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Brad Pitt

( Actor)

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Biography Brad Pitt
William Bradley Pitt
. Date of birth: 18.12.1963
. Place of Birth: g.Shouni, Oklahoma, USA
. Parents:
. Mother: Jane Pitt
. Father: Bill Pitt
. Popular paintings: "Fight Club", "Seven," "Meet Joe Black", "12 Monkeys," "Interview with the Vampire"

. Around Springfield, Missouri, probably no family respectable and boring than Pitt family
. Bill Pitt - Associate Manager, cargo - for 36 years of service, never late, not ill and did not ask for a raise in salary. Jane Pitt - a teacher at the foundations of pedagogy for young parents - many years a studied muttered that the children should be able to discern and develop the individuality. However, in its own children is particularly striking individuality was not observed. However, Doug's son once came home with a black eye, and his daughter Julie, aged 12 was spotted kissing at the schoolyard with a classmate. The worst things were his eldest son - William Bradley. About him have absolutely nothing to say, except that he grew quite a handsome boy. All day long, blue-eyed William wandered around the room or staring at the TV screen, lenyas even switch channels to choose something more interesting.

After high school, Pitt went to the University of Missouri School of Journalism and advertising business. But the diploma he never received, going, instead, to Hollywood to begin an acting career. Upon arriving in Los Angeles with $ 325 in his pocket, Pitt realized: more, William Bradley can not be. So he changed his name to the familiar to us "Brad Pitt", . but the number of roles offered to him this did not increase, . and Pitt had at first to take up work, . far from show business: one time he even worked in a local restaurant barkers and was dressed as a giant chicken to invite passers-by to visit their institution,
. Parallel to this, he attended acting class in order to add the muzzles of their cute and a little more professionalism.

Is not known how long Brad would have remained a chicken, if he had not noticed TV producers. Roles in serials battered handsome without truda.Professiya actor on television - this is just what you need, thought Pitt. Doing almost anything not necessary, and pay pretty well. Anyway, enough for it to go in the evening into the first restaurant, drink a glass or two, smoke ten cigarettes and flirting with a random stranger. And if the stranger say: "Hey, man, and not you I saw yesterday on TV?" ... Demand more out of life is just silly!

So he got a small role in the TV series "Dallas" and in several other series and feature films.

Working in the television movie "Too young to die?" brought to seventeen of twenty Pitt actress Juliet Lewis. Their affair lasted three years, and the case could end in marriage, if ... Both did not suddenly become famous. Juliet - thanks to a big role in the movie "Cape Fear". But Pitt - played in the episode of "Thelma and Louise" / Thelma & Louise, 1991 /. On the screen he was only fifteen minutes, but the beauty and natural charm have done their job: America fell in love with Brad. The label of sex symbol stuck to it immediately, which itself was pretty surprised Pitt

. Left at about the same time, the tapes "Johnny EDMS" / Johnny Suede, . 1991 / and "parallel world" / Cool World, . 1992 / not a great success, . films and "Legends of the Fall" / Legends of the Fall, . 1994 / and "River runs through it" / 1992 / have received good reviews from critics,

Since the proposals were withdrawn taps. Pogrevshis in the rays of sudden fame, Pitt soon discovered that to be a star - is no easy matter, and troublesome. Endless interviews, stalking the attention of fans ... Even with very thick and impermeable walls, he felt like in a glass house ... Brad has ceased to belong to himself, he always felt the need to conform to the image the stars appear to be different from what it actually ... And then there was ambitious and Juliet became jealous lover to fame ...
News of Pitt's quarrel with Lewis instantly leaking to the press, thereby complicating the already difficult relations stellar couples. Hoping to stop the hype, Pitt now and then appealed to the court, demanding endless denials and non-pecuniary damage.

Of course, the trials only fueled public interest in the life of Pitt. Eventually he realized that the reason his stunning looks, and decided to change the image. Brad flatly refused the role of the nice guy in the movie "California". "Let me play for a better villain" - he said the director Dominic Senja.

The role of a maniac killer Pitt prepared for almost Stanislavsky, but only in a simplified form. "I flipped through one of those booklets in which each chapter has a couple of dozen murders. On the 37 th page with the psychology of the hero I was all clear, and I was relieved threw the book under the bed ". In addition, Pitt stopped haircut and shave, so that by the time of filming, he turned into a shaggy bearded. Painted in dark hair, Pitt and does no longer resemble sexy handsome man of "Thelma and Louise". His new character was truly disgusting bastard. And the heroine, played by Pitt's lover - Juliet Lewis - went to bitter death from his hands. No wonder that after filming "California," they finally parted.

