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Biography PJECHA Edita
Born July 31, 1937 in France, in the town Nuael-sous-Lens (Province of Pas-de-Calais), 300 km from Paris. Her parents were Polish, and France came in search of work, and her father worked at the mine.

In 1945, her stepfather (Edita's father died in 1941) Edita moved with his mother in Poland, in the village of Gura God. While studying at school, Edita sang in the choir, then graduated with honors from Pedagogical Lyceum, as well as Russian language courses in Gdansk.

In 1955, on the ticket, the Polish Socialist Youth Union Edita Piekha sent to study in the Soviet Union. She joined the psychology department at the Philosophical Faculty of the Leningrad State University. With great success P'eha performed in the choir of the Polish zemljachestva, which was led by a student choir conductor department of the Leningrad Philharmonic, Alexander Bronevitsky.

In autumn 1955 Bronevitsky to create an ensemble of "Druzhba", which began the creative activity of Edita Piekha: New Year's Eve from 1955 to 1956 she sang a humorous song in Polish "Chervonyi bus. Then P'eha became a soloist of the ensemble, . that in 1957 with the program "Songs of the World" won a gold medal and title winners of 6-th World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow, . with great success on tour in France, . Poland, . Czechoslovakia, . Germany, . Finland, . GDR, . Mongolia, . United States, . Austria,

In 1976 Edyta P'eha organized his ensemble, the music director who was a graduate of the Leningrad Conservatory Gregory Kleymits. The second half of 1970 the singer began performing with solo programs. The singer gained enormous popularity, . tour of her were more than twenty countries around the world, . twice at the invitation of the famous Bruno Kokatriksa she appeared on the scene of the Paris concert hall "Olympia", . won many international competitions,

Over many years of creativity, she worked with such composers as Alexander Flyarkovskiy, O. Feltsman, A. Petrov, G. Portnow, Frenkel, Pakhmutova, with well-known poets R. Christmas, E. Dolmatovsky, N. Dobronravov. "Tune" was recorded over 10 CDs giant Edita Piekha, which included songs from the golden collection of Soviet music: "Big Sky", "People who smile a world", "City of Childhood," "Crown of the Danube", "wonderful neighbor "" Meeting Friends "...

. In the 1990's came a new rise in the work of the celebrated singer - she toured extensively, released a few CDs with new songs.

. Edita P'eha was a jury member of many All-Union and international song contests and festivals
. When Peter the Great opened a window to Europe, Edita P'eha opened the door to the European stage.

. Geography tour ES Piekha shocking: she represented the Soviet and Russia's pop songs in over 20 countries around the world, some of them - repeatedly (in Germany, Cuba, Poland, etc.)
. The first Soviet artists made in Bolivia and Honduras, in Afghanistan after the April 1978 revolution, Mr..

The first of the entertainers of our country Edita P'eha sang at Carnegie Hall in New York, twice she appeared on stage in Paris Hall Olympia, often in the most prestigious concert halls of European capitals. She ever sing on the stage of the State Academic Bolshoi Theater, and for astronauts in orbit coupling straight sessions, and in factories, and for reindeer in Chukotka, and hospitals in Afghanistan. As the stage floor often performed KAMAZ trucks - and in the earthquake devastated the cities of Peru and Armenia, and in the Chernobyl zone, and in Afghanistan. Throughout the creative activity of many times she has performed concerts with the patronage of the army, was a party to the cultural program of the Olympic Games in Munich and Moscow.

The first stage performers of the country Edita P'eha began performing with concert programs, devoted to anniversaries of his creative activity: December 1975. - 20 years of creative activity; December 1981-January 1982. - 25 years (concert program "Not a day without a song" in BKZ "October", which E. P'eha opened in 1967, and in the concert hall "Russia" in Moscow), December 1987-January 1988. - 30 anniversary (concert program "my friends" in the "October" and "Russia"), 13 April 1989, Mr.. - Concert in memory of Alexander Bronevitsky in "October", December 1992-January 1993. - 35 years of creative activity (concert program, "I love you" in "October" and "Russia") August 3, 1997. - A concert on Palace Square in St. Petersburg (the program "Birthday with you"), Dec. 1997. - 40 years of creative activities (concerts in the "October").

The singer has initiated presentations artists to fund the Olympics-80 in Moscow. She initiated the establishment and made a significant contribution to a memorial to children killed during the Great Patriotic War, in the village Shatki of Gorky (now - Nizhny Novgorod) region.

The best gifts that she gave, P'eha called gifts fans. In Soviet times, when not selling flowers, fans brought her to concerts toys. When the toys in the house had accumulated a few suitcases, P'eha decided to give their children. I wanted to first give in kindergarten, but at the kindergarten children have parents that the toys they can buy: And then she had the idea to take them to an orphanage. Even a little while Stas eha, learning about the intention of my grandmother, had come with her, he said that he, too, have many toys, which he does not play a long time and who would like to donate to children. When Edita saw how children live in an orphanage, she could not confine itself to toys. Started to go to the factories there and beg for furniture, dishes, curtains and rugs. As if to himself. Since, when she was asked who she works in a children's home, she boldly replied: 'assistant warden! ". Since 1987, Mr.. Edita P'eha constantly dole orphanage St. Petersburg.

Edita P'eha fluent in Polish, German, French, Russian languages, sings in dozens of languages of the world. In his spare time likes to walk, playing badminton, loves to ride a bike. Musical preferences - French chanson (Edith Piaf); favorite artists domestic platform - Claudia Shulzhenko, Alexander Vertinsky, Mark Bernes, Leonid Utesov.

