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P'eha Stanislav

( singer)

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Biography P'eha Stanislav
photo P'eha Stanislav
Unofficial sites:
. http://www.staspieha.ru/

. Born:
. August 13, 1980
. Lion, Monkey

. Family:
. Grandmother - Edita Peha - pop singer
. Mama - Ilona Bronevitsky - singer, pop figure
. Spouse Mother - Yevgeniy Timoshenko - musician
. Dad - Petras Gerulis - jazz muzkant
. Sister - Erica Bystrova - a student of architecture?
. Household pet - FUIB - Boar

. History name:
. Stanislav: Grandma Stas, Edita, lost her father in early childhood, and at the same time gave a promise to call her son Stanislav, in honor of his father
. But her daughter was born Ilona Bronevitsky. When Ilona son, Stas was supposed to bear the name of the father of Lithuanian Petras Gerulisa. He wanted to call
son Napoleonasom (Napoleon - in Lithuanian interpretation). But the singer decided
own way:
'The boy will be named after my father - Stanislaus. And the point! So I said. "
Thank you, Edita:)
Eha: When Stas at the age of 7 years migrated to the grandmother, then he got her name - eha. Edita said that eha genus because of the war broke and Stas to revive him.

. Education and More:
. - Choral School of the Leningrad Glinka Orchestra - playing the piano, choral singing
. - Pop-jazz school in Gnesinka
. - Spanish School hairdressers - Diploma stylist
. - Playing the piano and percussion
. - Graduate, finalist, winner of the draft TV-1-th channel 'Star Factory-4'
. - Crooner
. - Fond of psychology and sports

. Childhood:
. Stas, like many children of celebrities, grew up without much parental attention.

. 'Until three or four years, I do not remember anyone' - says Stanislav
. My mother is constantly torn between performances and classes at the University. And with her father shortly after birth Stas divorced. Stas nurses have never been. With Stas sometimes sat Iloniny fellow students. And then burst into life Stanislaus grandmother. That is Dita.

'I have her whole life Dita call - Stas says - and she is offended if I tell her grandmother. Now it is true, resigned, because I say
not grandma, but babon, babulevich. In a word, so that it looked like a joke. And before that she can not stand: No I am not your grandma, I - Edith! "
Communication mostly occurred during the tour, where Edita took his grandson.
'I left because it was not with anyone - he says. - My mother was busy with his
Career. And with the musicians had fun. They gorge me candy.
At the age of seven, grandmother rubbed Stas in Choral School Capella Leningrad Glinka.
"Dita was very strict. It could buy me a good bike, but it had to be a long time to beg, suck up. Being older, I said: Grandma, give me this now, but when I grow up, providing you with all-everything-all! Sometimes she would give up. But nothing superdorogoy I did not ask: jackets, tape recorders.
God forbid, I'll be back late or did something wrong. Could, and in the face shlopotat, and a kick in the ass. Or get that fall under the arm. The exhaust her emotions took place immediately ... '

I started smoking messing with the first class. Once hung on the coat hanger, and in it - bull. She immediately this bull unyuhala ... And in fourteen Edita itself as smoking and I was allowed, and money on cigarettes gave to muck cheap health is not a coffin. "
After graduating from the seven classes Choir School, Stas decided to change the profile. Entered in the Spanish school barber stylists. He received a degree, served in the famous company "Vella" ...
Now Stas hair makes all the relatives and friends. Although grandmother sees it in quite a different hypostasis. Recently, she invited Stas in his men's team was playing party. And he agreed.
'Furthermore, in her own programs, I sing a few hits of the Soviet. Well, for example, illusory everything in this world, raging from the movie Sannikov Land or some jazz standards. "

Star Factory
Producer FZ-4 was Igor Cool. With this man from Stas went wrong from the time of the semi-finals 'New Wave - 2003'. Steep nizkogolosy not very maneuverable Stas did not like. Stas later in Star House, with a smile to tell how he auditioned 'New Wave' '' I was singing too low, almost below Kobzon, wanted to show what I have a deep voice '... 'And in the dancing part - I have mixed up the two dance together, gave all that could':) Later antipathy sharply to Stas made itself felt. After all, for coming to the FZ Cool Stas considered an outsider, it is clearly committed to color, or as a boy to take off. Himself and. Cool on the set of 'Big laundry' 1-th channel is recognized that there was a period when he wanted to make every effort to 'throw away' from Stas Star House.
. But Stas every week stay on the FZ-4 grew up and was revealed in all respects (professional and personal) and for all - teachers, factory owners, spectators
. Stas coped well with any duo, with any number. He'd play well each statement, looked harmoniously with any performer, sometimes even better and more professional. Often it seemed that it was the room with Stas are an ornament, and sometimes saving accounting concert Factory-4.
He appeared patron, FL-tion guardian angel - composer Victor Dobris. That, he wrote to Stas solo song - 'One Star' (a music file can also be found on our website).
. Thanks to Victor at the factory fulfilled a dream Stas - he sang with the rock legend Ken Hensley legendary rock ballad 'July morning'.
. As a result, the factory Stas is one of three winners of the 'Factory of stars-4' and as a prize gets producing a solo album, recording a clip and a scooter.
. Despite the difficult start to the factory - bias spectators due to the stellar names, . misunderstanding actions Stas - bright extraordinary personality, . Stas by the end of the factory has become a darling of audiences of all ages with different interests and experiences,
. And most importantly, the audience recognized in Stasд? actor and singer, and waiting for new songs in his performance, a solo album, clips, interviews. What's more important, Stas is very interesting as a person, personality - admirers of his talent and not only read with interest the interview with him, any material on Stas.
. Stas for 3 months was able to turn the attitude of many to her from head to foot - from negative to positive:)

. Plans
. 'Today I have bet on music and going to deal with it more
. seriously
. In general, I want to try in all directions and find yourself.
Name a shame no-item-in-a-tor-no! "

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  • P'eha Stanislav
  • P'eha Stanislav
  • P'eha Stanislav
  • P'eha Stanislav
  • P'eha Stanislav

Photos of P'eha Stanislav
P'eha StanislavP'eha StanislavP'eha StanislavP'eha Stanislav

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  • Stas and Edith, you are the best ! I love you madly and respect, you have the best creative work, you most talented people )))))))) ))))) All the best with love and respect Lenusik.
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  • U found yourself already dear Stas
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    P'eha Stanislav, photo, biography
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