After the filming the thriller "Seven" / Se7en, 1995 /, which became a partner Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Brad became friends with Gwyneth Paltrow, who played in the film his wife, and they began a long romance.

Gwyneth - a girl of good family, educated, refined - seemed quite heavenly creature. He called her "my angel" and "My inspiration". A happy Paltrow even going to keep acting career to give birth to Pitt Children. The only thing that clouded this novel - the constant interference of parents Gwyneth. Her father - producer Bruce Paltrow - considered too famous Pitt. A mother - actress Blythe Danner - found that Brad simpleton, undereducated, and his manners are far from perfect. Vain Gwyneth dragged her lover on art exhibitions and museums, made him read books and taught to behave properly at the table.

Of course, Pitt did his best to seem educated, refined and educated than he really is. For a man who all his life dreamed to be left alone, all this - a real feat, but that does not make for the sake of his beloved and ... her parents. But the role of refined gentleman was given to Pitt with difficulty.

Over time, Paltrow, and she began to understand that she is no match for Pitt. She did not like that he spent whole days walking around the apartment in pajamas, drinking beer, smokes and stares at the TV, lenyas switch channels to find something more interesting.
. Once ubiquitous paparazzi filmed Brad and Gwyneth, enjoying the sea breeze on a secluded shore of the Caribbean Bay
. Of course, without any hint of clothing. Paltrow is not particularly upset, but Pitt lost his temper in earnest. And, as usual, sued the magazine Pleygerl "who dared to publish these photos.

Numerous interviews on the progress of the trial, which suddenly began to distribute Brad, Gwyneth irritated. Brad arguments about obscenity of such publications seemed to her pitiful Puritanism ...

Meanwhile, Pitt was invited to appear in the film "Seven Years in Tibet". The shooting took place mainly in Argentina, and a couple had some time to leave. Returning to Los Angeles, the first thing Pitt rushed to Paltrow. He prepared her a gift - bought in Argentina wedding ring. But Gwyneth met her lover is very cold, the ring is not taken, and hinted that a wedding can be no question ...

Vain reporters assured the public that it is - a ruse actors intending to get married without the flash of cameras and intrusive harassment admirers Brad. The gap was as serious as it is inexplicable. The only thing that spoke Gwyneth: Brad for no fault there. And that reason - not to change one of the parties. But Brad just smiled contemptuously, hiding behind clouds of cigarette smoke. And once the question "Do you parted with Paltrow friends?" replied: "Who?" I do not know who you mean. No Paltrow, I do not know ".

He regularly attended meetings of the court where the case was decided on the publication of those very photos. Incidentally, in the end, Pitt won the case. Circulation journal Pleygerl ", long since dispersed to subscribers, it was decided to withdraw. Of course, this proved to be difficult. The main thing that made Pitt - is scandalous that the specimens were buying collectors for a fortune.

Parting with Gwyneth broke something in it ... Protect their experiences from prying eyes has become an obsession Pitt. As well as the need to seem someone whom he had never been ... Resigned to the idea that talking about it will never fade away, it is pure schadenfreude decided to provide a topic for speculation, to anyone not seem enough! ...

. Ever since the movie "Interview with the Vampire, where Pitt played the charming bloodsucker, he began to gravitate to the infernal roles
. For example, in the movie "The Devil's Own". But after the break with Gwyneth and role in the movie "Meet Joe Black (Pitt played there death itself, incarnated in the earthly man) he is in real life playing the role of an accomplice of the dark forces.

Pitt began collecting spiders and chameleons. I avoided bright light. Dressed in black. Bought the actress Cassandra Peterson, made famous in the roles of witches, house, reminiscent of Dracula's castle. Dining there feels like a crypt, a dining table like a coffin ... Safety and firing workers, the actor locked himself in the house and sat there alone for weeks. Soon the press have suggested that Brad Pitt ever left an acting career and is going to devote himself to the study of magic.

To the delight of fans, this did not. But only Pitt more than ever hated his reputation handsome. For example, for the role in "Fight Club" he had invented a piece of make-up, like a crown, a reproduction of a rotten tooth.