Lives in St. Petersburg.

Movie roles

In 1969, at P'eha first drew the attention of filmmakers - director Veniamin Dorman, invited her to play the role of the German scout in the film "The fate of a resident". In 1972, the director Vilen Azarov invited her to the role ... Edita Piekha in the comedy "incorrigible liar", and its partner in the film was George Vitsin. Then she landed a role in the French spy in the adventure film "Diamonds for the dictatorship of the proletariat", set on the novel by Gregory Kromanovym Juliana Semenova.


Singer's first husband was Alexander Bronevitsky, founder and leader of the USSR's first vocal-instrumental ensemble 'Friendship'. They met at choir practice Polish zemljachestva. Student Department of Psychology at the University of Leningrad P'eha hardly spoke in Russian. On the other hand was unusually beautiful and happy to participate in all amateur gatherings. On one of them noticed her, and Bronevitsky, but they began to talk only one and a half years later. They Alexander Alexandrovich Bronevitsky did not even know what is the affection that exists between them, and have that same love, and self 'declaration of love happened in the stairwell'.

The French delicacy, which is manifested in appearance and manner of communication, initially made P'eha not like anyone on the Soviet stage. But everything else that we are investing in the concept of artistic charm, entirely invented Bronevitsky. In other words, the singer Edita Peha - is the result of his extraordinary imagination and untiring perseverance.

Edita P'eha: "He was so obsessed that he saw me in the end a perfect dancer. I was far from ideal. Simple I was a girl who did not know what to put themselves. Who did not know how to emphasize that from my dear God given. His face. His figure. How to walk on stage, his posture. And he just always scolded: "Wrong. Ugly. It is not good. Wrong sing. Not purely sang ". And I forgave him, and sometimes the tone in which he expressed his demands. At the rehearsal, with all the artists. I'm not offended. Yes, I sometimes poplakivala. I thought: "Oh, all blamed. Yes, it is not. Oh, what am I! "But there was never any thought that everything - I throw, I'm going. No. I knew that we were going with him on the same road. I went to him in such a piece of granite, and he had to work very, very much ".

After 20 years of marriage Edita eha and Alexander Bronevitsky parted. And after his death, she realized that the closest and beloved man she will no longer.

Edita P'eha: "I am alone in life. I do not have here the very man, whose shoulders it would be such a mainstay that I am not afraid to slip. No. I am alone in life. But I am afraid to stay alone. I went to Israel for treatment at the Dead Sea. And when I was three days there was one room on the shore of the Dead Sea, where swarming with people, I felt that I was one. And it was unbearable. I do not know where to me to put himself. I have every two hours nazvanivala home. For four days I only endured, having lost a lot of money for the permit, for all. I can not. I am in this house could be one. Therefore, in this house lives of five dogs. Because I can not imagine that I would be one. "

From the first marriage Edita left a daughter - Ilona Bronevitsky, which is also devoted herself to artistic activity.

July 13, 1980 Edita P'eha first became a grandmother. Ilona gave birth to her grandson - Stas eha. And in 1986, was born granddaughter of the famous singer: Eric Bystrov.

. Filmography

. 1956 'Masters of the Leningrad Variety'
. 1964 'When the song does not end'
. 1968 'The fate of residents'
. 1973 'incorrigible liar'
. 1975 'Diamonds for the dictatorship of the proletariat'
. 1976 'Intern'
. 1985 Blue City (film-concert of music by A. Petrov)
. 1989 'Music Game'

. On E
. S. P'eha filmed several television films and documentaries: 'I have a caravel', 'song - my love', 'If you knew how dear to me:', 'And again, all over again' - directed by P. Soldatenkov, 'Long live the ball! " - Director V. Makarov, etc.


H. Bakhareva. Edita eha. Declaration of love

. Awards and prizes

. 1957 Gold Medal VI World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow
. 1968 Three gold medals of the IX World Youth Festival in Sofia
. 1976 Honorary Diploma of the All-Russia contest of singers Soviet Song in Sochi
. Order of Red Banner of Labor
. Order of Friendship of Peoples
. Order "For the art of peace '(France)
. Order of Friendship (Afghanistan)
. Medal 'warrior-internationalist' (Afghanistan) - for concert performances in Afghanistan and the soldiers in the hospitals, from 1979 to 1988.
. Laureate Leningrad Komsomol
. Winner of the All-Russia competition entertainers
. Winner of the International pop contest in Berlin
. 1996 winner of Russia's national award 'Ovation' in the category 'living legend'
. 1997 Order of Merit to the Fatherland 'IV degree - for his great contribution to the development of musical art
. 1998 Opening ceremony of a star on the Star Square at the concert hall "Russia" in Moscow
. 2007 Order of Merit to the Fatherland 'III degree - for his great contribution to the development of musical art and many years of creative activity

. Ranks

. 1988 People's Artist of USSR
. The title 'Lady song' (Cuba)
. Winner of the National Musical Prize "Ovation" in the category 'living legend'
. 2006 Special Prize of the television festival "Song of the Year '
. 2007 'Diamond gramophone'
. 2008 Winner of Russia's national award "Ovation" in the field of musical art in the nomination "masters"


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PJECHA Edita, photo, biography
PJECHA Edita, photo, biography PJECHA Edita  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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