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LOU Jude (Jude Law)

( Actor)

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Biography LOU Jude (Jude Law)
Jude Law was born December 29, 1972 in London, England, UK. Parents-teachers gave him the name Jude for two reasons: first, they liked the song "The Beatles" Hey Jude; secondly, they liked the novel by Thomas Hardy, Jude unrecognized.
Apparently, they hoped that the boy will art. Lo began playing on stage in 12 years, left school at 16, won a role in the British soap "Families" (Families).

. For 20 years he was known in British theater circles, in 1995, he was first invited to the statement of "terrible parent" Jean Cocteau
. The play broke all records of attendance, in particular, because of the silent scene where stark naked Jude Law slowly and carefully wiped after bath. For "terrible parent" him nominated for the highest American theatrical award "Tony" and the name of Laurence Olivier Award in the category "best newcomer".

. In the movie Jude Law first lit in 1994 (the film "Shopping"), was soon being invited to Hollywood
. For "The Talented Mr. Ripley" Lo was nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe. In addition, he - laureate of Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, awarded for the survey of American audiences. However, the move to the U.S. kinostolitsu Jude is not going to.

Lo lucky to have interesting and unusual projects. Over the past few years, he played in the film "Wilde", "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil," "Gattaca," "eXistenZ," "Enemy at the Gates". His characters were quite different: many viewers were not even aware that they are playing the same actor. "I love when I have an opportunity to make clear the gloomy ideas, - he says. - I'm not interested to play a predictable heroes. I always want to keep the audience in suspense, making them wonder.

Critics argue that Jude Law is like both James Dean in "Giant", and Vladimir Ivashov's "The Ballad of a Soldier". To this he responds: "The main thing in our business - not much recorded and not lose our heads."

. This year Jude Law started acting in the new Sam Mendes' Road deaths "from the excellent cast of - Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Jennifer Jason Leigh
. Judith role of a schizophrenic photographer, embroiled in a Mafia-style showdown. Also in London, in the theater YOUNG VIC, he plays a major role in the play by Christopher Marlowe "The tragic story of Dr. Faustus."

Jude Law is not going to be an actor all my life. Together with his wife, . actress Sadie Frost (he played with her in "shopping") and long-time friends Ewan McGregor, . Jonny Lee Miller and Sean Pertwee Jude founded the production company Natural Nylon, . whose purpose - to provide real assistance to the British artists in the realization of their own projects,
. "Once we saw Evan and Johnny pennies by buying in clubbing chips, and now became the masters of film companies - says Lo. - This once again confirms that the film - the most unpredictable business world. "

Jude really gone down in history - has recently been photographed world-famous Helmut Newton. This is a guarantee of universal acceptance.

. Plans Jude Law - setting a new theatrical version of Chekhov's "Three Sisters" in the interpretation of Christopher Hampton, as well as a film about the legendary Beatles producer Brian Epstein.

. Now an artist living in London with his wife and three children
. He said: "My dream is to play any monster to get rid of the image of the golden boy".

British Film Academy Award
Winner in the categories: Best Supporting Actor
2000 - The Talented Mr. Ripley
/ Talented Mr. Ripley, The

Winner in the categories: Best Supporting Actor - suspense
2000 - The Talented Mr. Ripley
/ Talented Mr. Ripley, The

Artificial Intelligence
/ A. I. Artificial Intelligence, 2001
Enemy at the Gates
/ Enemy At The Gates, 2001
The Talented Mr. Ripley
Talented Mr. Ripley, The, 2000
. EXistenZ
. / Existenz, 1999
. Music from another room
. / Music From Another Room, 1998
. Gattaca
. / Gattaca, 1997
. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
. / Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil, 1997
. Wilde
. / Wilde, 1997
. Shopping
. / Shopping, 1994

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LOU Jude (Jude Law), photo, biography
LOU Jude (Jude Law), photo, biography LOU Jude (Jude Law)  Actor, photo, biography
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