It is unknown why he came to be in his gloomy experiments, if in his life again does not appear loving woman - actress Jennifer Aniston. Now Pitt more than anything else is afraid of losing it again be alone.

Once in the absence of Pitt's one of fans snuck into his house, pulled his pajamas and lay down in his bed ... Hearing about this from the police, nagryanuvshey check, why it suddenly worked alarm in the house of a movie star, Pitt ran the first thing to Jennifer - excuses. Explanations Brad - they said he did not sleep the spirit is not responsible for the fact that his bed was extraneous woman - were taken with the angelic understanding. It might even be forgiven for joy presumptuous fan, but Brad is already so tired of the general molestation ... In short, he again sued, and now the girl to compulsory psychiatric treatment. Brad hopes that this example at least briefly discourage unauthorized individuals to approach it nearer than a hundred meters.

Wise and patient, Jennifer, too, seems like a Brad Angel. But this angel was far closer to the ground. Aniston does not seek to remake Pitt. I like him wandering around the house in his pajamas - let. He wants to be left alone and is ready to sue for this even with the whole world - on health. Even the fact that the favorite uses any excuse to disown their love, Jennifer, looks with serenity wise. She understands that Pitt just afraid that his new novel reporters fly off like flies to honey ...

Jennifer condescendingly refers to the many eccentricities Brad. For example, he recently announced that the passion of his life - not movies, and music. Songs that supposedly composing Pitt, have not heard a single person. Including Jennifer, but she did not refute the favorite going.

The only thing against which she rebelled - it is against the chameleons. In the new house, which has acquired a couple of clubbing, to the demonic reptile place will no longer. But Brad captured the special room for his collection ... Bicycle. Bicycles actor buys a truly frightening number. "This is my only drawback - the actor says. - I myself do not know how much my bike. I bought them at garage in Amsterdam, Canada, Oregon, New York and Las Vegas. This cycling Pitt nobody has ever seen.

Brad Pitt

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  • Brad Pitt

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Brad PittBrad PittBrad PittBrad Pitt

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  • Hi. How are you? I do not know to whom I write, but if at the B. P. I think it deserves attention. I do not know him as a man, but judging by my favorite film, an unusual man and he is not even only in his appearance and his behavior. In movies it seems that he plays himself. I am very sympathetic to his pofigicheskoe attitude to everything in the compartment so that poidee he must seriously everything that he has. It has something of the Zen, although this is only my opinion and I can only think so ........
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  • Yes, he is the most gorgeous man in the world - there is no dispute ...
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  • iskam Brad Pitt da oide v Bulgaria za da uprajnim malko krevatni umeniq ..... hahahah OBI4AM GO !
  • havaisko_mace for Brad Pitt
  • iskam Brad Pitt da oide v Bulgaria za da uprajnim malko krevatni umeniq ..... hahahah OBI4AM GO !
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  • Brad amazing!
  • Tara for Brad Pitt
  • TO SSMILE, BECAUSE Bradley single, like he did not and could not be, it is super!
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  • Well, what can I say about the classroom of a man on earth? Just to add that it is not enough that a talented actor (obviously). Very handsome man. Well, just ideal!
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  • Brad Pitt, you are the best in the whole world.
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  • Brad Pitt just a dream "He just GOD AHILES
  • CLEOPATRA for Brad Pitt
  • Brad Pitt just a dream "He just GOD AHILES
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  • I love Brad like actor.But if I will meet with him, I would be very glad to know him like person, too))
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  • Brad - master of his craft! Sexuality does not relieve a symbol of male beauty! Etalon masculine. Just the perfect man!
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  • Anonymous for Brad Pitt
  • I love you
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  • Cass !
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  • you are the world's best actor and the man I love you so much! Despite the fact that you're older! You'll always be FOR ME ideal man nor God has not forgotten about that when he created you. you do not have any izyana vchem.
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  • To lose the innocence of this man - a dream ... Tochnyak
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  • Breeeeeeeeed! My God ... the sun! Watched the movie Interview with the Vampire ... phew it there young .. takkooooyyyyy maskkkkkkkaaaaaa ........ just otpaaaaad Whew ... .. there he is playing good vampire .. which is different from other vampires course I .. Well .. this is such a cutie Edinka! aaa ...,
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  • Greetings, good resource for you, keep it up!. I found everything I needed, now and acquaintances you would recommend.
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