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PAULS Raymond Voldemar

( Composer.)

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Biography PAULS Raymond Voldemar

Born January 12, 1936 in Riga in the family glassblower. His father worked at Iltsyugemskoy glass factory. With three years of kindergarten 1 st musical institution, where he began his musical education of the future composer. In 1946 Raimonds Pauls joined the music school at the Conservatory of the Latvian SSR. In 1953 he became a student of the performing offices of the Latvian State Conservatory, he studied piano teacher was Professor Herman Brown. Along with learning Pauls worked as a pianist in a variety orchestra union clubs. After completing the course in 1958 Raimonds Pauls has worked in Riga pop orchestra, performed in Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine. In the years 1962-1965 he studied composition at the Latvian Conservatory, where his mentor was J. Ivanov, and in 1964 took over as artistic director of the Riga State Philharmonic Orchestra variety of Latvia. It was then Pauls wrote the first widely known in his native republic song - "We met in March," "Winter Evening", at the same time he began his work in film ( "You need"). Subsequently, the composer has created music for a number of performances, films and TV movies ( "servants of the devil", "Arrows of Robin Hood," "Death under sail," "Theater", "double trap", "How to become a star"). In the years 1973-78 he was artistic director of the instrumental ensemble "Modo", and in 1982 became chief editor of the music programs of the Latvian Radio.
Famous composer in 1975, brought the song "Yellow Leaves", within the next five years has created a few more hits - "Pick up the music," "Dance of the drum". In 1979 they were created musicals "Sister Carrie" and "Sherlock Holmes". The huge success accompanied creative union Raimonds Pauls and Alla Pugacheva: throughout the country were known song "Maestro", "Antique Clock", "Million scarlet roses," "Without Me". Then the composer worked with other famous artists - Valery Leontiev ( "Gone, sunny days," "Cabaret," "Love the pianist), Lima Vajkule (" Vernissage "," Not a night, "" Sherlock Holmes "), and his songs always are hits. In the mid 1980's was very popular song "grandparents" in the performance created Pauls children's ensemble "Dzeguzite". In the late 1980 Raimonds Pauls initiated song festival of young performers in Jurmala. In 1988 the composer became chairman of the State Committee of Latvian culture, and, after Latvia withdrew from the Soviet Union, he was appointed Minister of Culture of the Republic. Following the resignation in 1993, Pauls was an adviser to the President Latvian culture.

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  • aigi for PAULS Raymond Voldemar
  • preparing abstract. No photographs of him, quickly share with me.
  • bascervill for PAULS Raymond Voldemar
  • on Iltsyugemskoy glass factory "please check the name of the factory. Ilguciems - a residential district of Riga. Yours. Alexander.
  • Gerard Fournier for PAULS Raymond Voldemar
  • The history and brilliant achievemnts of this man is so overwhelming and i was touched by one of his orchestrations for a serious of the history of latvioa that i was forced to discover much more of this genius at best.
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    PAULS Raymond Voldemar, photo, biography
    PAULS Raymond Voldemar, photo, biography PAULS Raymond Voldemar  Composer., photo, biography
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