Sophie)
  • Sophie Marceau (MARCEAU Sophie)
  • Sophie Marceau (MARCEAU Sophie)

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Sophie Marceau (MARCEAU Sophie)Sophie Marceau (MARCEAU Sophie)Sophie Marceau (MARCEAU Sophie)Sophie Marceau (MARCEAU Sophie)

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  • I have seen videos of Sophie. Wonderful performance.
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    Sophie Marceau (MARCEAU Sophie), photo, biography
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