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Leguizamo, John (John Leguizamo)

( Actor)

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Biography Leguizamo, John (John Leguizamo)
photo Leguizamo, John (John Leguizamo)
John Leguizamo was born July 22, 1965 in Bogota, Colombia. In the 4 years he found himself in New York, where his parents emigrated. After school he studied at the Institute Lee Strasberg, Herbert Berghof Studio, where he studied theater in New - York University.

Debut Leguizamo front of the camera was held in 1984 in the TV series "Miami Vice: Department of manners". Of course, he played a Latin American Mafiosi. Actor has been recognized for their stage roles in sitcoms, and he served several years as a comedian in various clubs, and also played in small independent films.

. In the cinema the first time Leguizamo has appeared in the film 'War loss', . then played minor roles, . mostly Latin characters, . although to his credit such films, . as 'Die Hard - 2', . 'Regarding Henry', . 'Super Mario Bros.', . 'Carlito's Way',
. Soon Leguizamo was on duty performer negative roles in film. As compensation artist composed, put on stage and played three one-actor performance that had huge commercial success, there were critics and earned him a lot of theater awards.

Criticism (nominated for a Golden Globe) and the audience indicated and interesting work of the actor in the movie 'To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything! Julie Newmar 'in which he starred with Patrick Swayze and Wesley Snipes

. Then there were the "Spawn" (nominated for Blockbuster Entertainment Awards), . telefilm "Ugly" (ALMA Awards, . "Emmy"), . "Bloody Summer of Sam" (nomination ALMA Awards), and of course "Moulin Rouge" (nominated for Writers Guild Award), . where the brilliant Leguizamo played a great artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec,


John and his younger brother Sergio grew almost without supervision - parents worked from morning till evening. The first time all four lived in a tiny room, a large part of which occupied bed (the one with all and slept).

Almost every year the family moved to a new apartment, and John had to go to a new school. First, the future actor went to Catholic school and wanted to learn to 'excellent'. But then he was transferred to landline and John 'scored' to study. He became the chief clown in the classroom. Joke funny John learned it in there.

Grandmother of John, watching 'The Exorcist', decided to hold a session of the grandson of exorcism. The fact that the young Leguizamo believed then Satan himself. In the end, Grandma had Santeria ritual - a sort of atonement - John plastered from head to toe with raw egg, and then rubbed with garlic and lemon.

He was 13 when her parents divorced. John and his brother left to live with his mother, who was unable to cope with them. The future actor fetched close to such an extent that he was sent to Colombia to relatives.

Leguizamo, child of a poor district of the city, lost my virginity at age 16. Father John himself led a brothel. In his youth Leguizamo, as well as all Hispanics, like volleyball and disco. However, the clubs will not let him. Because of the small growth.

. John was arrested: for the broken glass, because he yelled into the microphone, the engineer in the subway, for the pogroms in pornushnyh cinemas:

. By the way, after the incident in the metro school mathematics teacher advised Leguizamo go to the contest pop humorists
. John enrolled in acting school at the theater Showcase.

. In the 90 years Leguizamo was married to a little-known actress Yelbe Osorio, and after the divorce was her husband, Justin Maurer, a real estate agent.

. Leguizamo spent two years of kung-fu Ian Minh, who taught Wesley Snipes, Bjork and Jennifer Lopez.

. To get used to the role of Toulouse-Lautrec Moulin Rouge, John Leguizamo on the scene lashed absinthe, and after filming was worn to nightclubs
. In addition, the actor had to fend off the advances akrobatok-liliputok, statistok pictures.

. John thinks Arnold Schwarzenegger is very strange man, inadequately perceived reality.

. Ice Age
. / Ice Age, 2002 (voice)
. Compensation
. / Collateral Damage, 2002
. What could be worse?
. / What's The Worst That
. Could Happen?, 2001
. Moulin Rouge
. / Moulin Rouge, 2001
. Bloody Summer of Sam
. / Summer Of Sam, 1999
. Counting bodies
. / Body Count, 1998
. Spawn
. / Spawn, 1997
. Romeo and Juliet
. / Romeo + Juliet, 1996
. A fan
. / Fan, The, 1996
. To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything! Julie Newmar
. / To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar, 1995
. Carlito
. / Carlito's Way, 1993
. Super Mario Bros.
. / Super Mario Bros., 1993
. Regarding Henry
. / Regarding Henry, 1991
. Die Hard 2
. / Die Hard 2, 1990
. Casualties and losses
. / Casualties of War, 1989


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Leguizamo, John (John Leguizamo), photo, biography
Leguizamo, John (John Leguizamo), photo, biography Leguizamo, John (John Leguizamo)  Actor, photo, biography
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